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  1. Arcadia 1/60 VF-0S Premium Finish

    I knew HLJ would be the most expensive but hot damn that's even higher than I expected. Right now it seems only hero units are getting the PF treatment. I'd be very surprised (and interested) if Arcadia began doing PF versions of non-hero units.
  2. Arcadia 1/60 VF-0S Premium Finish

    I like AE's unlimited PW. Being able to easily bundle everything together more than makes up for the 1000 yen price difference with NY.
  3. Arcadia 1/60 VF-0S Premium Finish

    LOL very nice!
  4. Arcadia 1/60 SV-51 Ivanov

    Has it already been a year since the first announcement? Good grief. Hope they have something to show after all this time.
  5. Arcadia 1/60 VF-0S Premium Finish

    Sorry KB, I just saw a wall of text on my phone and said "easy pass."
  6. Arcadia SDF-1 Movie version 1/3000 reissue

    A great irony that the releases few were interested in when they came out are now ridiculously expensive.
  7. I'm not holding my breath on an XL version, that's for sure. I'll be happy if they just finished out the Enterprises in that line.
  8. Arcadia 1/60 VF-0S Premium Finish

    Yup! I like talking about things I'm going to do, rather than go through life blubbering about things I'm *not* going to do. See the distinction?
  9. Bandai DX VF-31

    If we're talking a 1/6 scale Mikumo, I'm in!
  10. Arcadia 1/60 VF-0S Premium Finish

    You're going to get 2x of the PF?? Now that's hardcore! I'm pretty sure you'll have plenty of time to decide. It's a webshop item and it's really expensive. Just make sure you get your orders in before the Arcadia deadline, which is, er, I forget, but sometime in February I believe.
  11. Arcadia 1/60 VF-0S Premium Finish

    I put a lot of work into my old 0S back in the day and it's probably more "premium" than the PF version, but I'm still going to get the PF version. This one is going to reactive armor duty or maybe I'll sell it.
  12. If you want something that can transform without falling apart, get the DX. If you just want a great looking fighter that isn't a Sisyphean ordeal to build, get the Hasegawa.
  13. Arcadia 1/60 VF-0S Premium Finish

    This was such an easy pass I have to keep coming back and telling people what an easy pass it was.
  14. I might have to pick one of those up, though I'd rather have an XL version. The Enterprise-C release is missing the main impulse engine on the back of the "neck."
  15. Arcadia 1/60 VF-0S Premium Finish

    Grats on paying less for the premium than the crazy prices for the original release. Even with the premium I'm still going to spend hours putting all those tiny red Hasegawa decals on it... again.