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  1. Is there a response from Tony Mei with your inquiry? Like how many he’s asking before he gets interested on doing it?
  2. Hey b. If the surcharge is already the tax, I’ll be happy with it and be done with it. At this point, I’m not worried anymore on where to get it outside the Japanese store network. The only thing I need to worry now is if RightStuf will push through. Either way, I’m just really getting tired of this ‘hard-to-get-during-preorder-night’ nonsense. It’s what been pushing the collectors away. I only have few planned Metal Build purchases that is, if those gets an official release plans and schedules. But for now, the Freedom is the last MB purchase. It’s now an error page.
  3. That's the thing. It wasn't labeled under 'tax'. But if that's going to be tax, then I'm a happy camper now. The only thing I'm going to get worried now is if they will going to deliver come September. Besides, that surcharge fee is too high for CA sales tax.
  4. Wait. .06 Sales tax? I paid $280+ something. This is my break down, b. $254.99 item $27.20 surcharge $282.10 total
  5. True. But during the order process, I selected the Economy one which is Free. So I guess, that 'surgcharge' will cover for it.
  6. Waaah. You're going to blame me, @Kanedas Bike?! Well then, if this won't come through, I'm going to blame this guy: https://myfigurecollection.net/item/857287 If it's going to be available everywhere else, then I will be glad. Atleast other people can still get it MSRP. But I rather get it now than wait. Because you can never tell actually. I know I paid upfront. And at this point, I'm ok with it. As long that it will come through by August. If I see it again from the other stores for MSRP in the next couple of weeks, who knows, I might get another set.
  7. Ok. Out of desperation, I ordered one here. https://www.rightstufanime.com/Freedom-Gundam-Concept-2-Mobile-Suit-Gundam-Seed-Metal-Build-Model-Kit Paid upfront. Atleast, it's better than the ones out there at $300-400. Paid $282.19. They're usually a shop for anime DVDs. Let's hope they will deliver.
  8. Just want to share this here for those whose familiar with Game & Watches electronic games. Have fun playing! :good: http://pica-pic.com
  9. I thought the PO was tonight. Anyways, for the mean time I’ll just lurk here until the next available link post. Or just wait for US stores link. Or just PM me if you guys want to give up your PO’s.
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