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  1. then which one of the three is the most advanced?

    and in the frontier movie didnt the cyberog mange to lock on alto, so that means vf-27 win?

    and l heard yf-30 is customised to perform on a specific planet, didnt this give a edge over yf-29b, unless they fight on another planet(never play the game though)?

    and finally are the macross 30 game and frontier movie cannon storywise?

  2. No, he's right, character animation was sub par this episode but... who cares! The show is amazing!

    Bobby is the man! Favourite Frontier character. I fear he will die a terrible death...

    Here you are other (clearer, even if still blurry) pics of Galaxy insigna on VF27.

    Now I'm curious: is there a VF26????

    so disappointed in the vf-27, it seems way more advanced than vf-25, but it turns out that 25 is a better fighter overall, just like yf-19 and yf-21, maybe it is because the vf-27 pilot sucks anyway, perhaps he has a "seed" function to make him more powerful? why does the alien chick fight like a newtype? and what fighter does the sniper's sister flight in the flashback?

  3. I think at this point calling the "mystery fighter" the VF-27 is just a bit of educated fan guessing on our part. There was an early episode synopsis which stated there was a VF-27 fighter.

    We're assuming it's the VF-25-look-a-like on purple steroids that was seen kicking butt in this episode


    where is that early episode synopsis? does vf-27 really exist officially? does vf-25 have internal fold function like the mystery fighter and his wingman? maybe they are just some alian alkyries like those in macross 7?

  4. More likely it's because they are encoded in high definition. Traditionnaly anime were enoded in standard definition like 640x480. With with HD being more common more and more anime are encoded in high definition like 1280x720.... which require a lot more processing power (even more so if it uses newer codecs like H264). Usually though most fangroup will release Standard Definition fansubs as well and HD ones


    could anyone tell/pm me where the standard definition like 640x480 can be found?, all l can find are high definition avi, mp4 or rmvb....

    ps wolfx, does your P4 2.0 Ghz laptop run dvd movie(dvd disc not dvdrip) perfectly? what is the minimum cpu speed and ram to watch a dvd movie in a notebook smoothly, without running other programmes at the same time, just like a dvd player? and what software can be used to play dvd movies besides powerdvd?

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