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  1. Fair enough. I should make it clear that I'm not offended by the critiques, and nerd banter certainly doesn't get under my skin. My statement isn't really about general rudeness either. It's more of a comment on my experiences across different forums and not specific to one place or one person. I guess I didn't communicate that point very well. I also admit that I could be totally reading things the wrong way. Anyway, thanks for taking the extra time to reach out. I appreciate it.
  2. In this context, I was using it to classify their top-tier releases but I think must-have fits just as well. Their Shockwave looks great. I have it pre-ordered already (yeah, I should wait) but I'm crossing my fingers too hoping that it's one of the more solid Planet X figures.
  3. I don't know what to tell you, danth. I see things differently. I've been accused of reading into things too deeply at other venues, but that's just the kind of person I am. My opinion of MP-52 (or any official MP for that matter) doesn't really factor into it. I'm getting tired of the constant bickering from both sides whenever someone tries to have a constructive discussion here in the official thread or share some cool news. We should all be able to have these discussions in spite of our different opinions. The fact that these discussions get sidelined for off-topic debates and rude, s
  4. I've had these two since they were released. I think they're pretty cool. Myself, when comparing Vejovis or Mars to releases like Pluto, Summanus, Quirinus, and so on...I don't notice much of a difference in plastic quality. Planet X releases have been fiddly from the beginning. My first copy of Pluto arrived broken in the box! Luckily, I was able to get a replacement with no issues. With the dinos, there were reports of pieces falling off and loose limbs, and apart from Vulcan those figures aren't what I would call weighty in hand. Anyway, based on my experience these two fit in with t
  5. My whole thing isn’t to argue the MSRP or the prices that are listed at US shops like Hasbro Pulse, Toy Dojo, BBTS, and the like. I simply wanted to point out that there are lower priced options and these options are easy to find. It isn’t limited to Japanese shops either. TFs-Express has a better price if you’re in the UK. Ignoring those options is like ignoring places like ShowZ for third party. Sure it’s factually correct but it misses an important data point which is that fans often search for the best deal. This circles back into the value discussion, though, which I think is entire
  6. To be fair to @Jeremy007 a number of sites with discounted prices were posted to this very thread a couple pages back. It isn't like he's referencing hard-to-find information. The only import site that I know of which is showing shipping fees right now is Amazon Japan, and those fees are still estimated below $63 US. For me, shipping is estimated at 3103JPY ($29.50 US at today's rate), but would probably be lower on release. I ordered through AmiAmi, though, and I expect their DHL price to be around 4000JPY which is still below $63. Anyway, this us versus them tribalism is getting tiring
  7. Brainstorm in that retro packaging is very tempting. I may keep a look out when release day comes 'round.
  8. Yeah. Going in and expecting SDF Macross TV or Macross Plus is going to disappoint. Basara butting in is the whole schtick of this series, and as others have noted earlier it takes a while for that actual story to begin. For me, I think it was episodes 17-23 where I finally started to see the Protodevlin as something more than two-dimensional bad guys, find out why they're so overpowered, and why Ray was pushing the idea of Sound Force with UN Spacy for this particular fleet. It does all get fleshed out, but if you don't care about it, then waiting for the show to kick into gear is proba
  9. I am. And there are a few others lurking about here on MW. I like seeing the historical progression in my collection, so I'm not as bothered by changes in the aesthetic as other more vocal members are on site. One historical footnote which I find really cool and that was shared on twitter is the same designer who had a hand in the G1 Toy/Diaclone helped design MP-52. Over on TFW, the thought is that this could be Kojin Ono.
  10. I'm in the same boat. On pre-order night, Ohmyprimus reached out to me and let me know that they received a large number of orders for Roy and that the odds of a refund on my order were high. At least I'll get my money back. The store has a good turn-around time when they do get decent stock, so I guess that means I'm expecting the worst and hoping for the best come November.
  11. I don't know. Leaving out the Legends-sized figure, I can see the appeal to both Maketoys' and Takara's MP versions of G1 Starscream. Both designs had constraints that required creative solutions to get the mechanical transformation just so. Takara's take was to preserve the goofy (makes me young again) look of the G1 animation model—right down to that alt mode with triangles for thrusters. Alas, some of the mechanics become alt mode kibble but it's no big deal to me. I can go elsewhere if I want a clean fighter that transforms into a robot. In this case, Takara's take does what I want it to.
  12. Mm. Animated has an excellent story. It's unfortunate that it often gets overlooked, and its a tragedy that Cartoon Network didn't give the showrunners a final season to complete Sari's full character arc. I'd love to see it get a decent Blu-ray release, like Transformers: Prime. If Hasbro is going to revisit multiple series with these anniversary reissues, then an anniversary reissue of animated characters is a must. Some of those designs are still hard to beat today, like Animated Arcee, Prowl, and Lugnut.
  13. Odd. I pre-ordered Prime Breakdown/Vehicon on Pulse, but I don't remember seeing the Kingdom pre-orders at all. I must have missed them at the time. No surprise, to be honest. I was laser focused on trying to secure that Prime anniversary reissue. It'll be really cool if this isn't a one-off thing and Hasbro is planning more Prime Anniversary releases in the coming year. I hear you on Beast Wars. The show was something that I got into after it aired on television. It's a solid story, although the toys are not really my thing either. The only one I own is MP Primal—and that's to fill out m
  14. Not sure if this was posted earlier, but the first wave of WFC Kingdom is up for pre-order. Not limited to a specific store? Anyway, I'm not collecting the majority of this wave, which includes the first Fossilizers along with BW Purple Megs, Black Arachnia, Primal, Cheetor, and Ratrap too. I did pick up Warpath and Cyclonus. Pre-orders for both are still available at amazon and dorksidetoys for those who like to shop there: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08HGHQH34/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08HGDNR79/ref=ppx_y
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