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  1. Maximum thrust output for a base VF-25A in space exceeds the VF-19S by more than two times. Speed matters in this context. Having a higher thrust ratio will give you quicker bursts in Gerwalk and Battroid not available to other VFs. If the VF-171EX can compete with the VF-25/VF-27, then its performance would have to exceed any of the Macross Plus/Macross 7 AVFs. I don't see how the VF-171EX couldn't, but this is just supposition on my part.
  2. Commercial airliners, which have thrust reversers, don't land on carriers if I recall correctly. You can see evidence of a thrust reverser (thrust expelled from the intake) in the Max and Milia marriage episode in the original series.
  3. The VF-1 would need THRUST REVERSERS. This is basic equipment for many commercial airliners. ATF aircraft were supposed to have these (initial requirement) but they were dropped due to added cost/complexity.
  4. Thanks. Comments like this are always nice to see.
  5. This project is done. I'd like to thank hellohikaru for the U.N. Navy paint scheme. You can see my latest demo here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rSqCTBPsbo Sometime before the end of the year. I will update this model to be used in X-Plane v9, and that's it.
  6. The new VF-27 control interface reminds me of It was refreshing to see that Alto was channeling a bit of Shin Kudo during that episode .
  7. I agree on both counts to some extent. You have to keep in mind the thrust required to hover versus the thrust typically used to propel the Valkyrie forward in an atmospheric environment. Are the intakes open or closed? Newer AVFs have lower power output in space due to this limitation in reactor design (cooling). (See Macross Compendium's VF-22 entry.) This may affect the pussiance of ECA in a given environment. I thought that Varja (sp?) jumped on the Valkyrie's back, forcing the nose down, and Gilliam compensated by switching to Gerwalk, redirecting the thrust to stay aloft. I don't think fighter is any more vulnerable than Gerwalk or Battroid despite its inherent limitations and what I mentioned earlier.
  8. Does anyone think that some of the Ghost AI is featured in the VF-25? The advanced optical system used so far seems to be completely animated. In fact, we don't see pilots use any control inputs extensively except the HOTAS. If this optical system works the way I think it does, it can overcome nearly any optical deficiency of the pilot. Michael is without his glasses when piloting.
  9. Perhaps, this is just me, but I preferred the music and how it was placed in the TV special. The music doesn't establish the mood like it did before, and it's taking a lot a way from what's going on screen. It could be the torrent, but the episode seemed a bit off.
  10. VF-25 Nova with FAST PACKS and ARMOR VF-25 Super Nova
  11. I suppose it's based on how you see things. In SDF:M, is genius pilot synonymous with genius warrior?
  12. Nice work. I liked how you snuck in that SAAB reference.
  13. From watching the 25th Anniversary Special, it looks like the "Red Variables" are easy Armored VF-25 particle cannon fodder after all. If the Armored VF-25 can do this as the "Main Valkyrie" class while outnumbered, I shudder to think what the next Special Operations Valkyrie could do. Of course, this is all pilot dependent.
  14. The VF-4 is my favorite. Hopefully, it'll make cameo in a Macross series someday.
  15. The wrap around imaging seen in Macross Frontier for the VF-171 was not relegated only to Battroid but fighter as well. (We don't see a closeup Battroid VF-171 in the first episode anyways.) Please, check the sequence when the VF-171s conducted a standoff missile barrage during Cheryl's concert. The first time I've seen this wrap around imaging was in the YF-19 in M+. It is my contention that this feature does not make the VF-171 simply a dumbed down version of the VF-17 but a fully updated one with avionics from the YF-19.
  16. The VF-171 has the same wraparound interface pioneered on the YF-19, which is something I believe the original VF-17 did not have. An AESA radar linked with an EOTS system pioneered in the F-35 would show images of the target. As far as I know, the F-22 does not have this capability yet.
  17. For all of Alto's bad points, he has gumption. He barely survived his first encounter with the red Variable, watched one of his colleagues pounded into V8, and still had the wherewithal to put himself on the line to help someone else, knowing full well he might die. That sort of character is "cool" to me. It's a lot more than what Hikaru did in the first episode of SDFM.
  18. I looked at macross.anime.net for more information, and I did not find an entry for it. Perhaps, I missed it though. I cannot say for certain whether you could not employ the weapon other than Battroid. From the shoulders, it does appear to be apart of a FAST Pack system. This weapon's appearance and effect most resembles the cannon seen on the red Variable in Macross Frontier. While the red Variable might have more armor protection, this weapon should do some damage to it moreso than the 25s gunpod or missiles. There is a possibility that the PPB would have prevented access into the VF-25/VF-171 canopy by the Hammerheads and the red Variable.
  19. I don't see the "super robot" vibe here or in most of Macross series, which is one of the reasons why I like it. The heroes of the series, generally, don't get a free ride and are subject to the same dangers all characters, even the minor ones, face. While the armored super/super VF-25 weapons were marginally effective against the red Variable, the red Variable continued to actively disengage (evade) from the 25s. From the red Variables' actions, the 25s seem to be effective enough. This makes me question whether these red Variables are actually piloted by a machine and not a sentient being who recognizes his/her mortality. I don't think a machine would act this way. At least, the Ghost Fighter didn't. All the VF-25 needs is an upgrade in its weaponry (a better gunpod and the YF-19 attachment seen in Mac+ could do the job) and a speed boost. Considering the other series, Macross Frontier could be worse off, so far they don't seem to be massively outnumbered. Ozma's wingman could've benefited from a PPB as well seen on the 19s and 22s.
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