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  1. Do you think they'll do a Dark Legioss variant or even the Drone?
  2. Great Build, not sure if I would have the patience needed to do all that to a model kit and build it in a decent length of time.
  3. Hey guys, was just curious.... I haven't gotten the occasional 15% off coupon in a very long time. Occasionally a 5% off .... limited to a few days but not much beyond that. Wanted to know if its just me or if others have experienced this as well.
  4. Looks like they are gonna do a really cool razorcrest. I couldn't pull the trigger on it either......needed the monies in other areas. Though I wouldn't be surprised with the popularity of the show that a smaller razorcrest be made or at least a reissue down the road come to fruition. To those that snatched one up, I'll just appreciate and admire it through whatever postings get put up
  5. Nothing more to see here..... Move Along... Move Along..... lol
  6. If turn based strategy games are to your liking + you are a fan of the show..... I highly recommend it. Be warned, if you've been out of the loop in that gaming genre, there's a bit of a learning curve. I stuck with it and when I got the hang of things....it was a lot of fun.
  7. Yes.... needed a 1/48 scale Yammie strike cannon. Feel free to PM me.
  8. Was able to get a valk with armor but no strike cannon, been taking my sweet time on this. Not in a super rush, but I do want this and know they are not easy to get by themselves. If you do have one and are willing to part with it, let me know your asking price. Thanks
  9. Hello, just not feeling it anymore with these kits and the Legioss in particular. Gonna trim down somethings and refocus on other needs instead. Prices do not include shipping and paypal fee .if it doesn't go through friends and family. I'm on the Straight Shooter's list many times over, feel free to ask questions before you buy. Items are on hand in NorCal..... 1/48 Sentinel Legioss (Blue) Eta Available ---$260 New never opened 1/72 VF-11 Armored Barttroid reissue (Several Available) ---$140 each (would also be willing to trade this for a yamato v2 or arcadia 1/60 VF-1,
  10. Yeah, I'm still looking.... but no longer in need of the Buster Kit. Wouldn't mind getting a Arcadia 1/60 Valkyrie or even a few things I could use for a 1/48 custom that's been on the back burner as far as projects go. Just need to collect some parts and have a friend complete the project build. 1/48 Yamato Strike Cannon would be great, side covers and neck piece too.
  11. I saw that same pic of the transformed Condor, but also remember a member here years ago getting in trouble by "the powers that be" for sharing pics of it (soldier mode of the Condor). So I didn't want to mistakenly draw attention.... pfft...... Anyway, I rather like the transformed mode and it gives another visual origin of both the tread and legioss's beginnings. Visually it looks more armored than the legioss and not packing the hard hitting ordinance of the tread. As if earth was hit when the Condor was simply armo soldier, then it got beefed up a little and could transform. Somewhe
  12. Had a mospeada question,.... i've only seen the condor in Battroid mode.... since it was the predecessor of the Legioss and Tread, does it transform? Are there any pictures of it in it's transformed mode?
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