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  1. GI: 3d Printable Yamarcadia stand

    Thanks for the update ChaoticYeti. Looking forward to your video.
  2. I just realized. I meant the Armored Packs and not the Super Packs. Hahaha! That's ok, Mommar. I passed on the Tornado Parts too.
  3. Scream Man's Repaint fighters

    I'm so in love with those Roy color schemes. It really matches the Valks that you used. By the way, any paint scratches happened after transformation?
  4. Macross Collection Display Thread

    Checking out your thread now. I'm loving those Roy color schemes.
  5. Macross figures

    That's a cutie.
  6. I just noticed that there was no options or call sign when you add the Tornado cannon to the Super Parts configuration. Based on the photo I found online, Tornado mixed with Super parts is called Lightning. Though I can't tell which Super pack is included on this configuration except for the shield. I'm assuming it uses the Super parts leg and arm armor or something. Anywanys, me I just want to do the Destroy Messiah in the future. And that was my original plan if ever I'll get a Ozma 25S and change it to red stripes. That's the only time I'll buy the Tornado parts. But for now, I will just wait for a good-priced 25S.
  7. Macross Collection Display Thread

    Great collections Sream Man. A jaw-dropping collections. I'm curious to see more of these. Were they custom painted? And are they still transformable? And were they all your Macross figures panel-lined? Looks great!
  8. Looks cool and detailed. Though I didn't PO this one, since I just want the cannon from the Tornado pack. And use it to my Super Packs.
  9. DX VF-25 Renewal Series (Part III)

    Looks nice. Did you consider first to use the same color as what the dark color on the front of the canopy? Like brown/olive? Still looks great!
  10. Bandai DX YF-30 Chronos

    True. Hope Bandai would do that too. Love to see different and 'refreshing' colors too. But knowing Bandai, they rather paint it with someone famous' color motif to sell the same mold. Instant ka-ching! Me too. Looking forward to check Battroid's 'support bracket'.
  11. Bandai DX YF-30 Chronos

    And probably a YF-30 Ozma Custom repaint for sure.
  12. Arcadia Mini SDF-1 DYRL Version

    I believe it's going to be available at the WonderFest.
  13. Arcadia Mini SDF-1 DYRL Version

    Wow! Is this for REAL?! I think this is the city base for that non-scaled mini SDF-1. Y21000 worth of plastic/resin with a diameter size of 22cm? Is it worth it if they also included painted in-scaled Hikaru and Misa on one of the island? http://arcadia.ac/products/detail.php?gid=178 The limited items you can sell during conventions...
  14. Post a pic of your absolute favorite Macross toy

    Wow. How's your wallet so far? Hope it's not bleeding.
  15. VF-1J Hikaru difference between SDFM and DYRL?

    There you go.
  16. Post a pic of your absolute favorite Macross toy

    Cool! Looking forward to it. 25F Tornado will be your current favorite? Hmmm... That's one less 4G now... Care to sell one of those 4G's to me? Hahahaha!
  17. Toynami VF1 Valkyrie 10" Plushies

    Sexy indeed. GN-U Duo are 'non-scaled' figures since all the MPlus figures that came out stand at 13cm. Knowing that VF-11B should be shorter than YF-19/21. But computing on the 13cm against their actual height, it shows that VF-11B is 1/100.6; YF-19 is 1/119; YF-21 is 1/120 scaled. Hope that helps. Super cute.
  18. Arcadia 1/60 Perfect Transformation VF-0D for 2015

    I'm tempted too because of that paint scheme. Esp the white underside too. But thinking of this release, I'm sure the next Zero valk will be the (renewal) VF-0S which for sure it will look bad-a$$ with a Ghost Booster, which I might get it. Just hope it's not $300. And they might release this time a Reactive Armor too. But don't quote me on that. Hehehe.
  19. MW on Mobile Devices

    Thanks EXO. Actually, I already cleared the cookies so it just went back to the mobile version. Though I lost all my opened tabs. But that's ok. What's done 'clicking' is done 'clicking'. I haven't tried the touch the top frame. Will do that next time I browse on my phone. Thanks!
  20. Great purchases everyone! Nice Emerald Force. The only valk I want to buy from M7 Yamato releases is the VF-11C. Wish it was just released with a bayonet gun from 11B.
  21. Post a pic of your absolute favorite Macross toy

    Just 1 unit is all I'm asking. No plans on buying multiple VF-25's. Besides, I don't want to pay that much for VF-25S knowing that I will change the yellow stripes to red. So might as well wait for a reissue or unless there's some good samaritan out there who's going to sell his for a good price. Thanks XFJ-01A. I always think positive for the VF-25S. But if there's none, I'm still good. The prices I see on Mandarake for the VF-25S is crazy. With that amount, I could just save add more and look for that VF-4G instead. Though I need to sell some organs to get that VF-4G. Hahaha! You have 3 VF-4G's, right? Wow. I remember there was that Y70000 something over Mandarake that has all the packs. Can't believe it was already sold. Did anyone from this board get that? I know that feeling too, Saburo. Esp everytime I received packages. And as for you taking photos of a VF-4G... any volunteers?
  22. Post a pic of your absolute favorite Macross toy

    The VF-25S is well loved. Too bad, i still don't have one...
  23. Macross figures

    You're welcome Saburo. Looking forward to your Sheryl magical photos in case you decided to purchase one.