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  1. Translation of their own is impossible in Google but this than you created a decent signature site. It is at the address below. これよりまともな署名サイト作成したけど翻訳がGoogleで自分は無理なの。 下のアドレスにあります。
  2. https://www.change.org/p/マクロス-のリメイクや続編を熱望-ガンダムやエヴァンゲリオンを超えた名作の誕生に期待 翻訳し直してほしい! I want you to translate again! English translation 中国的翻译 愛され続けてまもなく40年が経とうとしている一大コンテンツ《マクロス》シリーズ。先日はNHK-BSでも特集番組が2本放送されました。また、今年(2019年)は河森正治監督のプロデビュ40周年という記念の年ともなります。 いま、《マクロス》が盛り上がっています。 この記念すべき年だからこそ、河森監督にマクロスのリメイク作品を撮ってもらいたい。続編を創っていただきたい。令和という新しい時代の“新しいマクロス”を観たい! これは既存作品のリメイク、続編の制作を要望する署名ページです。 署名の仕方は簡単。ページ下部の『今すぐ賛同』をタップするだけとなっています。 ※この署名は5月31日から東京ドームで開催される『河森正治EXPO』で河森監督、もしくは関係者の方に直接渡す予定です。 〈本文〉 【マクロスの魅力】 変形するメカ、ストーリーを彩る
  3. I'm thinking of gathering signatures reanimating "original god Macross". I would like to increase the remake of my past work and to make it fun to reanimate your guess! ****** From the "Now Agree" button ****** ****** No money is required ****** ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 【Request for signature】 Introduction ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Even the huge series "Macross" that everyone knows, the beginning was only 23 episodes. However, due to the realistic and innovative setting that broke through the concept of science fiction and robot animation and the shock of the story, th
  4. Since the work of the company was accumulated after LIVE, we were late contact. The premier Macross matters were influenced by the departure of 14 o'clock, Question or performance time is short, Therefore, I had no time to tell about the signature. In addition, Mr. Haruhiko Miki who came by an official of animation Directed by Masaharu Kawamori was not going to participate, just being able to come to the department at 14 o'clock. I am very sorry for the people who sent the signature. https://www.change.org/p/初代マクロスの再アニメ化を-あの独特なキャラたちにまた会いたい-新マクロスしか知ら
  5. I replaced them with other images! It is something that does not catch on copyright. https://www.change.org/p/初代マクロスの再アニメ化を-あの独特なキャラたちにまた会いたい-新マクロスしか知らない若い世代にもぜひ
  6. Urgent !! signature Wanted ☆ Ganso Macross revival of! → per Mari Iijima live Tokyo2018Summer "Be There" Platinum ticket winning, suddenly handed dared plans and the ask from Iijima's in the river forest supervision in the night of the part! Why in as much as possible until around August 20, many of you to ask for your cooperation! Now 180 people agree. https://www.facebook.com/ma
  7. Do you know the first macross? Although it is the Macross series in which many TV works are produced Even though I know recent Macross series, There are also many people who have never seen the original Macross. The cornerstone of all the macross series including numerous hits, The first macross that should also be called a legend. That book's aired Those who know that it was thirty years ago, How long have you been at this time? It will surely remember if it is a real-time generation
  8. Is that a long ago? The current director Kawamori should not do anything in the super-spacetime orchestra event or digital editing of the old movie Macross indeed! But since I am doing it I still have nothing to do with my first generation yet! What?
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