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  1. Lolicon

    Bye Yamcadia?

    Damn Shawn, now you're making me regret not picking up that missing box Yamato 1/48 VF-1S for 5000 yen I saw recently. Why? Because now I want one to fix up so I can put it on side by side with the DX. Maybe a cheap one will show up online one of these days...
  2. It's the complete kit plus effects parts. There's a different fin funnel set for those who want double fine funnel or whatever.
  3. Lolicon

    Bye Yamcadia?

    Keeping my Yamato VF-1s because they're the correct scale with all my other valks. Bandai DX is nice but the scale is off. Even within the the same toy the scale is off, with the tiny ass pilots.
  4. Yeah, I hate how my Yamato valks always get blown across the room whenever I turn on the AC. DX 4 life!
  5. New stuff day! Something to go with the RG Sazabi I picked up recently. Another VF-1S so I can keep this one in battroid, because seven hells if I'm going to paint another set of landing gear! They even threw in a Santa eraser with my purchase.
  6. What's wrong with the head sculpt? Eva 01 was always the worst looking of the main cast Evas.
  7. Smart kid. Just add some markings and the Yamato is easily on par with the Bandai. And those lovely white landing gear!
  8. And Star Trek V was supposed to be about religious fanaticism. Having interesting ideas doesn't make something good.
  9. I preordered it months ago when HLJ put them up for sale. The MB Evas are probably my favorite toys from a show I absolutely loathe. Well, maybe a toss up with Macross Delta.
  10. Yes it's a fantastic piece. Eagerly awaiting Unit 00 now. Asuka and dummy plug, ready to move out!
  11. I preordered that RX-93 just because everyone else wanted one. Also, love the MB Eva 02!
  12. Looks like they're taking a page from Bandai's 'nickel & dime' playbook. "Oh, you want the good hair sculpt for that Minmay figure you already bought? You'll have to buy this entirely new figure!"
  13. Okay, in that case I have some Tamiya silver spray I guess I can decant and use to brush on... will need some thinner/retarder to hide my brush strokes because I don't have the steadiest hands. Thanks! Yeah I don't like how Bandai chooses to use 80s style bare diecast landing gear on a modern premium toy. It'd be like buying a brand new sports car with the suspension and tires of a Model T Ford.
  14. The landing gear is one solid diecast piece aside from the wheels and tow bar, so no I won't be cutting or hacking anything apart lol
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