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  1. Haha thanks. It wasn't a favorite VF of mine till I finished it. Now I'm really enamored with it; it really stands out among my collection.
  2. @Mommar is one harsh critic. Anyway, there's way more important details to obsess over. Like does it light up?
  3. Yep I pilfered it from an ancient Hasegawa kit I got off Mandarake for 1000 yen, which is way cheaper than the third party decals on ebay. Of course the decal sheet was super old and took like 5 solid minutes to release from the sheet after dunking them in water. And they were rather brittle too; I broke a couple decals with normal gentle handling.
  4. At 1/48 scale? Probably zero. If Bandai does a Virgin Road 1D, it'll probably be HMR. lol yeah and to think no one wanted it until long after it was out of production. Thanks! Some fighter pics for you guys.
  5. SHE kits were expensive as hell when they were brand new. Their 1/100 YF-19 and YF-21 were around $200 at retail. And you still had to built and paint the thing yourself, and they weren't simple snap fit affairs like modern gunpla kits.
  6. I think that's it for me for VF-1 two seaters. Captain Max and Mayor Miria in their younger days.
  7. The XL Defiant is a decent release. I wish the colors were more like the physical filming model and not muted like one of the later CGI renderings. Eaglemoss actually got the colors right on the smaller release, like @derex3592's lovely model above (Polar Lights models are sooooo much better than the crappy AMT kits of years past). They did f*** majorly on the back of the nacelles, though. Apparently, some time after filming wrapped on DS9 and before the physical model was auctioned off, the rear nacelle covers fell off, and the photos from this period are apparently what Eaglemoss' researchers used, because the XL Defiant is missing the same rear nacelle covers. Poor research, as I mentioned before. However, the worst XL release by far is the Enterprise-A. I wouldn't touch that one with a 60 foot pole. And it's another one where they got it right on the smaller release. Dafuq, Eaglemoss?
  8. Is it perfect transformation? And if so, how many guys would it take to transform it without breaking anything?
  9. Hey there are supposed to be wingtip missiles too. Get on this, Bandai!
  10. It's too bad Bandai ended their Star Trek line after Voyager. I'd have love to have gotten a pre-painted, illuminated Defiant from that line.
  11. I'm loathe to support Robotech and HG in anyway, no matter how small, but seeing Minmay Minmei, Hikaru Rick, and Misa Lisa is making me consider picking them up, since no Japanese maker wants to give us Macross figures. Thanks a lot, jerks!
  12. I'm only considering movies and TV shows. Lots of crazy stuff happens in the novels but they're not considered canon.
  13. As a person who spends a lot of free time detailing his valkyries, even I'm not that obsessed over the shade of blue used. I don't hear anyone bitching about the DX 1A having an oversaturated blue, which it does (but again doesn't bother me).
  14. It's a painted prototype, guys. The markings on it are decals and not indicative of the final product. When has Arcadia released a PF that didn't have a bunch of NO STEP and other requisite markings?
  15. The original Enterprise was set to be decommissioned when Kirk and crew stole it and then blew it up themselves. Enterprise-A was decommissioned after Star Trek 6. The final fate of the Enterprise-B was never established. Enterprise-C was lost defending Narendra III from the Romulans. Enterprise-D was lost in a really stupid techno babble fight with a Klingon Kia of prey. We left the E behind when the franchise was run into the ground by terrible writing and mismanagement.
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