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  1. Hmm i must be doing something wrong with how i upload them then
  2. The tech at shapeways just doesnt seem to be there yet...seems unless i made these things huge you just are not going to get the surface fidelity and it would have to be large and pricey. So 1/48 and 1/72 are out of the question and i dont think anyone wants to pay 200 dollars for a 1/12 petite cola machine. Ill have to wait until the tech is in order.
  3. I'm glad they didnt reveal Lady was LMM or something...no need to drag her into this mess. Really there was just no sense of desperation in this show, the overarching conflict just seemed silly. You never cared enough for anyone to care if they died beyond whether it was going to fit the macross trope or not. Making these stories that take place in small corners of the galaxy is really cool... 7, F etc but once you make it this Galaxy wide thing it kind of dilutes the impact of just how immense and mysterious our galaxy is. The earth colonists could not have really seen more then 1% of the galaxy yet even with current tech. Really largest issues with this show..its just a sign of the times. Modern anime in general...convoluted storylines that are purposefully overly grandiose without the character or wolrd building to support it...and of course...in 2016 you have to end up with the underage girl ( pls drop the technically middle aged stuff, shes a kid). mature love interests were big in the 80s, macross , maison ikkoku, orange road etc....its just not the cultural trend anymore. I thought F did a good job of combining the old with the modern....this show just swung too far in one direction.
  4. I created a little mini piece based on the payphone found in perfect memory, hope you like it. More here: including a turnaround https://www.artstation.com/artwork/gyJWx ( drop me a like if you like it =) )
  5. This one may work better since there is no small surface details. Hopefully i can get the arm to look ok in shapeways. Not gonna put anything up on shapeways that doesnt come out really nice.
  6. Does anyone know a better solution then Shapeways? I put a test run of the Petite Cola machine up on Shapeways but it either isnt high enough detail or the price gets too high because i have to make it larger scale. The only other solution i can think of is to clean sweep the buttons off of the panel and leave those flat to be painted on.
  7. Hey guys sorry for the long delay..had to get some freelance in to survive. Initial plan was to make molds with the 3d printer but after using it once i realized i could never use that thing in a place so small ( almost keeled over) I will likely start putting things up on shapeways soon....im working on the first thing now.. should be ready soon..its something a little different...and def hasnt been done before. If that goes well i will look into making the stargoose
  8. Really really really tired of the underage girl moe character design everywhere in Japan these days. That says nothing of the plot which could be great so i'll withhold judgement, but i really miss the 80s where maturity was seen as attractive and not looking 12. The story could be interesting if like mentioned the singers are backup for the pilots...it would be like a slowly formed cultural tradition that stretches back to what happened with Space War 1. I have always liked how in later series , small cultural changes have always reflected in the modern culture of the show. I will say one thing, the music is really really good. The music has me currently looking past all the negatives with hope that this will be something good that will come out of the target demographic marketing.
  9. I got 9 am tickets to Burbank Amc 16. I wanted to see it in IMAX but couldnt justify 20+ dollars on a movie unless i was going with friends.....i will be ...solo. was 12.99 for Imax at 9 am...ill just have to wake up early.
  10. new update you can read the blog with whats coming https://www.patreon.com/posts/3431081
  11. HI guys, excited to share that i have officially opened the Macross VR Experience patreon. Right now the plan is to start off with the extended bridge of the SDF-1. I plan on extending goals and stretch goals in the future. Hopefully with enough support i can turn this into something pretty special. https://www.patreon.com/NekoZero?ty=h
  12. Started to import this into Unreal. I wanted to get at least some of it in before opening a patreon. This is pretty much what i do for a living, but freelance gigs can be few and far between so i am going to start a patreon with the hopes of being able to create a full bridge vr experience..if all goes well id like to continue making more vr scenes and releasing them. The entire Galaxy Express 999 would be really interesting....i would like to build the entire interior and then have it travel to a few destinations. More Macross stuff as well.....hey lets see how the patreon goes, you may get a full sdf1, vf1 or city 7 out of it.
  13. Ok so my current order of things for the next few months will be.. Petite Cola - this ones ready, i should have the prototype by mid next week Macross Captains Chair - also ready and will have a prototype soon after the Petite Cola Stair truck - I will start next week Whatever wins this vote - looks to be 1/72 ambulance at this point but depending how the first 3 items go i may jump to the stargoose instead
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