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  1. More details will be released on August 24 over at Tamashii Web. http://www.tamashii.jp/
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    Based on the photos Emiliano posted, I assumed it’s the ‘white’ portions on both ends of the silver pole is inserted. I’m guessing that it’s not going to fill the whole inside space of the side bags.
  3. no3Ljm

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Before you hit eBay, try to ask any proxy site services if they can get the item for you directly from P-Bandai since it's still available for preorder there and ask them for estimate. Then you can choose which one is more within your budget.
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    The Official Moscato Hobby Models Thread

    Hey Cap, are you going to post the extra costs if anyone wants to add specific item outside the bundle once you posted it in the F/S section?
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    Bandai DX VF-31

    And we'll end up paying more via proxy services or from third party sellers from Japan. Bandai's collectibles are getting expensive by the day and getting hard to get.
  6. no3Ljm

    Bandai DX VF-31

    That would be nice. But do we have someone here who knows some people at Bandai to begin with?
  7. Sweet! Just want to hear your overall opinion when it gets displayed besides Freedom and Strike Freedom. Thanks Lolicon!
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    Macross figures

    What Delta?
  9. no3Ljm

    Hi-Metal R

    Looks like someone's going to make a tent and a mutated fish. I have both Yamato VF-1D and VT-1. I haven't played with it. Only now I realize that their orange are different. And I can't unsee that now. But I have to agree I like the Yamato's VF-1D's orange color more.
  10. Hey Lolicon. 'Grats on your purchases. Let me know what you think of the Aile Strike. Mine is still in PW waiting for another item towards the end of August before I have it shipped so I might get it early next month. Thanks!
  11. no3Ljm

    Hi-Metal R

  12. no3Ljm

    FEXTHOBBY Macross Line up

    You're welcome. Glad to be of help.
  13. I know there wasn't any indication if this is based on the Anima line (which it kinda looks like it). But if I were to get one Eva as part of my collection, I rather to have something like this setup from the Chogokin Super Evangelion with the Weapon Bay Carousel. In which I'm sure they will release 'something' Tamashii Web Exclusive Option Add-On Set months after. And yes, @davidwhangchoi. They're basically robbing us.
  14. no3Ljm

    Bandai DX VF-31

    In general speaking, if the PO item will get released within 6 months, then I can say it's also safe to get it thru their eBay store. Why, because you're basically 100% protected by Paypal's Purchase Protection. Whereas if you get it thru their online store, I'm not sure if they will refund it 100% if they don't deliver, or just get store credit. Anyone, feel free to correct me regarding MyKombini since I haven't purchased anything from them.
  15. no3Ljm

    Gundam Figure Thread - Newtype GN-002

    Hey guys. I've updated the thread I created earlier from the Evangelion post to a 'general thread' so we can focus on the Metal Build discussions from any series. I also added a poll if you like to continue any future or upcoming MB Gundam figures announcement there too so this thread will not have any non-Gundam MB announcements. Let me know.
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    [RIP] Unshō Ishizuka

    I didn’t know that he was the narrator for Giant Gorg. And he’s also in Juushinki Pandora (Last Hope).
  17. Seeing that there's no thread specifically for Storm Collectibles Action Figure line, I decided to make one. I love the Tekken game on Playstation and for some reasons, the only great action figures that came from this game are the PlayArts Kai of Kazuya and Jun which I didn't have since they're too glossy for my taste. There were numbers of old Bandai figure released from Tekken3, but it didn't grab my attention. When Heihachi was announced last year, I preordered one with hopes that Kazuya or Jin will come next. If not, atleast, I can get Ryu or Akuma from this line as well to go along with Heihachi -- to mimic Street Fighter X Tekken. But after doing some research the other day, I found out that they will indeed do Kazuya next. So I guess, it's just appropriate to create this thread dedicated to their Action Figure line. I know they have a 1/6th scale line, but let's post that on the respective 1/6 thread that we already have. From what I've seen based on reviews at YouTube, everyone seemed to like it. Looks like they're doing a great job. I noticed that they somehow market these figs as 1/12, but when I try to search online Ryu's character height for example, it seems that he's in the 1/10th scale rather than 1/12th. The Figuarts counterpart however is near the 1/12 range somehow. I'm sure at the end of the day, it's nice to have some of our favorite fighting game character in scale with each other so that we can do our own cross-over matches. Anyways, I will just post here photos taken from their Facebook page during this year's Toy Fair in New York. I will add more info down the line such as video reviews from YouTube and any tid and bits found somewhere. Just browse their main site if you want to learn more of what they've already produced. Most are still available at BBTS. And please, if you find any info or upcoming news, and if you have yourself some Storm's Action Figure, please feel free to post it here. And to be honest, I really don't want to start another line, but how can I resist TEKKEN now since they already announced my favorite evil dude -- Kazuya.
  18. no3Ljm

    Gundam Figure Thread - Newtype GN-002

    It looks like there's a new update for the Tamashii Nations 2018 Exclusive Items. https://tamashii.jp/special/tamashii_nation/attention.php#notes0816 <Regarding selling commemorative items after the event is over> At a later date, we plan to sell at "Soul Web Store" in Premium Bandai. We will sell (GUNDAM items) as follows. - METAL BUILD Strike Freedom Gundam SOUL BLUE Ver. - THE ROBOT SPIRITS <SIDE MS> MS-06 Mass production type Zaku ver. ANIME ~ First touch 2500 ~ - THE ROBOT SPIRITS <SIDE MS> RX-78-2 Gundam & G Fighter ver. ANIME ~ Real Type Color ~ https://tamashii.jp/special/tamashii_nation/item.php It looks like I won't be able to snag this one then.
  19. no3Ljm

    Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3

  20. no3Ljm

    FEXTHOBBY Macross Line up

    Here you go, sir.
  21. Since this is now official, let's make a dedicated thread for M&M. Arcadia 1/60 VF-1J Super Valkyrie [Millia] August 2017 Price: TBD Arcadia 1/60 VF-1J Super Valkyrie [Max] December 2017 Price: TBD
  22. no3Ljm

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Actually, it is kind of hard to scrape off the marking. I tried it on my other Messer using thinner but it won't. Don't want to scrape it too hard that I might damage the under paint so I stopped.