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  1. Thank you. I am using the Yamato stand. It has been on there for the last few years.
  2. Yeah...too bad I don't care too much for the TV max color scheme. But I do have the TV max in 1/60 V2. I wanted the Hikaru J, or the Hikaru S. Maybe I'll try for the Roy S.
  3. Maybe I'm not displaying it right? Cause with the super parts on, it doesn't seem to lock into place? So once I had it set up in fighter mode on the stand. I haven't touched it in years. Still debating on selling my 48's....
  4. Um... to each his own. I love my 1/60 V2's. But maybe i'm just jealous that I didn't get any of these Bandai releases. Cause my Yamato 1/48 is a sloppy mess. I hate it. I just love their size. And I am not paying the inflated prices for these. So I guess I'm SOL.
  5. They did. AMT made a 1/48 scale one. I built one back in the day, along with the Blue Thunder.
  6. vt102

    Hi-Metal R

    Man...that is a bummer. I didn't want to have to open and inspect all of mine....
  7. Just a quick note. Anyone visiting Tokyo, can see a built display of the upcoming strike fighter. My son was at Akihabara In the radio kaikan building, and sent me pictures.
  8. Was finally able to get me one. My son and wife were in Japan. I asked if they went shopping to get me one. My son was also able to see the upcoming Plamax strike fighter in person up close. The shop he was at had one on display.
  9. I'm still holding out... It is still in my HLJ cart this morning. Even if they charge me months down the line.... As long as I get one I'm happy. On a side note, Mandarake in Akihabara has a VF-1J, along with missile set. My wife and son are in Japan right now. And before you ask, no I didn't buy them.
  10. So what happens now? Mine still shows one in my cart, but can't go any further?
  11. I'm scared to do anything... Still hoping.
  12. Does anyone know if I'm screwed? It shows one on my cart, but can't check out?
  13. How often? Never. I'll do an initial inspection. Then locked/packed away. I'll transform my loose ones every so often. I have 2 loose 1/60 V2s, and a bunch of joke machines. But before all these Yamatos.... I used to transform a few of my 1/55s. I have also thought about selling most of my collection. But then I change my mind. LOL
  14. I guess it's over? Price I see is $71.99?
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