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  1. Still have plenty to catch up on, and the fall season looks to be sequel season for me albeit for Dr. Stone which also has my eye. Food Wars Season 4 Psycho Pass 3 (hoping for an upswing after the season 2 dip) Fate/Grand Order (I saw the OVA, so...) High Score Girl 2
  2. The alt mode is very nice. I also like the added articulation in the arms, which also impressed Skullface over MP-21. The faces are so-so for me. I understand what Takara is aiming for, but I just cannot get around Bee's new uncanny expressions. The other disappointment is how fidly the new human figures are. I like that they tried to go back to those Diaclone roots with them, but the implementation leaves a lot to be desired. On the topic of TFW discussions, I know a few MW members post over there, as I normally hang out in the Toyark area. I lurk in the official and third party sections since there are a number of spirited fans who like to argue their positions in both places, and I'm just looking to enjoy my stuff. What really pains me about the MP-45 thread is how many of the 'fans' there who were bashing Skullface's review, were also assuming he didn't know he had a pre-production model--as if he just started reviewing this stuff yesterday.
  3. Not sure if anyone is working on Orguss stuff, but it doesn't hurt to ask. I would reply to one of the replacement parts topics in the workshop or maybe start over here in the general 3D printing topic and show people which parts you need:
  4. That would be an awesome announcement. Maybe MegaHouse will return to this line some day...
  5. From Nippon-Yasan's Terms and Conditions Page: You may get lucky if you choose to ignore this, but there have been reports on the forum of members who have received account bans just for asking. If you are looking for stores with easy to cancel pre-orders, I would recommend either HLJ or Amazon for future purchases. N-Y doesn't really have that kind of customer support.
  6. You could be right. I don't know how Sentinel markets their projects either. I'm just wishing on a star at this point. Cue the 'why not both?' meme. It would be sweet if we got multiple announcements in the coming months, but to be fair news about the Legioss is already out in the wild so getting a pre-order for that first would make sense. Also, the Legioss is high on my want list too. The last one I owned was a loosey-goosey copy of Toynami's Shadow Alpha. I skipped ET's version of it, so Sentinel has my eye with their release.
  7. You know it. Yellow must be busy with some music gig--can't be arsed to armour up now. It would be cool if Sentinel surprises us with a Houquet pre-order once Yellow's armour finally ships, though. I wonder if that might be too naive?
  8. Yes. Yellow Belmont’s ride armour.
  9. I had to really think about it, and was happy for the extension which gave me more time to mull it over. I decided to pass too after so much procrastination, space being more of a concern than price in my situation. I’m happy to see it’s getting made, though, and look forward to the photos.
  10. I see Haslab's Unicron has passed the 8000 mark. Congrats to all backers.
  11. The first season surprised me in such a good way. I'm so looking forward to this.
  12. I say go for it. Give it a go, It's popped up in a number of threads on the forum with strong recommendations. I'm all caught up and waiting for the new season. Myself, I still need to start reading the books that the show is based on.
  13. US/Canada orders are live; looks like it was 10AM pacific.
  14. Not sure how payment works for this pre-order. This will be my first time using the Games Workshop store. Curious about what's delaying this for the US/Canada storefronts. All other GW storefronts have the pre-order up now, even the 'Rest of the World' page.
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