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  1. Yeah, I'm crossing my fingers hoping that we see more improvements with Megazone 23. I've made my peace with Bubblegum Crisis. The blu-ray content is a treat to these old eyes, and that's what I'll keep coming back to. The perks weren't much of a bonus, true; I mean I don't have any use for the patch or coin and I agree that it would be cool to turn the clock back and get a mini art book or something more glamorous, but it is what it is. The up side to that whole situation is we didn't get a gaffe like we did with the old M2K DVD pressing: actual disc errors. That would have resulted in a backer riot.
  2. Yeah, that was a bombshell of a footnote. Classic Woodhead. Now my anticipation for his next crowdfunding project is up near Bubblegum Crisis levels. Looking forward to more news on the original Megazone OVAs, and (hopefully) some cool perks,
  3. Thank you!!
  4. Man, I fought long and hard for my CDJ order. I clicked the link as soon as I got their email update, and then the madness began when I went to apply points. It was hovering between 2 and 4 pre-order slots left for a while, but now it's officially sold out on the site. Bummer.
  5. Wish I knew. I'm 3+ hours on the east coast.
  6. third-party sellers only right now
  7. Where are you seeing shipped and sold by amazon.co.jp? I only see three sellers and none of them are amazon.
  8. Oh well. CDJapan is already showing their no stock error at checkout.
  9. Found this browsing around the 'net last night: https://brickformation.com The company is combining two things I enjoy very much: Lego and the Homeworld universe. The price to brick ratio on the first few Hiigaran ships is quite high, though. That said, I'd love to see more.
  10. Is it plausible that Arcadia will reissue the VT-1 and VF-1D? Sure it is. When will they do it? I have no idea. I'm thinking we'll be lucky if we get an official announcement before the end of the year with pre-orders for a release sometime in 2020. Of course, it could go down like the VE-1 with no one expecting anything and then (bam!) the news shows up.
  11. I agree that the first season was a deep study in not judging a book by its cover. Oh, and we have a second season on the way! http://www.darkhorizons.com/netflixs-umbrella-academy-gets-renewed/
  12. For amazon.co.jp (or any Amazon site), make sure to verify that the item you want is shipped and sold by Amazon. It will note that in the listing. This happens with other lines like Macross and Transformers too. If Amazon runs out of pre-order slots, then the listing defaults to third-party sellers and third-party sellers come with a number of caveats, like higher prices, no price protection, and shipping restrictions (beyond amazon.co.jp's own restrictions). At the moment, Thanos and Iron Man are showing pre-orders for third-party stores only. You can keeps tabs on the listing to see if Amazon gets more pre-order slots. Cap, Widow, and Ronin are still listed as shipped and sold by Amazon.
  13. Hi. I bought my copy of Takara's MP-36 from Anime Export back in the day. I had no issues with US customs and AE didn't add an orange plug. I picked up MP-36+ recently from Toy Dojo, which is a domestic shop in the US. No orange plug from that shop either. I think domestic shops in the US and Canada add the plug on a store by store basis, with some stores following closer to the letter of the law than others. Not sure how tough Canada customs would be with MP-36; however, if you are curious about the packaging, then you can check out this thread on TFW2005. It has some good shots of the official Takara box and the plastic clam shell showing Megatron in bot mode with his accessories. https://www.tfw2005.com/boards/threads/masterpiece-megatron-mp-36.1104543/ KO packaging, like that from Infinite Transformation is similar (Megs comes in bot mode).
  14. Thanks for the pic, @M'Kyuun. That’s a very clever mini build of the Regult. I wonder what set that printed piece for the “eye” comes from, or if it is custom? I also like how the blue round disc pieces were used to add the color accents on the Regult’s cockpit.
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