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  1. ooh! upgraded to anime/sci-fi! I was going to put it here in the first place, but wasn't sure if it belonged. More people giving it a go is always a good thing though! If anyone manages to finish it, make sure you post!
  2. lol, yea, totally borrowed EWJ's gun...we discussed what type of weapon to go with and decided to pay a little respect to one of the best platform shooters ever hover pose must be a personal preferrence thing...i kinda like it...wanted the legs and arms to kinda dangle like a bee in flight, then snap into action when you started firing. and comparisons to Venture bros too! Nice! My day just got better
  3. Just finished my first Flash videogame and figured I'd post it here for anyone with some time to kill...it's a classic sidescroller/platformer with some mild violence...homeages to earthworm jim, castlevania, and mario bros. 3 levels in total: first is more or less a training level to get used to the controls, level 2 makes you do some more serious platforming and throws you into some tougher situations, level 3 is an oldschool boss battle with a bit of memorizing (or some quick reaction time) required to win. Designed, programmed and animated the whole thing top to bottom myself Check er out and let me know what you think http://mobiusdesigns.com/game/warbee.htm
  4. i assume they are just trying to space it out a bit with the piccolo....or maybe it didn't sell well initially (presales), with the other goku available as well...can't wait to see what the next batch is...i'm hoping for vegeta and krillin
  5. here's another quickie camera phone shot of the piccolo...not sure why im being lazy and not pulling out the real camera :/
  6. no word on my ss goku yet either...got it through bbts, so we should get em at the same time.
  7. i think the gohan only has joints at the shoulders and legs...maybe waist too. Kind of sad considering the price, but you know how it is...gotta catch em all
  8. yea, ive got that one on preorder too...still need to drop an order for the gohan though
  9. yea, they really are fantastic toys!!! I've had my eye on the new gi joe ones that are coming out too, but don't know how deep i want to get into the man-doll game after i took those shots i managed to slide the arm skin down a bit as well and hide the wrist joint on the one hand...looks much better now...can't see a single joint on the thing.
  10. here's a quick camera phone pic...will post better ones when I get some time.
  11. just got my piccolo today...REALLY nice sculpt, plus a rubber skin over the arms and shoulders so there aren't any visible joints. Limits the poseability (arms can only bend to 90degrees at the elbows), but looks great. cape has a wire around the entire outside edge so you can pose it however you like. Nice figure overall, although the limited arm bendiness knd of bugs me.
  12. i see devestator as the next obvious choice...and he would make SUCH a killer MP
  13. yea, it's a copy of Takashi Murakami's Bokan I did about 6 months ago...4'x5' acrylic on canvas and thanks Here's the whole group:
  14. you consider it $60 toy because it costs a lot...interesting reasoning
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