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  1. Lolicon

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    I'll probably do that on my second DX 1J as that one will be my 'display only' piece. First one is my 'playing around' piece that I am free to be rough with. I tend not to handle my valks much after putting all that work into them so I don't break or scratch them up too much. Though I've also become enamored with the clean paneled valks from the photobook of Hasegawa Macross models. I love the finish on them.
  2. Lolicon

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    Adding more diecast definitely does not make a toy better when it's unnecessary. re: VF-25 renewal version.
  3. Lolicon

    1/48+fp's, 1/60+fp's, 1/72, 1/2k, 1/3k,1/100 and now 1/144

    Oh it's a completed toy. For some reason I thought it was a model kit when it was posted about way back when. It doesn't look too bad but WTF with the neon green stand?
  4. Grats on the 11B! She's a fine bird. Yeah there was more than one run of the 11B for sure. I have two of them and only one has a rainbow canopy.
  5. Lolicon

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    Sure. Super old pic incoming.
  6. Wow I had forgotten just how similar they were, right down to the shade of brown. I'm so used to seeing the Yamato version, with the lighter beige/cream color for Kakizaki and a noticeably darker brown for the, er, brownies. They should've used the Alaska base green variant for Kakizaki. Whether he deserves it or not, he does get a hero unit.
  7. Lolicon

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    One available for 28k. https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1104471510&ref=list&keyword=マクロス
  8. Lolicon

    Bandai Sv-262 DX valk

    OMG I'd buy all of those! Get on it, Bandai!
  9. Lolicon

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    I wonder if it can sit in the cockpit if you take the wings off...
  10. Lolicon

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    ^ What @no3Ljmsaid above regarding panel washing. One other thing to note is that Flory's tends to darken some once you top coat it, so keep that in mind. Mechanical pencil works well too, and is what I generally use for the super fine Yamato panels.
  11. Lolicon

    Macross Collection Display Thread

    Love the TV Miria. Just need a Mylene VF-11 to go with that.
  12. Lolicon

    Bandai DX VF-31

    And nothing turns a career woman on like a man who can't hold down a steady job. I would find it more believable that NY is breaking into people's homes and stealing their 31As than taking a loss on each unit for our sorry asses.
  13. Lolicon

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    Indeed. Even on Mandarake the aftermarket price has now crept up to 28k. https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1103292917&ref=list&keyword=マクロス
  14. No no lol The left two are from the XL line, and the two on the right are from the standard size Eaglemoss line. 1701 and 1701-A should be identically sized. Make the C a tad bit smaller and it should be in scale with the A pictured above.
  15. Lolicon

    I still like my 1/48 Collection. How about you?

    I like that! I've been pondering where to stick the JUST MARRIED decal on my Yamato 1D. Across the chest doesn't look too bad at all.
  16. She's just trying to be humorous. Although I think she can do better than that.
  17. Size comparison as requested.
  18. LOL Both nacelles are nice and perfectly straight with each other and the rest of the ship. The C is really nice. But I do have many of their standard size ships. I'll get some comparison shots when I get home.
  19. What's happening here?
  20. Lolicon

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    I'll probably quit after Focker's 1S as far as VF-1s go. They're nice but too big and out of place among my 1/60s. TBH I only bought Hikaru and Roy from the Yamato 1/48 line, so I guess that's my limit for that scale. I'd rather Bandai knock my socks off with a 1/48 VF-25. I recall they teased one years ago. I still want it!
  21. Finally opened up the Discovery version of the Enterprise I picked up late last year. She's a fine looking ship. Let's hope season 2 won't be such a letdown (though I'm not counting on it). The hand is the Discovery redesign of the giant hand from "Who Mourns for Adonais?"
  22. Lolicon

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    Bandai is also giving us HMR and Delta releases. The rest of their factories are for more profitable franchises. Wish we really could go back to the good old Yamato days, with their numerous releases (and prices).
  23. Lolicon

    Macross maintenance.

    He reminds me of this:
  24. Lolicon

    Macross maintenance.

    With multiple accounts too. That's one sad little troll. With regards to actually opening up Bandai valks... It's a gigantic pain. Bandai loves to add glue to their screws because I guess just in case the screw fails? "Screw 'n Glue" should be Bandai's new slogan.
  25. Lolicon

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    Whoa whoa didn't mean to make you think I was annoyed or offended or anything. I should be apologizing to you if I did! Everyone has preferences and that's cool. In fact, I think mine ended up darker I would have liked, because the satin topcoat turned the dark grey slightly darker, and looks almost black in photos. If I'm annoyed at anything, it's that. For some reason, I find Bandai valks way more tedious and less enjoyable to work on than Yamato.