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  1. I received part 2 from rightstuf today, so I will finally be able to watch the whole second series from start to finish myself. Looking forward to putting some time in over the long weekend. I don't have too many expectations as I've been avoiding the spoilers here and 'round the net. Basically, I'm going into 2202 like I did 2199: 1) to enjoy the new take 2) to see what parts of the OG story are still intact 3) to see what's changed. For my first pass, for instance, I usually try to catch if any of the animation was improved going from the VOD release to the physical on-disc release.
  2. Caught this LEGO news over on another forum, but wow. Not sure what to make of it right now. https://brickset.com/article/47293/the-lego-group-acquires-bricklink
  3. Mm. That would have been a good twist for the rebooted Wrath of Kahn tale. In the JJ-Verse, at least given how things are setup for Into Darkness, Kirk has more of an emotional connection to Pike than Spock does to Kirk (or vice versa). A missed opportunity indeed.
  4. The MTV animated series was a decent adaptation of the comic, although it only covered the first 10 volumes (or something thereabouts). I got into the original Image Comics releases working part time as an undergrad one summer. A mate introduced me to them. Loved how The Maxx explored its themes of identity. Anyway, I think it will be sweet to see Sam Kieth's art and ideas come to life in a live action medium. I'm really curious to see how well it will all translate with real actors and (I hope) some good practical effects. For instance, seeing the outback and Mr. Gone will be worth the price of admission, especially if they come up with a cool way to juxtapose all that stuff to the real world.
  5. I'll go see it too. The only film from the reboot series that I've been disappointed in thus far is Into Darkness.
  6. Interesting. I thought there were some high points in the first and third films from JJ's Action Trek series, and I don't mind giving the alt universe another visit if this project wraps up and makes it to the cinema. The second one, though, I wish I could forget that experience. With luck, this won't track in that scandalous direction.
  7. I know it isn't directly related to Star Wars, but I thought Jang summarized most of it well over on his JANGBRiCKS channel. To give some background, his channel is focused toward adult LEGO collectors and those interested in seeing his own creations, speed builds, and so on. Now the FTC/COPPA changes have a potential to dismantle the adult YouTube community in the LEGO space, since the broad government definition classifies most LEGO videos as for kids. I'm not a lawyer and I don't pretend to be one on-line, but Jang is taking a serious stance. I don't blame him. Jang's FTC & COPPA Video Sorry about the LEGO FTC tangent. Now back to Episode IX discussion.
  8. Archienov- Your VF-0D is spot on to me. Ssimply amazing. From what I remember, the quality of work is right up there with the custom weathered 0D that @wm cheng completed all those years ago when the 0D was first released. Bravo to you and your local commission contact. It's a very smart look and unique. Not having to pay Arcadia's PF tax is a sweet bonus too. Ah, I found the link! Here's the result of wm cheng's 0D weathering project in case people need a refresh or just want to compare the two projects out of curiosity.
  9. Mm. That's not the Ray we know, but there's something about those eyes that ring familiar.
  10. Of the two in this comparison, I'm thinking that I prefer the scale of XTB's version. It's also nice to see that they're releasing Toy and G2 versions for those fans who want something more to set apart the Stunticons in their own collections. I'm actually tempted to go G2 for this set, since I have G2 Beachcomber and Seaspray from XTB already, but those Toy versions are so very tempting. The printing looks spot on to the old G1 stickers. Cool stuff. I need to give it some more thought, I guess.
  11. This was my plan, as well, although I already have Hiky's 1S on order so...I'm doomed. Anyway, I have 3 missile sets from the first run and needed to grab an extra set to make it an even four. Now to wait anxiously, hoping that Bandai can keep their focus just a smidge longer and get the other two TV guys out before going full DYRL (as teased).
  12. So I started in on Psycho-Pass 3 last night. It's sad to see Akane out of uniform, but I'm very interested to see what part (if any) she will play in this season. The two Public Safety Bureau replacements are interesting and seem like decent main characters after the first episode. My first impression of the show on a whole is that it feels closer in spirit to season 1 than season 2 (which wandered off the rails at the end). Crossing my fingers that this impression holds. Will be watching episode 2 later this evening, as I'm trying to meter my pace to one episode a day.
  13. All right. I just clicked through Lego's preview of the '89 Batmobile. I take back everything I said before. This build looks incredible (and fun).
  14. technoblue

    Macross figures

    Stranger still, it was working a-ok this morning. I would just wait a bit and try again.
  15. Yeah, I guess it would be fair to say KC's figs are all over the place. I ran a quick search to see how the numbers shake out, but I don't know if the "in universe" heights are accurate. Anyway, here we go: Minmay: 15cm fig height on KC's site (I still need to measure my copy), 158cm in universe height, ~1:10.5 Hikaru: 15cm fig height on KC's site (my copy measures 16cm). 175cm in universe, 1:11 at 16cm which is a touch tall Misa: 15cm fig height on KC's site, 168cm in universe, or ~1:11.25 using KC's estimates Roy: 19cm fig height on KC's site, 195cm in universe, or ~1:10.25 using KC's estimates It could be that some modification will be required (like what @tekering did with Hiky's legs) to get them all in scale with each other. With luck, it will be an easy height modification like Hikaru. I'm not sure how easy it will be to add height if something comes out too small.
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