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  1. Just one member: Gerard Way. Gabriel Bá is the main artist but wasn’t in the band. The band got together in 2001 originally but then spilt in 2013. They all got back together in 2019. The music is alt rock/punk rock, or at least it’s along those lines given what I’ve heard. I should listen to more of it to give a better assessment. Anyway, yeah Dark Horse has been releasing the graphic novels. Most recently in fancy hardcover collectible editions. I’ve been picking these up to see if the graphic novels do things a little differently and maybe get another perspective on the story. The volume 3 hardcover is coming out this fall. The trade paperbacks of all three are already available.
  2. VF-1A and VF-1D pre-label packaging images VF-0D pre-label packaging images
  3. I've been in the same situation, @Foblander. Thanks for stopping by the thread all the same. For those waiting, I hope to post my final Macross items in the next day or so. Sunday got a little busy out my way.
  4. I'm one of the hold outs for news on the premium finish version, and so I wait. It isn't easy.
  5. Hey guys and gals. It's time for me to clean house again, and that means I'm putting a bunch of my Valkyries up for sale. As it's been a while since my last for sale post, let me summarize my terms and then we can get to the good stuff. Shipping is limited to US members and I take PayPal payments only. There are no holds. All sales are first come, first served. Prices include the fee for USPS priority shipping and assume a friends and family PayPal payment. If you are more comfortable opting out of friends and family, please add an extra 4% to the prices in bold. Apart from that, if you want me to use a different shipping service than USPS, let me know and I can work with you (it might cost a little more, though). I do my best to answer all messages I receive within 24 hours. Once I receive payment for an item, I should have it out in the mail within 1 to 2 business days. Images of the final packaging will be shared before delivery, either in this thread or in a direct message to the buyer. Up For Sale: Yamato VE-1 ElintSeeker 30th Anniversary: $200 Clear canopy, bonus parts, unused sticker sheet The Valkyrie is in excellent condition, never transformed, box has little to no shelf wear Yamato VF-1A TV Mass Production: $200 SOLD! Clear canopy, unused sticker sheet The Valkyrie is in excellent condition, transformed once, box has little to no shelf wear Yamato VF-1D Trainer 30th Anniversary: $150 SOLD! Clear canopy, bonus parts, unused sticker sheet The Valkyrie itself is in great condition but was bought used, the box and plastic insert are in rough shape: The top of the box is dented and the insert is warped (see pics for damage) Arcadia VF-0D Phoenix Original "dark blue" Shin Kudo Release: $225 SOLD! Both hip joints are intact and working, unused sticker sheet, box has small corner wrinkles The Valkyrie is in very good condition and has been transformed a couple times to check the hips Also, it does have the known issue of misaligned intake warning Tampo on one leg That should do to start. I'll post pictures for those interested in a separate post below. I do plan to update this thread with additional items as I continue my summer cleaning, so be sure to check back and thanks for looking!
  6. Just finished the first episode. Yeah, it's great to be back in this universe.
  7. The first reviews of the cancelled LEGO Technic Osprey are out, and it appears to have a design flaw. https://brickset.com/article/52876/review-42113-v-22-osprey I read the article after it was shared by tfcrafter over on tfw2005. It's curious to see how the design of the gearbox is unable to support the power coming from the motor and actually causes structural damage! It's also curios that the LEGO designers were unable to mitigate this issue before production. One would think that we would get some new pieces to create a sound Technic structure or maybe a different motor? Oh well, at least there are a few more points out there clarifying why the set was pulled late and that's good enough for me.
  8. Yeah, I'm hoping the PF version is still in their schedule because that's the one I prefer if Arcadia is still releasing both.
  9. Yeah, that makes it tempting all on its own. For me, it would just be cool to have some clarification from Arcadia or Mr. K about what's up.
  10. It is confusing that AE is the only shop that has this listed at the moment. Even Arcadia's own website doesn't have a blurb posted about it yet, and they're usually pretty good about that sort of thing. Speaking for myself, the price is comparable to what I paid for my first release Arcadia VF-4G so that's okay. It stinks that the JPY to USD conversion rate is in the gutter at the moment. Back in 2015 when I paid 27000 for my Arcadia copy at HLJ, I think the total came to $224 before shipping. At today's rates that same price would convert to around $256 which is more comparable to what AE is asking at 28310. I think I'm going to hold off on the AE pre-order and wait for more news on it. One thing I would like confirmation on is whether or not Arcadia plans to do a standard release and a premium release, or if this one release is all there is.
  11. With all the wing origami going on in that new backpack, I’ll be really surprised if Takara has room to add in a false cockpit. But maybe it is necessary to make the new bot torso toon accurate? I don’t know. I’m thinking that the nose compresses into the backpack and will still have “sections” — one thought is that the cockpit section is getting pushed out due to the way the new transformation is implemented; another thought, if the visible piece is indeed false, maybe Takara is using a sliding cover similar to the heat shield on Bandai/Arcadia Valkyries? As for the visible hinges, yeah I’m also hoping that those are hidden well underneath the F-15 alt mode detail and that they don’t stand out in any obvious way. It’s hard to tell just looking at the side profile, but I also don’t usually look at CAD drawings so maybe I’m missing some important detail? It’s too bad more news wasn’t shared in the recent Figure King magazine. I was hoping for some early prototype shots. Oh well, need to wait a little longer.
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