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  1. Just got mine from HLJ.com and it is pure unadulterated F'ing awsomeness!!!
  2. Exo, you suck for destroying my poll but it did the job. Yamato, i will accept 5% for every tv Roy sold!! Graham, Pass it along!! Hehehe!! Now, for the million dollar question.......will there be a battle damaged (Roy's death) 3rd tv version???? I say, yes, considering how Yamato love's to milk the franchise. GO YAMATO!!!!
  3. My poll has the tv version in an overwhealming lead......so much for "not enough interest in this version" people. I hope you see this Yamato......Graham.
  4. With all of the love that Yamato has shown (produced) for all of the different VF-1S Valkyrie DYRL versions (1/48 & 1/60), would you be intrested in seeing and buying a true tv version of Roy Focker's baby?
  5. That's my whole point. Why have so many variant's been released of the Yamato VF-1S BUT none have been the VF-1S tv version. Hell, they can even make a death variant where Roy died. That would seem like a no brainer!!! Yet, this "no paint" version is clearly a tv version..... I just don't understand Yamato.
  6. I know the differences are very minimal, with the exception of the pilot but Yamato has done so many varient's and milked the franchise to death, that it seems like a no brainer to do a tv version. Somehow, my collection (tv versions) does not seem complete. If I am not mistaken, this is the only version that has not been made/announced from the tv and DYRL movie variant's.
  7. Why is there no love from Yamato when it comes to the VF-1S tv version. I was going through my 1/48 and 1/60 (versions 1 and 2) Valk's and noticed that all VF-1S versions are DYRL movie versions. Why is there not 1 tv version? I guess the no paint version kind of counts but seriously........why is this?
  8. @ACRORAY and anime52k8, Can you suck it!!!
  9. Why does the box for the battlepod say Vol.2 when there is no Vol.1??? It's the first one, so what gives? I know Toynmai's QC is infamous but can they not count either?
  10. Thanks Blue Max. I wonder why the VF-25S Armor set has not been released......
  11. I was wondering if anybody had a list of how many exclusives have been released for the Bandai VF-25 valk's? I know of the following: Vf-25F and S super armor sets VF-25F Heavy Armor set (no vf-25S set???) VF-25G fold/ghost set
  12. I bought from them 2 years ago and two of my model boxes (Hasegawa VF's) were crushed. I contacted them and they asked if anything on the model its self was damaged. I said no, just the box and they basicallly said "tough poo". I tried reasoning with them for a week, telling them that I collected the figures AND the boxes but kept getting corporate BS responses that said they only care if your item is good and not the box its self. That was the last time I bought anything from them!!! BBTS cares more about this sort of thing (and collector's) and they have come thru for me when I had a box arrive slightly damaged. F^&% YOU HLJ!!!!!
  13. The only thing we need is an accessory pack with the following: A. Gunpod with better detail and strap. B. Single and double rising pilot seats for Battloid mode. C. Ground flight crew. D. Better detailed hands. E. Max / Miriya baby pod. The valks should just be left alone. I don't think they should be improved because we should not have to buy them a 3rd freaking time (1/60 V1 1/48 1/60 V2)!!!!!!!!!!
  14. What do you mean that Yamato is not going to finish the Destroid line??? As mentioned above, the Phaanx is a sure thing, which means that the only one left is left is the Spartan!! I did not include the Monster because it's been vaporware for years now. I say release them all Yamato!! You are so freaking close.....and give us the cherry on top by actually releasing the Monster. The COMPLETE release of ALL destroids just screams AWESOMENESS!!! ...........otherwise, it will be a crime against (Macross) humanity!!!
  15. That's EXACTLY what you meant dude. No backtracking allowed. Just admit that you goofed up.
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