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  1. Just sharing here Bandai's apology on shipping time change for MB Arbalest IV.



    This time, due to production circumstances, we will change the new product scheduled to be released in March, 2018, as below.

    We sincerely apologize to you for your inconvenience, but we ask for your understanding.

    ■ Product Name: METAL BUILD Arbalest Ver. IV
    <Before the change>
     Shop front release date Scheduled for March 2018
    <After change>
     Shop front release date Scheduled for April 2018


  2. 21 minutes ago, Master Dex said:

    Well the problem there is I am moving due to being in between jobs at the moment... and I am moving to a different state as well.

    I see. You can try and inform CDJapan ahead of time to send it to you atleast by early April and tell them that you're moving?


  3. 3 minutes ago, Master Dex said:

    I know the 31S fever is going about now but has anyone heard if there is a specific date in March for when the 31A will be releasing/shipping? My CDJapan order still just says March 2018. I wonder cause I'll be changing addresses in mid-March and am thinking it might be wise to put the later address in just to be safe.

    Still says March on everywhere else too including Tamashii site. Why not forward it to your work address just to be safe?


  4. 9 minutes ago, RealJayDee said:

    No worries. 

    My vf 19 advance's leg broke off (cant believe the turbine piece that holds the leg attached to the hip is plastic,  but was able to repair(ish) it) and I want a replacement. 

    Wont go for another vf 19. The Arcadia was not one of their best creations (& pricy). 

    I would get a yamato only if the boosters can be attached somehow xD

    That's why you have to get atleast three. You know, one to display, one to open, and one for just in case. ;)


  5. 1 hour ago, TrickyCustomer said:

    dude, after watching the last jedi im done with star wars. Give me macross every time.

    I'm pretty sure he just meant a Star Wars aerial game like Ace Combat. ;)

    But since you mentioned Macross, I can't say the same thing though with Macross Delta. :rolleyes:



  6. 13 minutes ago, TrickyCustomer said:

    20! man that's some money's worth there....worth it!  Seems recently for me there have been "just one more" moments going on or a brand new pre-order pops up on twitter ie the dx vf-31s arad version has just been announced for example. I didn't know about the 31a kairos till last night! I must of been under a rock for that one. Thankfully managed to bag a pre order. Don't think i will be taking that one out of fighter mode though, it's far too good looking. And that's coming from the guy who thinks the hero versions look a bit lame.  As far as the 31 goes give me the cannon fodder version every time. I plan to have a hero/villain valk for each series mac plus, zero etc or stupidly buy two of the same depending on how good they look in their fighter/battroid modes. Ahem sv-262 Ahem. they were a good price to be fair :)

    Well, you haven't met @Spanner yet. He have atleast 3 of each to display each mode. That's how dedicated he is. ;) :drinks:


  7. 1 minute ago, TrickyCustomer said:

    The guy's a legend! Love his channel....and have to blame him for helping me decide to buy more valks! Seriously though, very good reviews, transformation guides and website.

    Yes, he is. Don't get starstruck though once he replied to your post. :rolleyes: ^_^

    15 minutes ago, spacemanoeuvres said:

    Bandai is also releasing an M+ YF-19 this year (I think) with some option parts. 

    I know they displayed something before but is it official that they're going to release the YF-19?


  8. 18 minutes ago, TrickyCustomer said:

    Thanks! although my wallet doesn't share my sentiment. Definitely more valks to buy indeed.

    I promise you it's not going to stop. ^_^


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  9. 1 hour ago, jenius said:

    Anything is possible but barring new animation, it seems unlikely.

    1 hour ago, wmkjr said:

    Since they didn't make recolors for the VF-25 armor parts to at least milk the mold I wouldn't count on it. 

    1 hour ago, Sanity is Optional said:

    Given that they only released armored packs for the VF-25 Alto and Ozma, and tornado only for Alto and Michael, I imagine it'll be the same here.

    30 minutes ago, ridgebacks said:

    Standard rule is that if it's not shown in either the movie or TV show, it won't get released. So the J, C, F won't get the AP. F might get the lil dragon pack thou.

    Thanks guys! Guess I need to preorder multiples then. ^_^


  10. 40 minutes ago, TrickyCustomer said:

    Seeing as mac 2 and mac plus were what drew me into the Macross series the yf-19/21 and VF-11b were a must for me. I did a lot of research on which is best and watched scorched earth toys very indepth review of the Arcadia, yamato and bandai versions. He compares all versions together which really helps in choosing the one best suited to your needs. I went with the Arcadia 19 myself, but i highly recommend checking out his video review and site anymoon.com

    That reviewer is also a member here. Anymoon is @jenius ;) 


  11. 26 minutes ago, KOG Water Dragon said:

    I know everyone's still very excited about the VF-31A, and I know the scheduled 35th Anniversary VF-31 still hasn't been released yet, but I must admit I'm growing impatient - waiting for news on subsequent VF-31 releases. Would at least like some confirmation that the VF-31F, VF-31S, and hopefully VF-31E are on the way.

    Some Super VF-31s would be nice too.

    Unless a member here works directly for Hasegawa and authorized to spill a bean, your guess is just as good as everyone else. ^_^


  12. 51 minutes ago, TrickyCustomer said:

    Thanks for the reply and info. Interesting, seems they got it right the first time then? Usually they have minor tweeks or additions when doing a reissue.

    Nah. They've been doing that ever since. Think of the VF-1's. It's the same mold for the last 10 years. The only thing they did after 10 years after those 'option parts' that were included in Yamato's 30th Anniversary releases is to tweak small things but the big add-ons were the screw covers for Max and Millia reissues. But as for the YF-19, I think they got it the first time based on their current design that they did.


  13. Do you guys think that if they release the Armored Packs, does that mean it's just designed for Arad's, Chuck's, and the 31A's if ever and it's not going to be available to the others? I know it's movie based. But that doesn't stop Bandai to 'recolor' for the others, right?


  14. 58 minutes ago, TrickyCustomer said:

    I've pre-ordered the premium vf-0s recently through Nippon Yassan. This is only because the first release is more expensive now than the premium.

    Just giving you a heads up, @anubis20 is selling a first release brand new Arcadia VF-0S for $350 shipped within US CONT. That's cheaper than the Premium Finish at NY in case you're just comparing prices. ;)

  15. 18 hours ago, RealJayDee said:

    Hey guys!!! 

    Do you know if the bandai vf 19's wing boosters can be used  with the yamato yf 19????

    If anyone succeeded can you please explain? 

    Hey man. Last night, I just realized you were asking for a Yamato YF-19. I only have the Arcadia release. Sorry.