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  1. Nice! They looked so good for a second I thought they were the Bandai DX versions. Excellent work!
  2. Two of my favorite things together!
  3. Damn! That looks amazing! And I see you added the missing modex on the wing.
  4. Sweet shot of Ozma and his armor! And I really like the dino lol
  5. Now those are some cool VF-1A pics!
  6. Fantastic shot! Excellent lighting and composition, as usual.
  7. Oh yeah, got mine last Tuesday. Thanks @Anasazi37! Now I just need to find the time to apply them...
  8. Agreed with @Slave IV. That thing looks amazing!
  9. Now that's a cool pic. Great work!
  10. Amazing work as usual @EastwindS2k!
  11. Me too. I accidentally cracked my VF-0 adapter taking down my 0A recently. It still works, but I'd like to replace it when I can.
  12. I'm reasonably confident Bandai will give us a DX Max 1S, if even Kakizaki got the DX treatment.
  13. Lolicon

    Bandai DX VF-31

    They must remain nice and white until the sun exhausts its hydrogen fuel and consumes the Earth in nuclear fire!
  14. Also eager awaiting the reopening of Yeti's store. Have lots of new valks that need stands!
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