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  1. yup, same exact numbers for me
  2. damn, that's beautiful!
  3. yeah, i kinda agree. at least one set. that super and strike are gonna seem lacking without teeth on those wings...
  4. i quickly assumed so... but looking at it closer. the branding seems 'off'...
  5. nice! right to the source, and a bit cheaper too! score!
  6. done! 60bones for missiles... bury me in my plastic tomb...
  7. yeah, just registered. seems like they're tech on the website is pretty up to date, and validation is prompt. atleast that's promising. probably gonna order a couple from them.
  8. beautiful! and nice work sixtybucks! anyone else ever use big in japan?
  9. i know we said they'd show up 4pm japan time, but any one happen to see any rogue pre-listings? too eager for my own good....
  10. ahhh... cool, thanks so much! guess it'll be ny for me. :| never used the other 2.
  11. never done a twe order before. does anyone happen to know if amiami can take care of the twe missiles ordering?
  12. be still my beating nerd heart....
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