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  1. Gonna be a couple of months before I get mine. Though I am tempted to ship the missile sets by themselves...
  2. Lolicon

    Macross figures

    This looks like a regular retail release, not a game prize or Ichiban figure, so of course it will be better sculpted and overall better quality. Of course that means it'll be 10k, minimum but probably more. I'll be buying it for sure.
  3. The backplate cover doesn't sit flush with the rest of the body. On all three of my 1Js I'm always inadvertently pushing that plate down when handling, which leaves a slight depression on the back. None of my Yamato or Arcadia units have this issue. Always two steps forward, one step back with Bandai.
  4. Amazon shipped! Says delivery Tuesday, so it'll probably be here Monday.
  5. Always two steps forward, one step back with Bandai.
  6. Pilot looks to be the correct size too, or at least not as tiny as the TV pilot. Geez, Bandai really did HMR us on the pilots. Those landing gear are still a huge eyesore. Hope it's a web exclusive, but I wouldn't count on both Roy and Hikaru being TWE.
  7. The UN Spacy finally gave their boys ejections seats!
  8. Lolicon

    Macross figures

    Wow Kakizaki lost a lot of weight!
  9. Lolicon

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Here's NY's shipping cost to the US for one VF-31S armored set as of this posting.
  10. I have the original Yamato run with rainbow canopy. After I get the PF version, I'm going to swap the forward sections so I can have a PF version with rainbow canopy. Not sure I need two so I might sell off the other non-PF non-rainbow canopy version that will be left over.
  11. DHL is not the postal service. I've way more confidence in them getting something to me undamaged than the postal service. I consider DHL the same as UPS or FedEx.
  12. Those displays look fantastic! What I'm trying to do with mine is have the same lights mounted on the metal bars of the Detolf, with the lights angled diagonally. But it's going to cost twice as much, as you pointed out. But it'll give lighting throughout, front and back. Here's where I put the Dioder lights. Only half finished though.
  13. Lolicon

    Hi-Metal R

    It takes me longer to transform the HMR VF-1 because I have to dig through my drawers to find the canopy. Also have to swap hands as the transformation hands are awful. Seriously, aside from the the arm slider, the transformation is identical...
  14. I think Graham wants a 1/48 DX VF-1S Hikaru DYRL.
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