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  1. Gin, you should pm sqidd .... he's looking to buy a legioss
  2. Love this thread, was curious.... anyone come across a stampeed or a star crusader vf build from the old school video game in kit form?
  3. Pretty much as the title says, could use 2 in total. Not in a rush, I just know its'a pain to get them cause those that build kits are far and few these days, lol. Thanks
  4. This is its smaller non transformable cousin. Its based off the larger ulitmate one, just scaled down in battroid mode only. The ultimate was 1/32 scale of parts swapping transformable badassness :)
  5. Great work on the other kits and this one looks well on its way to being an incredible build as well. Thanks for sharing!
  6. I think the links are broken or something, can't see the pics :(
  7. How much were you looking to spend? I'll keep a look out for you if i come across it.
  8. I gotta go dig around, but I may have a couple of kits iin that scale..... but I don't think I have a gerwalk. Probably a battroid, one with fastpacks and maybe a gbp if I remember correctly. But that pic of the 2 in 1 kits.... man.... lots of good memories from back in the day.... pm me if you are interested.
  9. Great job, can't wait for more!
  10. Ok took awhile, but decided to go ahead post what I had in mind minus a few custom insignious I had in mind.
  11. +1 Exactly why I still pop in on the forum from time to time, lol.
  12. I'm gonna have to go through what's left of my hoarded collectibles and start sacrificing ASAP. Though, through the years.... at this point Cap could probably release a preorder for "Incredible Moscato Kit" and only show a plain box and not much narrative and I'd probably buy one, lol. (Yes, that much faith in both skill and his abilty to choose what would be a cool Moscato kit). ....Just sayin.
  13. Great stuff...... 15th year Moscato Anniversary? .... Geez I'm getting old, lol!
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