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  1. 20 minutes ago, JetJockey said:

    That's dedication to get all three of them. What are the issues with Roy's version?

    Unless you’re asking a specific one, I believe @carlodibi already mentioned the issues on his Roy’s copy. ;)

    14 hours ago, carlodibi said:

    Just got my roy focker cockpit as well. This diorama is gorgeous!!

    However after owning all 3 cockpits the roy focker is my least favorite. The paint and quality control is probably the worst of the 3. And roy looks really funny cuz his body is so small.

    Also i dont know if it is the screen itself or the video file that was chose for roy but it looks to be a lower resolution or quality to it :(


  2. 6 minutes ago, slide said:

    At least it'll be interesting to see if they use the same artwork... but I'm sure Bandai's commissioned a new one for whenever they release it

    He will do a new one for sure. After all Tenjin needs to fill his 'upcoming' Valkyries Fourth Sortie book. ^_^


  3. 2 hours ago, Tking22 said:

    Yeah they're sold out on the site, you're only real option is to start calling actual Gamestop stores in your area and seeing if they have any stock, the Ebay prices are already absurd, $60 per turtle, $200 for a whole individual set.

    Thanks Tking. I actually did try to call some Gamestop locally and ask. And they also check inventory online if they can find me a set. But sad to say, it's sold out. Not a biggie since I wasn't really planning on getting it. And I'm not going to pay on how much it's asking for nowadays. So that's it. ^_^


  4. 4 minutes ago, Mommar said:

    I don’t know, man, this is a release I personally recommend everybody should get.  They’re absolutely perfect replicas and they’re pretty good for posing on top of that.  They really are the best representation of any version of the turtles ever.  A distant second to the Eastman and Laird figures and the Revo Nikelodeon one’s after.

    Ok. Understood. I'll let you guys 'enable' me to get it. I'll check my local Gamestop if they still have it. But I'm not going to get it as far as the online prices going for those nowadays. Just sayin'. ;) 


  5. 20 hours ago, Kuma Style said:

    Just in today;


    Congrats on that one, Kuma! Glad that you're branching out more towards Macross. :good:  Btw, don't play in the kitchen, ok? ^_^ 

    On 2/14/2019 at 6:15 AM, anubis20 said:

    I didnt think much of them when the SDCC set came out but after watching reviews I was super impressed. I would recommend getting a set from Gamestop and if you dont like them then sell them, they seem to go for more than retail at this point. :)

    It's already sold out in Gamestop, sir. But thanks, I think I'll just pass on this. Lots of upcoming cool figs and mechas this mid-year. ;)


  6. 9 hours ago, DewPoint said:

    We to the Akiba Showroom today.  Nothing new displayed for Macross stuff. The only thing there is the 1/48 VF-1J.


    Seeing that retail price, I wonder how many tried to ask the store owner if he could buy the said display item as is? :rolleyes:

    6 hours ago, Duymon said:

    The missiles are totally worth it if you consider you can fully kit out 3 valks with 1 weapons pack.

    Since it's a TV 1J I'll likely just be using the AMM-1's and then save the Micro missiles and reactions for a fast-pack valk down the road.

    Or Seti could sell it afterwards if he didn't like it anymore. Right, Duymon? ;) 


  7. On ‎2‎/‎11‎/‎2019 at 4:31 PM, Boobytrap said:

    Do you have a link to any further information on these? I tried doing a Google search but didn't come up with anything.

    As per some post on Twitter, it looks like it's an upcoming 1/6 scale action figure from Max Factory that was display in the recent WonderFest.

    Too bad the provided link in one of the feeds is not working.






  8. 57 minutes ago, Dobber said:

    I’m surprised that no new 1/48 DX was announced at Winterfest. Bummer :(


    Their big upcoming announcements always happen thru their own Tamashii Nations event.


  9. 5 hours ago, tekering said:

    Six!  I can barely fit one into my hangar.  :huh:

    sh9000 is secretly planning to recreate the Daedalus Attack scene. He's getting those extra Monsters to compensate the missing Tomahawks. :ph34r: ^_^ 

    5 hours ago, tekering said:


    By the way, love the 'Armored Factory' setup. :wub:  :good: 


  10. 5 hours ago, Numbninja said:

    Wow...they only have heart icon....so sad, seems i will never be able to contribute to @no3Ljm downvote....sigh

    I knew it! :acute:

    7 hours ago, enphily said:

    New photos







    Same here. Ride Armor color is too dark blue. And the extra exhaust is too much. Still hope there's a chest missile gimmick still.

    As for the Legioss, I can't help thinking that somehow the proportion is closer to Wave's kit than the other figure version. 

    But overall, I'm loving what I see here. Now I'm thinking if I need to get 2 for Legioss. If only if it's $50 cheaper. ^_^