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  1. An Ultra10? Sweet. It's been 8 or 9 years since I last worked with any UltraSPARC-based workstation, which is why my knowledge is fuzzy. Concerning the other topic, I noticed that this article from rasberrypi.org has been making the rounds: https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/why-raspberry-pi-isnt-vulnerable-to-spectre-or-meltdown/ It's a good read, especially if you are interested in some background abstraction of scalar, superscalar, and out-of-order processors, as well as hardware optimizations like cache and speculative execution. I also appreciated the simple example near the end which illustrates how these side-channel attacks are able to access data from restricted areas.
  2. Thanks, @Marzan. I'll add those as well.
  3. Yes, attacking private memory space using an otherwise benign CPU optimization. For my part, I thought the SPARC/Solaris platform was too old to use any kind of speculative execution optimization, but I haven't really followed what Oracle did with SPARC. I always thought Oracle was into SUN more for Java than the hardware. Anyway, I do agree that all modern CPUs will need to be tested. This sort of news is a boon for verification and EDA. I just wouldn't be surprised if AMD isn't talking out of its arse. That's all I meant by it. The good news, since these hacks effect how the hardware and software (OS) interact with one another, is that the available OS patches should resolve the immediate security issue for most consumers. Personally, I'll be happy with hardware improvements too, especially if they do reduce the performance penalty caused by the OS patches. So far, though, the only early benchmarks I've seen are for LINUX and Windows.
  4. The CPU exploit is a combination of how modern processors access kernel memory and a CPU optimization known as speculative execution. In short, the intent of speculative execution isn't a negative one. It is supposed to provide additional concurrency for process intensive tasks at the hardware level when system resources are available and enhance the overall performance of CPUs. Here's the Wiki article for a quick reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speculative_execution Unfortunately for Intel, and to a lesser degree others like ARM, modern hardware designs have allowed this hole for hackers to use speculative execution to access kernel memory. For other CPUs, like legacy SPARC CPUs used on Solaris machines, kernel memory is not accessible to the user. Again, this is due to differences in hardware design. I wouldn't be surprised if AMD is not affected much, if at all, since they use a different design process from Intel. The only way to "fix" the issue for those CPUs that are affected is to 1) redesign the hardware or 2) apply a patch at the OS level, but the second option comes with a performance cost and who know how long it will take for the first option to make it to retail shelves. What's more worrisome for me, more so than the politics of which CPU is better, is how many other optimizations have created similar security holes at the hardware level. It's a scary thought when one starts to go down that road, because these are not simple fixes that can be applied with firmware updates and OS patches are merely a band-aid. Edit: clarification
  5. Good news for those who waited: https://www.theverge.com/2018/1/5/16854300/amazon-cancels-anime-strike-exclusives-shows-films And so, I have even more catching up to do. What do people here recommend from that old Anime Strike list? I remember Re:Creators and Made in Abyss getting a lot of praise last year and immediately added them to my Prime watchlist. Should I add any others?
  6. Slowing down and reducing my collection.  

  7. I'm currently watching and enjoying these two: Kizumonogatari (1-3 on BD) The Ancient Magus' Bride (streaming) After I finish, I have a these other BDs waiting in the wings: Your Name Riding Bean Little Witch Academia (TV) MSG Thunderbolt Bandit Flower
  8. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    I've had the unique opportunity of having Apollyon, Mightron, Despotron, and MP-36 in my hands. I went a little nuts looking for a G1-style Megatron that I could display with MP-10. I decided on MP-36, and then downsizing. I'm not too fussed by the fact that the two figures have two different engineering philosophies behind them. I still think they look good together. If Takara were to release another toon-accurate Optimus, then I think I would be willing to double dip if it had the same improved articulation as MP-36. It's hard to say which of the third-party Megatrons I enjoyed the most. Despotron was cool because of Maketoys penchant for articulation. Mightron was cool because DX9 didn't compromise on proportions in bot mode or alt mode, and that created some interesting transformation techniques. Apollyon...man I was hoping that X-Transbots would deliver a strong mid point between the other two, but my copy had QC issues out of the box. The toy looked nice as long as I didn't touch it, but then I couldn't appreciate it as much as I wanted to. Once I transformed it, issues started cropping up. I'm glad there are some copies out in the wild that are solid, though. As others have already said above, it's great that we have so many choices with Megatron today.
  9. The Doctor Who Thread

    Yeah, I get what you're saying. The reason I'm looking forward to more isn't so much the animation quality but the end result: having all the lost Hartnell and Troughton episodes in visual format. Kind of like how the VHS restorations worked, with the old static photos and linking narration. Anyway, until the BBC decides to spend more money on restoring lost Classic Who episodes, it is what it is.
  10. The Doctor Who Thread

    The penultimate release! I have the original live-action abridged version and the original animated version with Paul McGann and Lalla Ward. It will be fun to see Baker reprise the role and finish the scenes that were left incomplete due to the strike all those years ago. I also hope this is good news for future animated releases. I'd love to see more animated lost in time episodes.
  11. Have any of you quit collecting?

    Good question. I'm still unsure what I want out of this hobby. In the beginning, I wanted a few pleasant distractions to calm the anxiety of writer's block and help focus my imagination on creative concepts and engineering. The community here was also a welcoming one, if a little rule bound. Personally, Macross was something that I have fond memories of, both the Robotech version and the original Japanese version. I was more familiar with Robotech for obvious reasons so finding a place where I could learn more about the original anime and the subsequent series was very cool. My collecting has since evolved from that simple purpose to the never ending "moving the goal posts" idea which isn't really where I wanted to take it. What I do like is having interesting pieces that evoke iconic scenes and remind me of characters or places in the different shows that really got to me. For instance, the first time in Macross Zero when I saw the VF-0 Valkyries in action, the time in SDF Macross when Hikaru is fumbling about the VF-1D with Minmay, Max and Milia's first encounter, anytime Roy was on screen in his Valkyrie, Guld and Isamu's face off in Macross Plus. The DYRL Valkyries outfit with Strike Packs. Yeah, it would be cool to have a smaller collection that is more focused. Anyway...tangible benefits. I have been considering the positives of letting a portion of my collection go. There is the obvious financial benefit and the increased space benefit. The not so obvious benefits, but the ones that are itching me to move forward, are the health benefits: physical, mental, and relationship health. It's all intertwined for me, I think. Having too much of this stuff weighs everything down. I guess that's how I'm built. I need to balance it all out so that other important facets of my life are not negatively affected by this collecting habit -- maybe even pay it forward when I decide that I have gone overboard. Related to which, another member mentioned Star Wars earlier. I was very much into Star Wars when I was young too. I had the Tie Fighter, X-Wing, Millennium Falcon, other smaller sets, and scores of action figures. Eventually, the play value of those things started to fade and I realized that having more space, a clean room, and a dedicated spot to do homework had more value to me than keeping that stuff. I ended up giving away the good toys and binning the junk toys. No matter my age, the value of things is ever changing for me.
  12. Have any of you quit collecting?

    Orguss is fun, especially if you like Mikimoto's character art. It does start slow like Macross, though, with a few critical plot developments in the very beginning. Anyway, I guess you might say that I'm biased. I've also been lurking this thread for a while. My own collecting habits have become something of a challenge, and I've been thinking about how to cut back on purchases and what I am holding onto. The idea that I need to have one of everything doesn't really jive with my collecting goals anymore. I'm happy for those who have those goals and who are able to achieve them; but I've come to understand that my goals are different, and I need to define what i really want to get out of this Macross hobby. Oddly enough, I've had more success setting well defined goals with Bandai releases than with Yamato/Arcadia releases. I guess I need to figure out how to reset the latter, and then start over from 1 (or less than what I have). Maybe it's time to let go of all the older Yamato Valkyries that I've been holding onto. It'll be tough, but it might also be a good thing for me.
  13. Bandai DX VF-31

    Ugh. Yeah, that was a major fail. I wanted to checked the math myself, and went full duh using the store price. I'm sorry about earlier and I'm glad someone spoke up to let me know that I had calculated the percentage wrong. I might have gone a few days being oblivious otherwise. Apologies to @seti88 too.
  14. Hi-Metal R

    Smart. I did the same, so hopefully I didn't jinx anything. The interface is clean and simple--it does what it needs to do. I also like the currency option, but I'm set up for JPY for now. We'll see how it goes. I'm not keen on doing the PayPal Billing Agreement, so if I can avoid it and do this new thing, then that's a-okay.
  15. Hi-Metal R

    PSA: HLJ has updated more accounts with the new GoInterPay system this weekend. I'm in the US and received the update message today. If you were on the old system, you might want to check your email, or log into your HLJ account to make sure payments are still set up the way you want them.