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  1. HiDive is Sentai’s streaming service, and is legit. Sentai used to be ADV back in the day. With regard to physical discs, both Patlabor and Votoms were released on blu-ray, if you can play those. For instance, the Patlabor Ultimate Collection is still available at Sentai’s site, albeit on backorder right now. https://www.sentaifilmworks.com/products/patlabor-the-mobile-police-ultimate-collection-blu-ray
  2. Season 13 is already filming, but real world events have cut the episode count down to 8 (reportedly). My guess is that we’ll get to see it broadcast/streaming sometime in the second half of the year. https://www.digitalspy.com/tv/a30762531/doctor-who-season-13-release-date/
  3. Did they answer those questions, though? The Master is manipulative—a known liar but also intelligent. In the classic series, he was shown infiltrating the Panopticon, assassinating the President of Gallifrey, and hacking into the Matrix to change Time Lord historical records, never mind the misdeeds he perpetrated on Earth. In the new series, there is no great Time Lord civilization to stop him. He is free to change records and/or run amuck, and there is also no reason to think that he wouldn't use his old tricks to put the Doctor at a disadvantage. His character has been pretty consiste
  4. An update for those interested in MP Thundercracker...This was shared on another Transformers forum of note. It looks like this user was able to take a couple photos under better lighting. Yeah, it's toon-accurate blue but I dig it.
  5. I'm in for MP Thundercracker, but I went with a different US shop to save a bit more. I wish the numbering scheme was consistent, though. MP-52+ got me thinking about Starscream in his toy deco, which would have been sweet. Not sure why we didn't get MP-52T or some other number. Anyway, it's a small nitpick and doesn't really matter in the long run. As it is, the toon deco seems faded compared to what I would expect and even compared to the base colour Hasbro used on Earthrise Thundercracker. An interesting choice, but I wonder if that's final or if the tone will skew away from powder blu
  6. Yeah, I can't say that I agree with the critical drinker on this one. Not sure how attacking the writers or the lead actor or the showrunner creates a logical connection for the show's downtrend beyond the same in Capaldi's era as lead. I mean, it's obvious that there are some extremely vocal people who aren't into it anymore which is fine. Anyway, my opinion is that there are probably other variables which we may not be privy to but which may be easier to reconcile. Besides, NuWho still has a ways to go before it hits the same rock bottom statistics of Classic Who (when the BBC just d
  7. That about sums it up. It was a couple throw away lines of dialogue. I recall Augustine letting it slip that "we screwed up" in his first communication with the astronauts. Later on he mentioned that the underground bunkers are temporary havens and would eventually fail or some such. Unfortunately, that's all we get. There's no explanation about what that screw up was, whether it was completely man-made in origin (although that seems to be implied), or how the screw up caused other plans to save humanity to stop in their tracks. This includes the research station's own work at the beginning of
  8. And so 2021 let Tanya Roberts continue to be a view to adore, if only for a little while longer.
  9. https://www.radiotimes.com/news/tv/scifi/2021-01-03/jodie-whittaker-leaving-doctor-who/ Not sure what to make of this rumour. If it's true, I'll be sad to see her go. I liked how Whittaker's era had the show reconnecting with its roots in some ways, trying new things in others, and even turning a few tropes on end. Sadly, it's obvious that this wasn't enough to help overall ratings which have been on a downward trend since the Capaldi era. I'm also hoping that the show can return to a more consistent schedule at some point in the next year or two. I know it's a big ask given the unce
  10. Mm. I watched it yesterday too. I liked their new paint job. I also liked how the Doctor resolved “the invasion” in this episode. Without going into spoilers (since I’m typing this on my phone), it calls back to some of the older classic Doctor episodes. This is also the first time with Jodie after the controversial Timeless Child arc. For me, it’s really interesting seeing her Doctor confused and even doubtful of who she is and where she’s come from. Doubly so since the source of that doubt came from someone as duplicitous and destructive as the Master. I liked the ending for this one an
  11. I agree with @peter about the voice acting. It was notably deadpan for Siege, but Earthrise takes it a step beyond uncanny and I'm not sure what RT's intent was with the vocal direction. The deadpan.slow.awkward.pause laden dialogue trips the flow of the story, which is already traveling at Zombie Magnus pace. It's just that the effect is more obvious to me in this chapter. Maybe I'm starting to tire of seeing the same G1 events retold over and over. I mean, like Scyla notes, there's Cyberverse. And even though Cyberverse has shorter episodes and is made for a younger audience, they someh
  12. I enjoyed the film, although I was more impressed with the character study that was given more so than the sci-fi aspects.
  13. I like how Takara and MMC have subtle differences in their interpretations of Arcee’s design. Takara went for the curvy pin-up sci-fi aesthetic. MMC went for the more modern athletic sci-fi aesthetic. For my collection, both styles have their place so I’m happy to have the chance to own both figures.
  14. Ah! You've done it. Now I won't be able to stop giggling at the thought.
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