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  1. All we know is it's on June 3rd. As of what time? There's a big chance that's it's going to be the same as before. Around 4pm Japan time. https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/?qm=1&lid=1850147,5&h=1850147&date=2019-6-3&sln=16-17 Or just Google: June 3 4pm in EST To be safe, just add a calendar alarm on your phone. Hope that helps.
  2. https://flightpose.com/collections/all
  3. Awww. Cap is upset? Hot Toy’s didn’t pad him that much to sport the America’s A$$?
  4. If you’re planning on putting some missiles to it, then yes. Since the wings will not have any clearance to close with missiles on it. But in default, the wings should be closed.
  5. Yes. But what I meant overall is that it's one of the easiest one to fix. You don't need to pry some parts in order to access what needed to be fix. So even if you don't add on weights on the toy itself and just got loose from transforming, then it's still easy to fix it. If the nail polish doesn't work, I add a small tiny silicon rubber just to have the joint tighter once you screw it back. Regarding on what's the other way on how to fix it, check our dxisting Maintenance thread for any advices or insight:
  6. no3Ljm

    YetiStand Alpha.

    You can try I guess to PM him here directly. If you hover your mouse on his avatar/name, it shows that his last login was Wednesday (5/22/2019).
  7. No. But even if it does, the Yamato VF-1 (v2) Valkyries is one of the easiest figure to fix.
  8. Here's the set-up I would like to have for my Hikaru's. And this is if Bandai will also release his VF-1A. VF-1A VF-1S And since this release does have that Ultimate Premium Finish look, I wish Bandai will also include some other option parts (besides the custom marking for the boosters) to have it like this: Black/Grey Head Turrets Black Heatshield Good thing the SSP Pack comes with different Skull markings so we can do this:
  9. It's all part of the plan, my friend. You fell for it. And that alone is already satisfying.
  10. Bandai doesn't know it too. Have you check your DX VF-1J? It's not even 'white', right? Yamato/Arcadia packs also have the same kind of extension joint. Though from the looks of it, Bandai kind of over-engineer it again.
  11. You're asking about this Variable Stand? If so, then yes, it will hold any Yamato Valkyries since it's using the same mold and adapters for it.
  12. This is Bandai, not Arcadia.
  13. If they're going to share that same 'white' color, I'll die happy.
  14. I'm just praying that this will be a smooth sailing PO evening.
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