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  1. I got this guy un-boxed today. It's my first Fix Fuguration.............and probably my last. It seems really chinzy for the $$$$. The arms are pretty loose too. He doesn't hold the gun up with one arm extended. That's a bit of a pet peeve of mine. Figures that can't hold their weapons up in shooting position. I need to get a YetiStand adapter. The legs look goofy/long standing there. I love the colors though. My buddy who isn't into toys and has no idea what Gundam is but is an artist likes the look of it a lot. There are two votes.
  2. Only took 200,000 years to develop that bad boy!
  3. Logistically is a complete cluster for these retailers. They don't have internal tracking systems that were designed to deal with this sort of thing. It's also a zero profit nightmare not of their making too. They're getting hosed just as hard as the customer base. I was pretty shocked how easy it was to get replacements from the two different sources I purchased from. Heck, one of them shipped for free!
  4. sqidd

    Hi-Metal R

    Excellent! Thanks!
  5. sqidd

    Hi-Metal R

    I really, really like that setup @vlenhoff. I've been thinking of copying you. It looks like you have a bunch of Tamashii stands in there. I have a few of the basic Stage Act 5's HERE. Is that what you're working with? I like that you can get so many in one cube of a Detolf.
  6. That's a VERY good point.
  7. I need to manage my space better. And I didn’t realize how much I was going to get into Super Robots, which changed the entire equation. Time to prioritize. So, here is some stuff for sale. -Prices are shipped in the continental USA by UPS. -Prices include fees. I can’t discount them if you want to send as a gift. My PayPal account can’t accept them because it’s a business account. -If you want signature required it’s $5.00 more. If you don’t get signature required and it gets stolen off of your porch it’s your loss. Not mine. -I can only ship to your PayPal confirmed address. -First pay, first serve. -I will ship within 4 working days of the payment being made (probably sooner). I need some wiggle room because of my schedule. -If you want something message me with what you want and include your PayPal email address. I will send you a PayPal invoice. Sorry for the goofy pics. I didn’t feel like fighting it anymore.
  8. Thank you. Apparently I can't read.
  9. Anyone else have them up for PO yet? I haven't run across anything.
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