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  1. Since everyone is posting GFF Metal Composite and Metal Structure Gundam figures, I think it's just appropriate to change the title to 'Bandai METAL Build/Composite/Structure'.
  2. For those who purchased DX Combattler V back in 2017, can you remember how much the shipping cost to the US? Thanks. Edit: Ok, my friend texted me, he paid Y10820 using EMS from his HLJ order. That's between 6-7kg as per JapanPost shipping rates. So using that as a shipping cost example with the discounted PO price of Y55000. We're paying Amazon extra Y1000+/-. Guess, I'll just stick with Amazon this time. Btw, it's open again at AmiAmi for Y55980. https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-060560
  3. Hahaha! No. Apparently, I'm just another 'blip' victim.
  4. I think that's it regarding Macross stuff. Because if there was, the other threads are probably active by now.
  5. Thanks for this guys. I'll try to submit ticket to upgrade my order then.
  6. Shoot. Now you guys mentioned it, I also realized I have a Super Pack order from them as well. I thought it was just the pandemic thing that's why they're not sending out packages to the US. Same with AE which I also have another order of Super Pack and mentioned that they don't ship to the US as of this moment. Anyways, thanks for the heads up guys.
  7. Sorry, was out for 2 months. What thread are we talking about regarding NY. And is there a 'shortcut summary' version of what happened?
  8. I'm pretty sure the event is done by now. So whatever happened to Arad's and Chuck's Super Parts and Elvis' Valk?
  9. Yup. You have to include the Tamashii URL on their Contact link: https://www.fromjapan.co.jp/en/member/question
  10. Hahaha! Hey F360. Yup, I'm back after 2 months.
  11. Dynaction Eva-01 is still available at AE for Y18000. http://www.anime-export.com/product/48140
  12. Here's the differences. Movie TV
  13. Yup. And I can get consistent colors across from the white body to the greenish-blue super/strike packs since I'm just stopping at Hikaru's Valk for this scale.
  14. My bad. I just checked. I thought it was. Hahaha! The cheapest way is to print a sticker.
  15. Since I don't have plans on getting Roy's color, I think it's just best for me to keep the movie pack version if I want a Super Pack put on my VF-1J just to keep somehow the 'color' consistency across on what I have. I mean, I'm not going for anime accuracy on the VF-1J with Supers because technically it wasn't shown wearing one in the TV series. And the movie SSP already comes with kite logo to put in the boosters. I could probably just paint a set of reactive missile if ever. Hehehe. Edit: I'll probably just print a kite sticker and put it on those extra skull logo.
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