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  1. Yeah, I'm still looking.... but no longer in need of the Buster Kit. Wouldn't mind getting a Arcadia 1/60 Valkyrie or even a few things I could use for a 1/48 custom that's been on the back burner as far as projects go. Just need to collect some parts and have a friend complete the project build. 1/48 Yamato Strike Cannon would be great, side covers and neck piece too.
  2. I saw that same pic of the transformed Condor, but also remember a member here years ago getting in trouble by "the powers that be" for sharing pics of it (soldier mode of the Condor). So I didn't want to mistakenly draw attention.... pfft...... Anyway, I rather like the transformed mode and it gives another visual origin of both the tread and legioss's beginnings. Visually it looks more armored than the legioss and not packing the hard hitting ordinance of the tread. As if earth was hit when the Condor was simply armo soldier, then it got beefed up a little and could transform. Somewhere during the development of the rider armors, legioss, and tread.... the inbit got a feel for how our tech worked and developed counter measures, which made them even more effective rather than "superior".
  3. Had a mospeada question,.... i've only seen the condor in Battroid mode.... since it was the predecessor of the Legioss and Tread, does it transform? Are there any pictures of it in it's transformed mode?
  4. Hi guys, did anyone know of someone doing replacement parts? Having the option of a different head unit would be great too. .... But yeah, as the title says, neck filler piece and replacement heads are welcome including custom designed ones. Thanks!
  5. Did you get Andy's VF-11 Full Armor kit in 1/72 scale? Years later, I talked him into doing a reissue ---Andy's VF-11 Full Armor Battroid
  6. Had a great transaction with fellow straight shooter kkx, everything arrived as agreed upon. Thanks again!
  7. No one's 3D printed a 1/60 head for purchase? C'mon guys... let's him out!
  8. Wow, this is great is it going to be 1/60 scale?
  9. Reasoning that's going back and forth in regards whether or not to get more variants.... Keep in mind I told myself ..... Blue Eta and Shadow only! .... now they gotta add on something to the Zeta rifle......
  10. Just so you guys know, I blame this thread and the mospeada thread for going from ...."Wow look at the cool transforming toy eye candy" ..... to clearly begin clearing stuff out for a eventual 1/48 Bandai purchase at some point. It's bad enough I bought a Legioss.... now you guys keep talking up the Bandai stuff! I mean sheesh... talk about peer pressure.....
  11. .....they heard a certain someone's complaint that the gun wasn't big enough , as you can see.... responded accordingly.
  12. One more thing to get the ball rolling..... I got inspired awhile back to attempt the build of this kit and am pretty sure I'll be going with a stealth + blue theme.
  13. Ok guys, for those interested .... there are 3 available for sure, probably 5 available altogether. I'll need to go and purchase shipping boxes as well as make sure printed instructions are available too. So for all intents and purposes shipping weight of 2 lbs will be used to determine whatever shipping cost is + insurance. Price will be $155 each + shipping
  14. Ok found completed pics, keep in mind the builder did do a few custom add ons.... but I think you can tell how incredible this kit can turn out!
  15. Yes I have one at the moment..... originally posted by Andy a long time ago. *the rifle is indeed included, but I'll have to go dig around and fiind the picture of it. Found it!
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