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  1. You didn't put on 25lb of lean mass on. You put on 10lb of muscle, 10lb of glycogen/water and 5lb of fat. Secondarily, those were your newbie gains. You get those once. After that it's much, much harder to put lean mass on. 5lb a year is about the max and most people can't put more than 30-35lb on in a lifetime. The above are all widely known facts in the BB community. Your non scientific "test" sample size of one with no data other than weight (which is suspiciously rounded off) does not negate all of that knowledge.
  2. Bale didn't have a choice but to do drugs getting ready for Batman. He was just coming off filming the Machinist where he weighed I think it was 123lb at one point. And only had 6mo to be ready to be Batman. He had to be close to 200lb for the first Batman movie. He was almost dying to get that emaciated for the Machinist and then pout on 70-80lb in 6mo for Batman. Then in later movies got fat to play other roles. I have a LOT of respect for him as an actor. Those are some massive extremes to put yourself through. And, well. He can act too.
  3. CH has a VERY slim build and narrow shoulders. It's really telling in the picture below with a suit on. Now look at the skinny CH vs Thor CH comparo. That is a bare minimum of 45lb more muscle. Can a human put on 45lb of muscle without drugs quickly? Sure, there are a few genetically gifted people that can do that in 2yrs. For everyone else it takes 4-5yrs of laser focused training and diet. And for some people it's impossible. CH is not one of these genetically gifted people though. People with his natural build don't also have the genetics to quickly pack on mass naturally. The slim build/narrow shoulder crowd does have the advantage of looking much larger than they actually are if they do pack on that much muscle though. Be it through many, many years of working the grindstone, or lots o drugs. Also note over the years of playing Thor how CH fluctuates in weight dramatically. He's really jacked for the Thor movies but in between/ in other roles not nearly as much. That is a tell tale sign of drug use. He's going on cycle for Thor and off cycle (but most likely on Testosterone Replacement Therapy because the drugs destroy natural testosterone production) the rest of the time. As soon as you back off the drugs the muscle mass drops away very, very quickly. I've seen friends drop 40-50lb in as little as 16 weeks when they go off cycle. And then get it right back when they go on. I'm very deep into the community of bodybuilding/powerlifting. Some of my fiends are top names in those disciplines. I'm surrounded by the "drug culture" and know a lot about it because I have access to a lot of people in the biz and I ask a LOT of questions. I find it rather fascinating. A topic of discussion that comes up a lot among these experts is who is on drugs and who isn't. I've never heard anyone even consider that CH wasn't using quite a bit of "gear" for his Thor roles. Hugh Jackaman as Wolverine the jury is out on. He put his mass on over 14yrs and he doesn't fluctuate in size much. At his age he is absolutely on Testosterone Replacement Therapy though. Which absolutely has an advantage over having naturally high test levels because you're effectively anabolic 24hrs a day. When you're natural, you'e not anabolic 24/7. Again, I'm not judging. If packing on 20-25lb more (I've already pretty much topped out my natural genetic potential after 8yrs of training) was going to get me paid big bucks, give me the needle. No second thoughts. If done correctly you can do a lot of drugs with very little or no long term side effects. You can be sure these actors have top level coaches/steroid guru's/doctors taking them through the process.
  4. I wonder how many roids they have this kid on to bulk up for Batman. It's going to have to be at least Chris Hemsworth/Thor levels. Which is a lot. I'm not judging. If I had a muti million dollar movie contract I would do it too.
  5. Man who got paid million and millions of dollars to play a children's game dies. Top news story, nation in mourning. China kills it's own citizens to fill organ transplant orders for profit (Third Reich level evil) . It's never a story, and no one talks about it.
  6. I pried mine open and was shocked to find a HMR Tomahawk in each one! Jokes
  7. I can't walk in or out of my office without pausing to look at this dude. I'm actually really impressed.
  8. I'm not overly concerned. I filled out a ticket with them and included pics. Hopefully it's as simple as them sending the right part.
  9. I fortunately/unfortunately don't have that sort of time. I pretty much work ever waking moment that I'm not in the gym or chiseling out an hour here and there to un-box/setup toys. And I only sleep 4-5hrs a night. I just opening a second business right now. It will probably be like this for 2-3 more years minimum. I would love to be able to sit down and fiddle with something for hours. It's just not in the cards. This is not me complaining. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that.......................................................I think it looks incredible. I actually already moved from it's first parking spot to a more prominent one. That paint is fantastic. The whole figure really demands attention. I would buy it all over again without hesitation.
  10. On the upside it's good lookin. The paint and detail are fantastic. It makes the finish on the Sazabi look like a well used military vehicle (which may be accurate). It's not exactly what I would call a "toy". It comes in about elevindy billion parts. It's pretty finicky/fragile. It certainly doesn't promote swooshing. It definitely a pose it carefully and leave it alone kind of thing. Which is my MO so that works for me. I need to figure out how to get it on a YetiStand. I hate colored stands.
  11. First I was bummed out when I realized I was missing one of the bottom covers on the booster. Now I'm pissed off. All of the hands are disassembled. They don't snap together in any way shape or form. They have to be glued. I'm really not happy with this POS right now.
  12. All I have done is look in the boxes. I've been working (when I'm not screwing around on here). I may take a crack at it in a bit. I'm almost done for the day. I'll take a crack at assembling it from just a picture. If I can't get it I'll look up that MG stuff. Thanks for the suggestion.
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