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  1. no3Ljm

    Macross Collection Display Thread

    Well, I'm hoping for that too so I can have a break from buying stuff.
  2. no3Ljm

    Macross Collection Display Thread

    Hahaha! Don't do that. I have to be prepared for the next DX announcement. Who knows, it's Hikaru's 1A or 1S. Need to get doubles of that again.
  3. no3Ljm

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    The only good thing here is that you used Paypal. I had an incident last October with some Chinese seller on eBay for DX YF-19.Like I mentioned earlier the price was too good to be true to let it pass. But at the end of the day, I got my full refund from Paypal. For more of my share regarding that purchase, you can jump to the Blacklist thread and hopefully it can help you out. Good luck sir!
  4. no3Ljm

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    Just saw your video post. Thanks. Yeah, I already learned my lesson the hard way on that 'too good to be true' DX YF-19 prices months ago. So yeah, I guess consumer beware on JPFIGURES dot com.
  5. no3Ljm

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    Ouch. From their website, it states 'ALL FIGURES SHIPS DIRECT FROM JAPAN'. But the one in the video shipped from China?
  6. no3Ljm

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    It's $135 each if you're buying a quantity between 22 to 100. It's this one, right? https://www.jpfigures.com/product/1-48-dx-chogokin-limited-edition-vf-1j-valkyrie-hikaru-ichijyo-type/
  7. no3Ljm

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    No apologies needed sir. We're all good here. By the way, welcome to MacrossWorld.
  8. no3Ljm

    Macross Collection Display Thread

    That's cool, sir! Next time put Max somewhere staring at Hikaru for dancing with his girl. Hahaha!
  9. no3Ljm

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    Sorry to hear about that. Did you bought it on the 12th of January or December? If it's January, give atleast a week of leeway before you complain to Paypal. Just so you know, I've received a number of packages from time to time (International and Domestic) that didn't even showed up in my tracking app only to show up in my app 2 days after I received the actual package. Not all systems are 100% perfect for tracking and updates to show up instantly. We also have to consider some weather changes so sometimes there's no updates. Anyways, if you're still not happy, you can add them along with the URL link to the Blacklist thread in the For Sale & Thread section: But do update here and the Blacklist thread, for any decisions you're going to take so members here are aware of the said online store. Thanks.
  10. no3Ljm

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    Thanks for confirming it, ghostryder. Hope there's an easy way to fix it if ever it's a little bit warp. Maybe I can use a hairdryer, perhaps? I second to this since they already incorporated a 'tool' to remove the tab.
  11. no3Ljm

    Macross Collection Display Thread

    We all do, Spanner. We all do. If only I have an extra budget to spend, I'll get a third one so I can display it in 3 modes like you.
  12. no3Ljm

    Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    Thanks sir. So that means Rick is being delayed, again?
  13. This is true for me too. I'm a fan of Gatchaman (I remember it was being called G-Force in the Philippines) back in the days. But like Mazinger said, I'm also not a $500+ fan. I wouldn't mind completing the team in Figuarts form though. However, I'm not sure if I'm getting the Phoenix from EvoToys to complete the whole shebang. Just because... it's made by EvoToys.