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  1. 30 minutes ago, DWN013 said:

    Trying to decide which variants to get, couple of questions. 

    -Does each set come with 2x FAST style missile pylons and 2x 'strike' cannons, or just what they're pictured with?

    -Can the dong piece be removed from the rest of the hip armor?

    -Do they all come with forearm reaction missiles?

    Each set comes with different weapons and accessories. Yes, it’s what they’re pictured with. The ‘dong’ piece can be removed since it’s a separate piece. And no, not all comes with Reaction Missiles. The pylons are already attached to the white big missiles.

    Here's the rundown of the weapons and accessories that came with each set:

    #000 (All White)
    - Regular Boosters

    #001 (Yellow Trim)
    - x2 Strike Cannons
    - x1 Shield

    #011 (Red Trim)
    - x1 Strike Cannon
    - 1x Shield

    #101 (Red Trim)
    - x2 Shields

    #102 (Brown Trim)
    - x2 Shield

    #102F (Brown Trim)
    - x2 Strike Cannons
    - x2 Big Missiles (2 Missiles Each)

    #202 (Blue Trim)
    - x1 Strike Cannon
    - x1 Shield
    - x1 Big Missiles (2 Missiles Each)

    #303 (Red Trim)
    - x1 Strike Cannon
    - x1 Big Missiles (2 Missiles Each)


  2. 1 hour ago, Snake Eyes said:

    Those are Top notch quality bags... did you 3D print them yourself?

    where can I get a set?

    Not sure about this. But those looks like a customized saddle bags from the old 1/12 variable transforming Ride Armor kits. Hope Emiliano can tell us. ^_^ 

  3. 2 hours ago, teckno viking said:

    Looks Great.

    How much of the pole protrudes into the saddle bags or don't they open?

    Based on the photos Emiliano posted, I assumed it’s the ‘white’ portions on both ends of the silver pole is inserted. I’m guessing that it’s not going to fill the whole inside space of the side bags.




  4. 6 minutes ago, mamboeidos said:

    icic thank man. totally missed out on the gunbarrel striker n had to do it on ebay

    Before you hit eBay, try to ask any proxy site services if they can get the item for you directly from P-Bandai since it's still available for preorder there and ask them for estimate. Then you can choose which one is more within your budget.


  5. 2 hours ago, captain america said:

    I'm not sure why I'd bother casting a visor, tediously filling-in the scribed lines and re-molding it in opaque resin. Sort of defeats the purpose, wouldn't you say? If you don't mind paying for the extra individual parts, it's no problem.

    Hey Cap, are you going to post the extra costs if anyone wants to add specific item outside the bundle once you posted it in the F/S section?


  6. 2 minutes ago, Chronocidal said:

    Given the crap people ordering the 31A have had to deal with, I'm thinking the old reliance on exclusives being easier to snag is gone.  I'm not going to trust Bandai to produce enough anymore, so I'm probably going to start ordering from multiple sources from now on.

    And we'll end up paying more via proxy services or from third party sellers from Japan. Bandai's collectibles are getting expensive by the day and getting hard to get. :unsure:


  7. 35 minutes ago, Mommar said:

    I am beginning to wonder if Chuck will be a web exclusive only.  I can’t imagine they would expect him to sell that well.  I’m planning on getting two so I can have both sets of squads complete with and without armor.  I wonder when/if super or armor parts will be available for the A and when super or armor parts will be available for the S?  It’d be nice if people could grill Bandai reps at shows for info. like that like we Marvel legends fans will do with Dwight at Hasbro.

    That would be nice. But do we have someone here who knows some people at Bandai to begin with?


  8. 7 minutes ago, Lolicon said:

    I got mine from CD Japan when they opened a second round of preorders.

    Sure thing, noel. I have a bunch of MBs that I haven't opened, but I'll open the Aile Strike next just for you!

    Sweet! Just want to hear your overall opinion when it gets displayed besides Freedom and Strike Freedom. Thanks Lolicon! :friends:


  9. 5 minutes ago, Lolicon said:

    It's a fantastic rendition of one of my favorite valkyrie designs in a smaller scale. Including four different pilot figures was a good choice by Bandai and prompted me to get two. One for space flight, the other for when they're stranded on charred Earth (spoiler alert for a 34 year old movie, I guess).

    Looks like someone's going to make a tent and a mutated fish. ^_^ 

    5 minutes ago, Lolicon said:


    I have both Yamato VF-1D and VT-1. I haven't played with it. Only now I realize that their orange are different. And I can't unsee that now. :shok:

    But I have to agree I like the Yamato's VF-1D's orange color more. ;)


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  10. I know there wasn't any indication if this is based on the Anima line (which it kinda looks like it). But if I were to get one Eva as part of my collection, I rather to have something like this setup from the Chogokin Super Evangelion with the Weapon Bay Carousel. In which I'm sure they will release 'something' Tamashii Web Exclusive Option Add-On Set months after. ^_^



    And yes, @davidwhangchoi. They're basically robbing us. :lol:


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  11. 6 hours ago, mamboeidos said:

    so is it safe to get the pre order from ebay? if u missed it by 1 day?

    In general speaking, if the PO item will get released within 6 months, then I can say it's also safe to get it thru their eBay store. Why, because you're basically 100% protected by Paypal's Purchase Protection. Whereas if you get it thru their online store, I'm not sure if they will refund it 100% if they don't deliver, or just get store credit.

    Anyone, feel free to correct me regarding MyKombini since I haven't purchased anything from them.


  12. 2 hours ago, eggy99 said:

    Says more details will be released Friday 24 Aug.

    Should a new Metal Build (Other series) topic be created for Eva and other MBs? 

    This topic is strictly for Gundam Figures. ;)

    1 hour ago, F360 said:

    Normally another topic will pop up later ,but this thread has been use for metal build general news ever since bandai branched out to other series besides gundam.  I think it made it easier for people to get news updates on metal build products.

    1 hour ago, technoblue said:

    @no3Ljm created a separate topic for it:


    Hey guys. I've updated the thread I created earlier from the Evangelion post to a 'general thread' so we can focus on the Metal Build discussions from any series. I also added a poll if you like to continue any future or upcoming MB Gundam figures announcement there too so this thread will not have any non-Gundam MB announcements. 

    Let me know. ;)




  13. It looks like there's a new update for the Tamashii Nations 2018 Exclusive Items.


    <Regarding selling commemorative items after the event is over>
    At a later date, we plan to sell at "Soul Web Store" in Premium Bandai. We will sell (GUNDAM items) as follows.
    - METAL BUILD Strike Freedom Gundam SOUL BLUE Ver.
    - THE ROBOT SPIRITS <SIDE MS> MS-06 Mass production type Zaku ver. ANIME ~ First touch 2500 ~
    - THE ROBOT SPIRITS <SIDE MS> RX-78-2 Gundam & G Fighter ver. ANIME ~ Real Type Color ~




    It looks like I won't be able to snag this one then. :cray: