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    Macross 30

    I hope the new game has some actual dogfighting and I hope they give each valkyrie configuration a specific function. It seems as though the PSP games consisted of A) get missile lock then B) circle around target and fire missiles until destroyed. They also need to get rid of the infinity ammo.
  2. Omega579

    Macross 30

    It would be funny if this wasn't an action game but a full on dating sim.
  3. Someone made an anime style Star Wars video. There's an Itano Circus at 1:29.
  4. Did anyone watch Collection Intervertion on SyFy Channel. It's a show about obsessive collectors and getting their hobby under control. Anyways, there was a robot collector and he was going over his collection and showed his Macross and Robotech section.
  5. Glad you've finally been able to beat it. I think it was actually more of a challenge to get all SS than to beat the last level on Ultimate. But the last level on Ultimate was the most frustrating part of the game.
  6. Who did you select for your support character? I'm not really sure what the other characters do, but I know Minmay increase your HP incrementally and Kakizaki will give you a HP refill but if you keep using it the effects seem to lessen. I'm sure the other characters probably will give you some kind of stat boost like more damage, faster reload or speed boost, but I'm not sure what character does what. I usually just used Minmay for support, but I never had to use her for the last level because if you lose your Strike pack you're pretty much screwed unless you've already taken out Hikaru in the boss battle.
  7. Switch missile type by holding L1 and Square. You need to equip the missile type that doesn't lock-on. The only weapons I used are the missiles, guns and Special Attacks. Make sure when you're attacking the ships you're not too high above it so the blue beam doesn't get you. If you're taking damage and you purge your Strike Pack, then the game will be a little harder. Your ammo will be lower and the reload time will increase. Your Special takes 3 out of 6 bars to use, so you will only have 2 if you use it back to back until it refills. Just concentrate on being consistent on the first wave where you have to take out Max and Miria. Remember don't use the lock-on missiles and stay at maximum range. It should take just over 2 mins to take them both out so keep time management in mind. If you lose your Strike Pack, then restart or just play out the level to practice. When I beat the level I did it without trying too hard, so try to relax and get in the right frame of mind and try not to force anything.
  8. Are you able to make it to the Boss Battle with full HP and full SP? When I beat that level I just went right after Hikaru because if you wait to long you just get bombarded from all angles so you have to get rid of him first. Before you launch your Special Attack on Hikaru, make sure you're in range to do damage or else you're just going to waste it. Before you use the second Special, use your guns and missiles to make sure you're in range. You might also want to try to attack Hikaru first with guns and missiles and use the Special Attack's invincibility when you start taking major damage. I haven't tried this strategy but maybe you can use the Special Attacks on one of the ships first since they are a guaranteed hit unlike trying to get Hikaru who is a moving target.
  9. This is probably the hardest part of the game, although getting the last few SS ranks on the "easier" levels might be a challenge too. I think I used the Hikaru and his VF-1S with the Strike Pack. The goal is to make sure you keep your Strike Pack intact when you reach the end Boss and 6 bars on your special gauge. For the first wave with Max and Miria, just keep maximum distance in fighter or Gerwalk mode and spam missiles till you take them both out. There should be around 8:00 on the clock. For the ships, stay in Gerwalk mode and spam missiles and guns, alternating between the two while one reloads. Do anti missile actions whenever locked on. When you reach the Boss battle there should be 3:00-4:00. Convert to Fighter mode to get as close to Hikaru and unload both specials. He should be close to being finished so spam missiles and guns. After that it should be a walk in the park finishing the 2 ships, but don't get too careless.
  10. I believe you have to use Minmay command skill 50 times.
  11. Nevermind, I SS'ed everything last night, so if anyone needs any help let me know.
  12. Are there any FAQs on how to SS rank the first and second set of missions. The Ultimate missions seem to SS rather easily, but the 'easier' missions seem to be harder to SS. I have an S rank on everything and I just can't figure on how to SS some of the levels so I can get my last trophy.
  13. Here's some new info: http://www.andriasang.com/e/blog/2010/09/10/macross_hybrid_pack/ http://news.dengeki.com/elem/000/000/297/297935/
  14. I'd like to add: - Make sure allies stay alive (Alto in EX Sad Sniper) - Some missions require keeping enemy ace alive so lesser enemies respawn. - Tune down gunpod strength and increase your ammo count for higher combo. - YF-21 is good for a quick SPA finishes, SV-51 machinegun subweapon is good for high combos if tuned down, VF-27 speed SPA is good for grapple bonuses and fast finishes.
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