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  1. Woah! Thanks for the reminder, Keith. Somehow I got my wires crossed and thought the campaign started in September. Happily locked in now.
  2. Yes, finally! I've been waiting a long while to watch the second half (and staying out of this thread to avoid spoilers). Just a little bit longer.
  3. I just finished Revisions on Netflix. It was all right. If the big tease at the end means that another season comes to fruition I'll tune in again. Starting to make my way through FLCL Progressive in the meantime. I'm only a couple episodes in, but I like how they are adding to the story.
  4. It was already noted that the show had a much more limited scope when compared to other SW animated series, so yeah no surprise that Disney set a timer. The hyperbole is just opinion, though. The show was an okay sci-fi romp in the SW universe. Nothing to complain about really, but nothing that stands out either. I am happy that we're getting a final season. Other projects that are now under the Disney umbrella haven't even been given that much leeway in recent days.
  5. To me, a 'perfect finish' Valkyrie is in the eye of the beholder. Some members have the ability to roll their own perfect finish, and I'm envious of the time and skill that they are able to employ to get that done. Arcadia's premium finish is certainly not for the feint of heart (or light of wallet), and I realize these PF releases come at a high cost. Still, they offer something that I wouldn't otherwise have access to given my current life schedule. The only bummer I have about this release is that it will be my third VF-4G purchase. I bought the Yamato version, sold it and bought the Arcadia 1st release. Now I will need to sell the 1st release Arcadia version and replace that with this one. That's a bit of a hassle, but worth going through to get the one that I wanted in the first place at this scale. It will compliment my DYRL collection nicely and then I will only have to wait on Arcadia to give us a new VT-1.
  6. Yeah, I posted those musings after watching season 2 last year. Much of what I wrote was done in anticipation of the new season this year, and it didn't disappoint at all.
  7. It's important to take Seto's new-Trek (JJ-verse?) bias into context, which I can understand. I have a similar blind spot to all topics Enterprise related. Anyway, here's Jeri Ryan's quote taken from cinemablend (with a link to their article): https://www.cinemablend.com/television/2477763/star-trek-picard-had-jeri-ryan-crying-and-freaking-out-over-sevens-new-voice IMO, it's less a comment on the show and more a comment on adjusting to how the character has changed since Voyager was on broadcast TV. I'm going to give Picard a chance, the same I did with Discovery, even with all the rumors about how it's a disaster in the making. For me, Disco did not sink to Enterprise levels, so it has that, Pike, and a heavy helping of trope stuffing at least. To date, my favorite Trek series are TOS and DS9 (which I gotta admit, caused me to miss B5's original run back in the day).
  8. All will be revealed in October. Meanwhile, those lucky Kamen Rider fans...
  9. Yeah, the show has been consistently fun--with so many dynamic characters--it's been very easy for me to marathon a whole season in one sitting. If there are only two left, I'm hoping seasons 4 and 5 are a little longer than 3 so that the writers can tie up everything in a good way.
  10. Aw...The Zayne and Bernie romance was one of the few refreshing things that this show brought to the table. It felt more natural than that thing with the AI. The Expanse is fantastic. I got into it without reading the books, but will probably get to both eventually. Regardless, I'm very happy Amazon picked it up after SyFy dropped it.
  11. All good points with a fair summary that does well to avoid specific spoilers. I agree that a hard edit would have gone a long way to improve things--better direction would have helped it too. I think the writers were trying to be clever with the aliens at first, but then got trapped by their reliance on the trope soup. The final act was a disappointment for me in this regard.
  12. That's what I'm talkin' about. Nice group photo, @tekering! I have an early release Summanus with loose leg joints that I mean to fix, but he's in dino mode at the moment so I keep putting it off.
  13. Yeah, I finished my long weekend marathon on Monday. It was certainly interesting. I'm not sure if I can say it was good--perhaps more of a middling sci-fi series. It does start off with a strong hook. The issue I had with the show was that it couldn't maintain its focus or its energy. I think some of that has to do with the fact that there are two competing plot lines which are squished together. These two plots could have probably been embellished some to create two seasons from the start and give us more characterization. For me, there was also a couple very obvious scenes that obliterated my suspension of disbelief. Of course, this may all be a your mileage may vary thing.
  14. I’m a big fan of Planet-X. Their dino collection was the first group of third-party dinos that I completed, so they hold a special place on my shelves. For Vulcan, they haven reissued him in red and metallic too which gives Grimlock-only collectors more options. Would be nice if we got a G2 blue one as well, but I digress.
  15. I read a rumor that it could be a timed Target exclusive, and that other stores could get access in August. *shrug* I guess it could be wishful thinking for those like me who do not have a REDcard. I don't mind waiting on this one to see how things go.
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