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  1. no3Ljm

    Bandai DX YF-30 Chronos

    Yeah. That's a good question. But I didn't realize that the small exhaust things on the VF-25 shield connectors were some sort of thrusters. All the while I thought it was just exhaust something. I assumed that the only way to thrust forward is to angle the legs towards the rear ala-semi-fighter-mode mode?
  2. no3Ljm

    Arcadia: 1/60 VF 1S Roy Focker Special Movie Ver

    Nope. Actually, you will be surprise how many people really just want the Super/Strike Packs.
  3. no3Ljm

    Toy storage advice requested

    Hope this old existing thread can help you out.
  4. Hahaha! Now all I need is to re-read again the VF-2SS thread for some joints and tabs tightening tutorials.
  5. Thank you sir! Didn't bother on posting photo since most of us here already have those. Well, except maybe for the VF-2SS(?).
  6. no3Ljm

    What's next for Bandai? (Wish List)

    ...that transforms into Fighter and Gerwalk? But kidding aside, yeah, I'm curious to see those on Metal Composite too.
  7. no3Ljm

    Arcadia: 1/60 VF 1S Roy Focker Special Movie Ver

    No specifics yet. As per Arcadia's initial tweet regarding this announcement. "Pre-order will begin towards the end of April. More details soon." More details probably pertaining on the release date and price.
  8. Nice 3D VF artwork. I thought at first it's part of a show or something. But it's a Fan Art. Cool. But is this should be in the Fan Works?
  9. no3Ljm

    Arcadia: 1/60 VF 1S Roy Focker Special Movie Ver

    If the price is ok and I have extra to spend, I'll bite on this set just for the Super/Stike Packs.
  10. no3Ljm

    Hi-Metal R

    See, Spanner. Even Kanedas Bike is curious. I'm curious too. Don't fret sir. You'll never know. Maybe Arcadia will reissue those once Bandai releases their HM-R counterparts. Me too. But how about this. I should say the HM-R looks nice for its size. But seriously, would still love to get the Destroy but don't want to start another line for it.
  11. no3Ljm

    DX Chogokin YF-29 (Alto) Durandal Valkyrie - Reissue

    You're welcome. Glad to be of help.
  12. Got my loot today from HLJ. Takara Tomy MP-28 Hot Rodimus. Which looks great even if he's so small. Hehehe. Megahouse SDF-1 TV ver. Lovely. Wish they would release the DYRL ver next. Evolution Toys VF-2SS Silvie Gena. Yeah, I now understand all the gripes about this one. But still not stopping on preordering NEXX next. Arcadia VF-0S Roy Focker. My second one. And the first thing I check is the ankle joint. And it's all perfect. My first one is now ready for the upcoming Reactive Armor.
  13. no3Ljm

    DX Chogokin YF-29 (Alto) Durandal Valkyrie - Reissue

    Bandai DX Valks are non-scaled. But majority here says it's almost in line with 1/60.
  14. no3Ljm

    Minmei DYRL Kit

    My post on the Macross Figures thread: Here's a photo of PLAMAX MF-02 Barney. Photos from TagHobby. Now it's safe to preorder. How I wish their upcoming 1/20 Hikaru's VF-1A/S will come as pre-painted as well.
  15. no3Ljm

    Hasegawa 1:4000 SDF-1 (DYRL)

    Adding other store on the list: Y4960 @ HLJ
  16. I didn't know this either. All I know with NY for USD is their always use what's today's current exchange converted to USD. And not charging a fee.
  17. You're welcome. But so far, everytime I use NY, I always pay or I always receive an invoice exactly with the price they put on which method I choose. The cost only varies when you used USD instead of JPY upon ordering.
  18. no3Ljm

    Mezco One:12 LIne

    This is a cool line. I'm liking the Daredevil figures. But not sure for now if I'm going to get it. Also, when they say that they've been told to stay away from Mutants... sounds like Marvel itself is killing their other franchise owned by other movie company (for film rights) for not supporting it even with action figures. I mean, we've seen a lot of Avengers stuff since Marvel Films but only handful of stuff from the Merry Mutants. Btw, Mommar, Sideshow is doing a brown suit 1/6 scale Wolverine this year.
  19. Like I said, NY has shipping calculator that you can check the actual shipping costs. I'm guessing Mechaninac used the Eco Registered. Stormshadow0621 also used Eco Registered. TBH, this is what I like with NY. They have virtual shipping calculator. JAPANESE YEN US DOLLAR
  20. no3Ljm

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Or broken folding landing gear hinge for that matter.
  21. If you try their shipping calculator it shows Y4000 to US using EMS. So I guess it's still their standard shipping pricing for Macross Valks.
  22. no3Ljm

    Macross Collection Display Thread

    Hahaha! And all the while I thought you want the VF-1S and not the display base. That's why I put the eBay link as a joke. Looks like it backfired. Hehehe.
  23. no3Ljm

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Yup, looks oval to me too. I check the scene prior to those snapshots when the pilot asked Reina for some jellyfish miso something, and when Reina answered on her overhead you can see the radome rotates unevenly. So yeah, I'm #TeamOvalRadome.