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  1. I have all but stopped using them. Their shipping rates/policies are "usury". That is EXCESSIVELY high though. I would message them before paying. In my experience a DX should be about $65-70 through Tenso.
  2. I'm terrible too. Never stopped me!
  3. Your other one...And also works here!
  4. At least half of my 11 DX's have goofy air brakes. I Blue Tacked them. It's a "not worth it" feature IMO. More trouble than it's worth.
  5. Just got tracking for the release day units from AmazonJP. Says Friday. They will probably get here Thursday. DHL is almost always early.
  6. Those Macres units are really hard to track down. Took me for ever to find that one and I'm still looking for the other one that has blue instead of tan there. I do have one of the Takatoku 1/144's that bootleg was bootlegged from for sale if you're interested. PM me. Speaking of them all standing together.........
  7. It was a Hikaru 1S, jus sayin.
  8. Or guns. Or motorcycles. Or mountain bikes. Go fast car stuff is pretty brutal though. Just ask my customers!
  9. The insurance is for when you make good hits.................................then get sued.
  10. Ah yes, me only thinking of me, as usual. There are those dirty, dirty rats that got theirs on PO night.
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