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  1. Ahhhhh the temptation could be back. AUUGHHHHHHHH
  2. Ah good, my temptation is gone and the 10% off coupon almost pushed me to commit.
  3. I added matte varnish to the ankle joints and I would say the left ankle joint is exactly the joint tightness I desire now. However, the right ankle still needs a little more help so I'm going to add another coat and check it out again in a few days.
  4. After playing with the legioss a bit more: Some changes I'm hoping to see on future releases: -Better tension on the ankle joints -Less tension on the shoulder joints -Pins going through the wings -Make the entire assembly of the landing gear metal except the tires -Include a fixed posed well-painted pilot OR change the materials and tolerances on the pose-able one -Mold the medial side of the forearm in white plastic over painting it white -Make the groove for the gun and handle bigger so the peg can and hole can really get tight. (hmmm that sounds kind of dirty) Wishful Thinking: -Add tabs to the wings to plug into the nose cone in solider mode -Add a clip to tab the nosecone into the chest / back area of solider mode. -Revise the hip design slightly so one side doesn't easily rotate too far back and become difficult to rotate it back. -Add tabs to those grey panels that slide back to the back in solider mode.
  5. See, this man gets it. No foul play going on here.
  6. Alright long thoughts post is here with pictures. My take on Sentinel's Legioss: Overall, this a really good looking and almost a great legioss. Sentinel needs to fine-tune some things here and there. As it is it's a good to very good legioss that some has issues. It's not a disaster like ETs or toynamis and it is well above the CMs. Pros: -It's goddamn gorgeous. The sculpt is pretty much everything I ever wanted. -Lots of locking mechanisms for fighter mode. Pretty solid once you get everything tabbed in. -Plenty of tampo printing even more than the CMs -Articulation is great but the tolerances need to be adjusted! The okay: -The nosecone does soft-lock into the back, but can get knocked when posing. -Shoulders are too tight, but they get more usable once you move it back and forth a bit. - There is a tab in the palm of the hand and it kind of works. He holds the gun for the most part, but the hole needed to be deeper in the gun. -The pilot figure feels fragile, but mine has stayed in one piece (thank jebus) Cons: -Why oh why Sentinel did you not make the WHOLE landing gear assembly metal. -Ankles aren't super loose on mine, but they should be tighter. I'll bust out the matte varnish on these ball joints. -Pilot figure feels gummy. -The wings should have been pinned! Hopefully they do this on future releases. For anyone with the mis-matched hips, try to hold the legs and try to rotate it using the whole leg if that makes sense. My left hip was off-center then it rolled all the way back and while it was a pain in the ass to get it back I got it back.
  7. Sorry, I fixed it. Sometimes I forget this forum shows the whole set of pics in its entirety when you quote it.
  8. Thank goodness, someone finally took a photo of fighter mode without the damn missile pod in the center.
  9. TREX the designer claimed the shoulder joint is indeed metal. The painted grey makes it looks like plastic. I imagine the paint on the metal is making the joint tighter than it needs to be.... probably should have been toleranced better at the factory.
  10. You can do it Shawn. Believe in yourself! It still doesn't look as bad as the Beagle 1/10 ride armor. That thing took me a solid hour to transform the first time.
  11. I've read a few reports about the ankles being kind of loose. It looks like there are two screws around the ankle joint so maybe you can tighten those. That and the main just is a ball joint so I can imagine you can add some super glue or varnish in there to make it tighter.
  12. Is this a good enough A stance? It does indeed have an ab-crunch
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