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  1. If we're judging solely on looks, then yeah, it's different when comparing it to the CGI that they used for the "Inner Universe" opening from GitS SAC (2002). The CGI isn't a deal breaker for me, though. I like the style. I read that a new artist from Russia is working on the character designs this time (Ilya Kuvshinov). That's got to be an awesome opportunity to get that kind of exposure. As for the story, I don't have much to say on that after watching a short teaser but I noticed that Shinji Aramaki and Kenji Kamiyama are working together directing so I'm hopeful. Definitely looking forward to the late April release for this one. Will be fun to see Section 9 at it again.
  2. Yeah, it would be unfortunate to come so close with TV releases and then drop the ball. I'm hopeful that Bandai will complete the TV team and give us Roy/HIkaru's TV Skull 001 as well. Granted, waiting would be easier if Bandai gave us a hint. Oh well. Not that I'm against the DRYL Valkyries. I understood Bandai would go down this path eventually and I think having them out there in the wild is a boon for those who are just getting into the Macross hobby. It's exciting stuff. Anyway, I've decided to limit myself to Hikaru's DYRL 1S since I'm happy having a complete Yamato/Arcadia DYRL collection. Also, I'm getting old. It's getting difficult to sit through all the crazy pre-order madness. I have to pace myself nowadays.
  3. electric indigo and 505thAirborne: Just wanted to pop in and thank you both for pointing out "End of the F***ing World" upthread. I missed this one last year and decided to check it before starting in on "I am not Okay With This." The shorter episode format helps. Wow! The first season is such a fun spin on an accidental Bonnie and Clyde adventure wrapped with modern teenage humor and angst. Finished it last night, and now it's on to season two to see where things go from here. A solid recommend, especially to anyone else who missed the Netflix debut.
  4. It's a shame the initial Blu-ray release of V The Miniseries didn't include a cleaned up copy of the 4:3 broadcast version. That would have been a nice bonus. Apart from that minor business, though, V The Miniseries and The Final Battle are my favorite parts of the story. The 1984 TV series, like the original Battlestar Galactica shows its age. The 2009 TV reboot is improved but has its own issues.
  5. It's only a model. (Sshh!)
  6. I was a big Linux user back in the day. I ran Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Gentoo. Sad to say, I got complacent (read spoiled) with the usability of Win7 and MacOS at home and let my home Linux machines go over time. At work, I do still use enterprise distros daily by VM: RHEL, SuSE, CentOS. We also use Win10 at the office which is okay but Microsoft could really do better, especially when it comes to vetting their OS updates. In any case, I've been thinking of repurposing one of my Win7 machines back to Linux. Arch Linux gets positive reviews from friends, and I appreciate how it is another minimal/stable install. That's one of the reasons I chose Debian over its close cousin Ubuntu for certain projects on older hardware. A lot will depend on my end goals, though. I'm flip-flopping between using the machine as a NAS or maybe as a hometheater/casual gaming server with Kodi and Steam on Linux. I'm still researching all the available options.
  7. All cool here. And to be fair, the first season is stacked in favor of the "big" villain. As Thom alludes to above, it's something of a punch to the gut with the teaser at the end. This is a show which relies on its unreliable narrators. Not everyone appreciates a story that is built in that way, but I found myself having a grand time. The heroes are fallible, and don't learn everything right away. When they do learn enough, they still make mistakes and they are up against something that is much more powerful than they can even comprehend this season. The one person who had an inkling (their father) is only seen in flashbacks. His friends, well...spoilers... I'm very much hoping this and October Faction do well enough to get additional seasons. Also, I don't know much about the graphic novel either, but I'm guessing...
  8. It’s inaccurate. I’m not sure how easnoddy missed the important character differences between Sam and Dodge, unless this type of bizarre fantasy is not in his wheelhouse, but there’s a huge difference between the two—it’s even spelled out for the audience at the end.
  9. Enjoy the show. HaHa! I did undersell it a bit compared to @Tking22. He is right though, it is fantastic!
  10. Mm. That's the best choice for army building. Of course, if someone is also into painting their own miniatures and gets enjoyment out of it, nothing can really compete. I'm curious to see if the Space Marine really is a one-off thing or if GW will entertain any poseable figures at this scale from the other 40k factions. Having something from the Xenos or Chaos ranks would be cool, but who knows if we'll get anything?
  11. I think so. The magic key concept in the story has some fun, spooky, even bizarre tones. I'm six episodes in and started watching it Saturday.
  12. While waiting for the new season of Altered Carbon to begin, Netflix has me hooked on more graphic novels turned live action. I finished October Faction season 1 earlier this month, and now I'm working my way through Locke & Key. Posting the trailers below for those who want to have a taste and aren't already hooked like me.
  13. Yeah. It was also a staggered pre-order for each region, meaning that some countries had access to the GW pre-order link earlier than others. For instance, the UK site posted its pre-order link about a week before the US site. I ended up placing my pre-order for 2 through the US site at $100 each plus shipping--a good price all things considered. Outside of GW, the Space Marine was available on the usual Japanese Hobby sites and on sites like BBTS, but the price varies depending on the store. I think Japanese shops listed it ~11000JPY which is comparable to the GW pre-order price. BBTS has a scalper's markup at $216US.
  14. IIRC, it's due to release in March, so not long now baring any unforeseen delay.
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