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  1. Do you know the first macross? Although it is the Macross series in which many TV works are produced Even though I know recent Macross series, There are also many people who have never seen the original Macross. The cornerstone of all the macross series including numerous hits, The first macross that should also be called a legend. That book's aired Those who know that it was thirty years ago, How long have you been at this time? It will surely remember if it is a real-time generation. I broke through the concept of SF and robot animation Too realistic and innovative settings and story Speaking of shock! In addition, the theater version was also big, big, big hit. The high quality and deep psychological depictions of love drama, Even now it has enough spectacular appearance. Because it is such a wonderful work, Even if it is airing now Not to mention old fans, Even if you know Macross F and others, To young people who have not seen the first generation yet, Maybe you can enjoy it with a fresh feeling. Outline of the work (I cited it): "" The Super Dimension Fortress Macross "is a sci-fi animation televised on TV from October 1982 to June 1983. Fighter, Gowalk, Variable fighter that deforms with Batroid, Valkyrie, urban space in huge battleship, huge alien with no culture, pilot and female superior officials, triangular relations with idol singer and so on, including aliens and aliens With the epic story of interstellar war of the principal axis, I drew life-sized young people. Received its popularity, the theater was released in July 1984 "Super Dimension Fortress Macross · Do you remember Love?" Is made into a movie, composed entirely of new stories, made entirely in a new work. The character setting and the mechanical setting were also renovated and drawn with more realistic setting. In addition, it is also a pioneering work of media mix that singer in the play actually issues record, and the theme song "Do You Remember Love?" singing by Iijima Mari is beyond the framework of animation fans, many It became memorable music of the people of. " ※ For those who want to know more about the first Macross Here! (Wikipedia) how is it? A new generation that does not know the first macross, too, Do not you want to see Macross that Minmay is active as well? If it is produced now, To the staff, Mr. Masaharu Kawamori, the director, In the character design, again with that beautiful style, Mikimoto Haruhiko who appeared in the animation world like a comet and breathed a life of the world. (It is not certain but it was scouted at a doujinshi event that was still rare at that time.It is a common case now, probably has not started from this time) And we can not speak without her, Lynn Minmay of the heroin, by all means, the voice actress and a singer; Mari Iijima! (She seems to have been adopted as a mincee during the university of music university.The first match with the role of Lynn Minmay cast as a voice actress for the first time, I have greatly raised this macros popularity.After that, It seems that he was living in the United States to study, but at the time it is an English version of Macross which was extremely popular in the United States, and she has been playing the voice of Lynn Minmay again! The same character, in Japanese version and overseas dubbed version Perhaps she is the only voice actress who did that. Even this alone, enough elements of sufficiently different colors and super luxuries line up. And surely we will have many legends again! Actually, last year was the 30th anniversary of Macross. One big event commemorating it "Super Spacetime Orchestral Music" It was held that there Mr. Masaharu Kawamori; the director, was also present. At that time ~ I want you to produce the sequel of the first macross ~ I was plotting to express my feelings in my petition and hand it forward. I was also seeking a signature for that ... Suddenly I could not participate in the event suddenly due to circumstances, personal delivery and pleas have been forced off. ... It is! There is a live of Mari Iijima on August 25th this year, The director Kawamori Masaharu may appear to enjoy her live I know it will come occasionally. And very luckily, we can get the premiere ticket for this live! Again, the opportunity of personal delivery visited! Mari Iijima Live in Tokyo 2018 Summer "Be There" ■ Details of the concert ■ Date and time: August 25, 2018 (Sat) 14: 00/18: 30 Twice performance (contents change partly) Location: Shibuya · Shinku Hall Price: Advance / 5,800 Days / 6,300 (All seats specified · Tax included) Works of Gundam and Macross that can not defeat recent animation I want to make it come. Whether or not, with everyone's approval, Please diffuse this page as much as you can. change.org - Re-animation of the original Macross! I want to see those unique characters again! Please do also to the young generation who only knows the new macross!
  2. Is that a long ago? The current director Kawamori should not do anything in the super-spacetime orchestra event or digital editing of the old movie Macross indeed! But since I am doing it I still have nothing to do with my first generation yet! What?
  3. Do you know first Macross?Various each generation series is still produced, but, speaking of Macross, there may be the person who has not watched ancestor Macross plenty even if the present young generation knows the recent Macross series.Foundation of all Macross series including many hit products, first Macross which should be right called the legend.But the first generation will come to the another 30 years ago knowing that it was broadcast how much now.If I say a shock because of the novelty to the rest of the setting and story when I was televised at the time for rial!Still further, the theater version made a big hit very much very much, too. High quality and the love drama of the deep psychological description are still worth seeing enough.The SF animation that "super space-time fortress Macross" was televised on TV until June, 83, the following day from October, 1982.I included a fighter, Gerwalk, Batroid and the rich ideas such as variableness fighter Baru Killy to transform, the city space in the huge battleship, the huge alien, pilot and woman senior officer who did not have culture, the love triangle with the pop idol and described life-sized youths in a main shaft in a magnificent story called the war between the star with the alien.In response to the popularity, was released a theater in July, 1984; is comprised of a story new at all on filmizing it "does super space-time fortress Macross love remember it?"; is production by a whole book new work. Character setting, the machine setting were renovated and were described in the setting that was more real, and was hard.In addition, it was a pioneer work of the media mix that a singer of the in a play actually took out a record, and the theater version theme songs which sang of Mari Iijima exceeded the frame of the animation fan "does love remember it?", and it was a musical piece to remain in the memory of many people.The person who wants to know more details about first Macross this! The big event is planned (Wikipedia) and soon, too. Super space-time orchestral musicIt is attended at supervision, Shoji Kawamori there!Therefore I want you to produce a sequel to first Macross by all means.I load a petition with the feeling and want to hand you it directly.If, to the young people who have not yet watched the first generation, you can enjoy first generation Macross with a fresh feeling by all means even if you know Macross F let alone the fan from old days.With a beautiful style of painting again that for Haruhiko Mikimoto which appear in the animation world by a character design like a comet (that was not sure, but was still scouted by a rare coterie event in those days.), and was predominant in a generation of Macross at the start first for the production staff by supervision a character design. Lynn Minmay of the heroine who cannot also talk without her by all means to Mari Iijima! She was employed as Minmay position during College of Music attendance at school and originally it was a singer-songwriter, but, by wonderful matching of Minmay which I put together only after I put it together, I served this Macross popularity very much and put it up. To study the performance afterwards; to the United States. And he/she plays a voice of Minmay with English version of Macross which was extreme popularity again how in the United States. I dub the same character with a Japanese edition abroad, and probably, as for the expectation た voice actor, there may be only her in a version.It is sure that it produces many legends again, thing if televised again!How about?Does the generation whom the new generation who does not know first Macross looked at in old days not want to see Macross where Minmay plays an active part again?In fact, I only have 1 week before a planned event to hand a petition.So please scatter this page with the agreement of all of you as much as possible how about if good. We'd really appreciate your support! change.org - A re-animated cartoon of first Macross becoming it! I want to see those unique characters again! To a young generation knowing only new Macross by all means!
  4. Yet while preparing Macross productions 35th anniversary TV broadcast! Now catch the signature
  5. Macross anime last year was the 30th anniversary of the TV Director Shoji kawamori is PS3 game by singing to bridge the Macross 30-Galaxy, spent 35 laps c. is there, but so do signing activities were filled with fans waiting for the resurrection of the Macross 7, so. Is previously in the Macross 7 piece similar to dynamite 7 OVA, so it's not anime Macross flashback 2012 Lynn minmay revived as the 35th anniversary changed the name of the work piece is good. Protoculture ride Lynn minmay evolution as content from the Galactic whale four years after Sara who on Earth Music Festival are invited to the fact this trap in universe worst antimatter lifeforms (Devil), chase it the largest fleet in chased takes place will. You should expect. So the cast Director Shoji kawamori and? are you doing Macross song composer, singer and songwriter Mari Iijima Haruhiko Mikimoto teacher earlier in the original Macross and Macross 7 was doing character design and voice actor and everyone should be happy.So want to sign activities benefiting Macross production staff ago the launch this Committee also. Towards East Japan earthquake-hit people in 2016 in Macross frontier show ALE, so I badly to sign please help thank you http://youtu.be/kfQ8JuBoocU It is produced at a resolution 4 K video. Last year was the 30th anniversary of the TV Director Shoji kawamori is PS3 game, spent in the singing voice to bridge the Macross 30-Galaxy 35 laps or c. is there, but by all means in signing activities Director Shoji kawamori and broadcasters to convince in is not will. Please ask about signing. change.org petition site https://www.change.org/ja/%E3%82%AD%E3%83%A3%E3%83%B3%E3%83%9A%E3%83%BC%E3%83%B3/i-want-you-to-broadcast-on-the-35th-anniversary-of-the-macross-work-of-illusion facebook-Macross 35 production Committee project signature activities https://www.facebook.com/Macross.new.project https://www.change.org/ja/キャンペーン/i-want-you-to-broadcast-on-the-35th-anniversary-of-the-macross-work-of-illusion
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    Macross birth journey

    YouTube - Macross Commercial (Anime "MACROSS 30" TV work hope!) http://youtu.be/bJuoBRGDHaA
  7. Mari-ja

    Macross birth journey

    YouTube Special program commemorating the 30th anniversary of Macross http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3E43iVdRpXI 運命のマクロス作品とあって、今更ながら動画を見てなお河森正治監督に“OVAマクロス フラッシュバック2012”のその後を画いた作品を作ってほしいと思いました( 」´0`)」 なので是非とも署名活動に賛同を<m(__)m> facebook-アニメ「マクロス30」tv製作希望! アニメ「マクロス30」TV製作希望! ネット署名
  8. The latest Original Anniversary Macross 30?? Satelight, inc. Outflow of material in China Macross fan site? Macross 30周年的设定稿???? 一切不明!!!! 根据设定稿日期和编号显示 设定跨度从3月到5月 所以还有很多 作为主角的 一条辉 的设定日期是5月 所以应该还在设定ing... 推论: MF 07年7月在NT上公布设定稿,宣布制作决定 08年4月放送,制作期9个月 如果加上前期设定时间 这个进度大致可以排到明年10月的Macross 30周年 SO...... 这是 Minmay~~ 日期:2011年03月27日,编号:02-02 这是宇宙用战斗服。。。 日期:2011年05月01日,编号:01-06 这张是Max的 后面隐约可以看到一个穿裙子的女孩子,未沙? 日期:2011年03月16日,编号:05-02 E.M.B.S - 主题:【110606】【速】「超时空要塞Macross」,30周年设定稿??????- From the content of this bulletin board・・・  惑星伊甸site (Expression site registration) http://www.macross.c...lk.do?tid=38609 This is an illustration written only for the animated cartoon besides last year's pachinko Macross. ?
  9. anime "Macross 30" produced the desired TV! Macross new online signature ✍ @Ani_Ma7 何か新作の話題ありませんか!!
  10. Would you talk a little Also new Macross neta! But then it's good Macross Frontier☆~