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  1. It was! But I didn't make the movie in that mall last month...
  2. arcoregon

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Hi folks, wanted to share my Kairos shipping status. Patience paid off this time. I did politely inquire a few times hoping to be noticed. Not sure if it did anything. Hang in there those who are still waiting.
  3. arcoregon

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I was there last Thursday. They had a renewal VF-25F with cracks in the crotch piece that holds the legs. Too much to risk even for the $120 price tag. I was lookin over a VF-171EX Plus Alto which was a little brown. I ended up buying that one since strangely Northern Cross started playing in the store. I took it as a sign haha. Sadly I found a new one at Akihabara Jungle a few days later for less. Oh well, sho ga nai. Nakano is my favorite go to when in Tokyo.
  4. Mahalo for the link IXTL! OMG SV-262 useless search on HLJ website....
  5. Is the display stand City 7? B)
  6. I like the idea of Mylene joining Delta. A custom pink accented VF-31 would be great with a Gubaba marking on the back.haha. Seriously though, I'm getting a bad feeling about the ruins on Ragna going down into the planet core. They may have to reactivate that Macross city ship soon for an evacuation. Massive planetary destruction hasn't happened yet. Too bad I really like Ragna.
  7. Have the drones been referred to as Maelstrom here? I thought I heard Makina call them that when she called for a recharge. A thought of projecting a hologram over the VF-31s in space for a combat performance would be a weird idea but hey, almost worked for Battle Galaxy...
  8. I've always found nice stuff at the stored in Nakano Broadway. Good Hunting!
  9. I love Nakano Broadway! Right off the JR Nakano station. Mandarake "departments" are spread over several floors and mixed in with other shops. Last May almost gave up until I found the Valkyries tucked away on the 4th floor I think. There was a lot of walking. Then I had to decide between a Bandai VB-6 or a used VF-25F renewal Alto (before the reissue was released in August) ... it would've been $90 cheaper for me. But opted for the rarer VB-6. Last month I found a VF-25A in Hiroshima at a Yellow Submarine. It was on sale for $110. But there was an additional surprise discount which brought it to $106. Came home happy!
  10. Hi folks! Need help tracking down an 18 inch Gipsy Danger. They're should be heading to stores soon since NECA's ship date was last week. Trying to avoid too inflated a price past the $89 msrp. Appreciate the help!
  11. The pilot seat locks down the cockpit mechanism. I was lucky enough to rock it free from the glue. Then the joystick and throttle arm and the back part of the canopy support all slid out. I used the point of a metal compass to carefully push the pin out. One side is gnarled which locks it in the plastic support. Needed to be weary of this so i didnt force it thru the hole and split the plastic pin support loops. Needle nose pliers did the rest. I also used a pin vice with 1mm drill bits and sandpaper. After the glue cured, i would go through the purple plastic with the pin vice and carefully drill out excess glue from the pin tunnel. I sanded the canopy support and the sliding mechanism which had the paint on it (original culprit). Took iterative test fitting to make sure i wasnt over doing it. Yes! My fear was losing the little broken piece of purple plastic that comprised the pin tunnel. I had it taped on for a long time. I got my 17D like around March; broke it the first try. After the super glue failures, it just sat. I'm grateful the ABS weld is holding. If you need more info, drop me a line. Good Luck!
  12. Finally got around to getting the Ambroid. Looks like its holding. Thanks for the heads ups folks!
  13. Hi Folks, My Yamato VF-17D came from the factory with the canopy painted shut on the support rail. I cracked the canopy hinge off the pin by forcing it open and now I'm repair mode. Got the metal pin out and the slide mechanism disassembled. Tried gorilla glue 3x but all fail; I think its to brittle to hold the plastic together. Would anyone know what type of plastic the canopy is made of? If it's ABS I've been reading about using acetone to either directly melt them together or make acetone 'glue' by dissolving some scrap ABS in the acetone. Any sugguestions? Mahalo!
  14. This is a fantastic topic! I would definitely pick up a Southern Cross Auroran!
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