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  1. Haven't logged in here for years, but wow that Bandai looks fantastic
  2. I just watched the first ep. I found it to be horrible. If I wanted to watch Sailormoon I'ld watch Sailormoon
  3. I knew there was a reason for logging back in. Can't wait for this new series!
  4. woah..haven't logged in here for years and just out of the blue decided to click on the mw link in my bookmarks. Sad to hear about Carl..hope he rip. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have had the same anime interest as I do now.
  5. so haven't visited here in a while, but after receiving my 25th anniversary valks today I thought I'ld pop back in. when this gets released in Q3 are there some 'go-to' people here we can contact to place an order?
  6. sweet nice looking valks. does HLJ have it on preorder? if anyone wants 10% off of them PM me.
  7. so when will these be available for pre-order?
  8. *shrug*. product placements is one thing..entire feature length commercials are just lame (gotta love that shot of . but i guess since it saved Bay a whopping $3 million on his budget we'll learn to like it gosh darn it! but seriously i even overheard other people leaving the theater that said they felt like they were watching a gm promo. the whole movie was filler. and as for the ending, it's great to see Sam is a . Megatron is supposed to be the baddest, meanest, bot...bah. if you swapped out the FX and used humans in place of the bots (i.e. we're the good guys and we have to beat the bad guys in finding this object) you would have one crappy movie. it's only the nostalgic aspect of seeing prime transform that has some fans creaming their pants. its an ok summer flick but 'bestest movie evar!"? no way. maybe TF2 will have a bigger budget and they'll be able to afford some VAs.
  9. Fine, Gotta say the commercial was an insult to my intelligence. If I were 12 or 14 I would have thought it to be Way Cool! but now ..not so much.
  10. guess i'm in the minority but i came away quite disappointed. do we still have to use spoiler tags at this point? anyway suffice to say it was ok as a popcorn flick. 3/5 maybe. but there were so many parts that needed work that i wonder how the film would have turned out in the hands of a good director. i wrote up a longer review on a different site and now that i think about it...i'm actually kinda pissed for spending $15 to see this. in essence take a big ass GM commercial and add in some explosions, a bit of SFX, and some horribly cheesy dialog (if you can call it that) and you've got a movie. I wonder how much GM paid to have their logos splashed around every where? You know it's a bad sign when you see the GM logos more often than you see the Autobot or Decepticon logos.
  11. yeah i saw a pic of the new heatsink for the euro (france?) models. also will the 65nm chipset apply to Elites? bah maybe i should just sell my premium unit and get a ps3 lol. (mmmm BD anime...)
  12. what is the latest rumour for the 65nm 360? still on target for a fall release?
  13. when i read 'Spirit Of Valkyrie' i thought it would be a translucent 1/48 Oo
  14. I received the spec eva a few weeks ago. has there been any news on more SOC EVAs?
  15. well so far (all of 2 eps) i've enjoyed the series. there's enough interesting characters and a mysterious evil doer to keep things rolling for this season.
  16. i just saw the mp ss on hlj. wow that's pretty fugly. what were they thinking coming up with that odd paint scheme that ss has never been in? at any rate i'm glad i cancelled my pre-order months ago. edit: the ss acurate colour photshop pic that david posted earlier in the thread is so much nicer :|
  17. didn't know where to post this... Has anyone heard from Seiichi recently?
  18. so let me get this straight. this movie is about snakes on a plane which Mace Windu has to fight off?
  19. really?? Prime?? that outta be funky. just placed a huge order for all the EVAs (upto the blue '00).
  20. MrDisco

    I'm Done With Toys

    i agree totally with the op. i stopped collecting after I received the first 1/48 valk. at nearly $150usd a pop and the sheer number of variants out its simply too difficult to collect them. another reason why i dont hang around as much.
  21. 2000 valks? $30k on a batch of toys? i know i dont hang out here that often so am i missing something? is he for real?
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