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  1. I read the text of the interview differently. Since Skids is basically a background character in the show with only a few lines, Ono and his design team appear to have some freedom to take this project in a new direction. The team seems to want to focus more on creating an MP update to the original Diaclone toys rather than creating a super articulated carbot. Usually, Diaclone repaints are an afterthought after some primary MP is released, but this time Ono and his team decided to make Diaclone the whole point. We even get to see the original blue and red toys upon which MP Skids and Reboost
  2. Yeah, I'm not a fan of the white plastic. I know it's in-line with the toon/movie aesthetic but I would have liked to see those parts in silver. Actually, it seems like there are few if any paint apps on these new Dinobots. On Grimlock that includes the dark grey, yellow, and white dino parts, and the black parts and red hip skirt pieces in bot mode. I think the underside of prototype Slag looks like a mess. The G1 toy did his stylized Triceratops alt mode better, even though the engineering back then gave us a much more simple bot mode with almost no articulation. The tiny hind leg feet
  3. I'm liking bot mode for both Grimlock and Slag, but I'm worried that these designs compromise too much in alt mode.
  4. l’ve been happy to have this slow period. I’m currently waiting on the new GitS SAC Matoko and Batou, Twilight Princess Link, and Nadeshiko from LBC.
  5. Wow. That new statue of Matoko Kusanagi looks breathtaking. It isn’t something I can afford either, but I really appreciate the direction and look forward to the final effort when it’s released. It seems very intricate with all of the cables connecting to and protruding from her cyborg access points. Goodsmile notes that the statue is made of different materials: polystone, polyurethane, and PVC, and the base isn’t final. No doubt, I expect this will have some weight to it.
  6. Yeah, the canon does appear to be compensating. Megatron would not approve of these Unicron shenanigans. I’m not fussed by the matrix, though. Like TonTon illustrates in his review, it’s the exact same one that comes with Optimus and Galvatron’s release adds a funky chain to recreate scenes from the movie. Alas, it does accentuate Galvatron’s bulked out torso which could be a downer for anyone insisting on better mainline proportions. Myself, I’m looking forward to putting this guy together with Cyclonus and Scourge, even if the other two upstage him—Hey, just like the G1 toon!
  7. So from this round of pre-orders, I'm sticking with Rodimus Prime, Galvatron, and...Tracks. I'm actually relieved that Hasbro was able to give Tracks painted rims without any visible plastic clips for alt mode. The pins on the rear wheels are okay. That transforming Optimus Prime from Robosen Robotics looks incredible, and the programming gimmick seems like it will be quite fun to learn and use, but the timing is off for me. At this point, it's way out of my budget.
  8. Although I already own the 30th Anniversary Japanese Blu-ray of SDF:M TV, imagine if Western licensors gain access to that same remaster? Add subtitles, an improved dub track, and then include the mediocre ADV dub and the Robotech cut for completionists. Better yet, add on other well-regarded non-Japanese dub tracks to make it a true archivist's release. Yeah, I will definitely buy the series again if this ever becomes a reality.
  9. Ha! It’s all good @M'Kyuun. No offense taken. I was just surprised. I do get where you guys are coming from, especially with the Datsun bros. MS and NA look very similar at a quick glance. The side panel near the door is the give away that this is NA Harry. IIRC, the MS version is clean in that location. Sleep? Ah, I knew thee once! Too many things on my mind these days and then I got caught up in the excitement reading about the BW/HG news.
  10. Man, I need to get some sleep. @Convectuoso makes two subsequent complimentary posts about NewAge and now it’s the end of the world in here. Peaugh did review Harry, though, and stands him next to Flipper in case seeing how they look together is important.
  11. I'm cautiously optimistic, but mostly cautious. I guess we'll see what comes of this news in time. If we do get Macross Blu-ray or 4k releases in the west, then I hope we also get good encodes. Seeing Funimation's name nested alongside BW and HG doesn't give me a lot of confidence in that regard, though. Getting improved access to the cool toys and models would make up for all that, of course.
  12. Well, a person can dream... Let me sit on this cloud a wee bit longer...
  13. That looks really cool. The more Space Marines that are released for this line, the more I hope that we eventually get to see some Xenos from Bandai.
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