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  1. As far as I remember in Robotech, Battloid is a mix term from Battle and their Bioroids. But to be honest, Macross or Robotech, the term Battroid really had more sense. Love the details even though they're tiny.
  2. no3Ljm

    Macross figures

    For those who wants resin 'Macross' tabletop game figures of Q-Rau, N-Ger, etc. I created a thread in the Anime section. Hit the link to continue the discussion for this figures.
  3. https://www.kidslogic.toys/pages/minitechgames Kids Logic is proud to announce our new product line, MiniTech (stands for Miniature Technique), a miniature model series for tabletop games. Each (1/285 scale) miniature stands approximately 4-7 cm tall, capturing the favourite characters and mecha from anime. All miniatures are featured in detail sculptures and come with dynamic posture. We have prepared over 50 miniatures to be manufactured in 2019-2020. They will be scheduled to release every month starting from Oct 2019. This non-painted multi-part resin kit contains less than 5 components. It could be assembled by super glue within 10 minutes. Super glue is not included in this kit.
  4. Nice GB collectibles sir! Better play with these while you have time, sir. Because once your Kairos arrives, you're going to swoosh it around more than you're going to play with these GB's. Hehehe. Again, great hauls everyone!
  5. I'm jealous with envy to all of you. Can't look at those gorgeous photos.
  6. I'm not familiar with this variant. What Gundam mecha is this?
  7. I so definitely want this. Nice bonus on the small bike figure. Though I don’t know what to think about the folded antenna.
  8. no3Ljm

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Same here. And for how much one Armor Pack costs, I decided on just getting one. And if Bandai decided not to release the rest of the Super Packs for Arad's, Chuck's, and Kairos', so be it. I already like the Siegfrieds as is.
  9. I used @jenius anymoon photo to check the wing span. 30.5cm.
  10. For simple request like this, can it be just part of your original 1/48 VF-1S thread? Or you can just post it in the Toys Newbie FAQ .
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