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  1. The 3P 1/100 released not too long ago had pretty decent articulation and or enough not to call it a semi-qusai statue. Maybe Bandai heard the complaints with the Nu? If so great, but I'm not spending $700 - $900 on one figure.
  2. A large 1/60 scale Sazabi is cool, but if it is still a semi-qusai statue with basic articulation like the Nu, it's a easy pass for me.
  3. Yikes. I imagine it was either molded improperly or harshly assembled at the factory. Cracking elbows were not a problem on the old copies of the 29.
  4. Detents were added to the chest joint, I assume for greater stability for battroid mode. And here are some pictures of the slightly redesigned hip joint. Source: https://twitter.com/simsim5479
  5. Here are some in-hand photos from a Japanese twitter user I follow. https://twitter.com/MACROSS00000072
  6. I'd wish Sunrise would take a stab at a Crossbone anime, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards anytime soon.
  7. I'm okay with this. Too many toys coming out at the same time.
  8. Maybe I'll give them a bit more slow and even force later to get them moving. If it involved the amount of force I took to get the Riobot legioss shoulders to move....... my fingers will get a real workout. Yes indeed! Got to have fun with your toys no matter the price of admission.
  9. The kiki joint tightener has brought new life to some of my armor plus tekkamen! I still think Bandai nailed the proportions on the Blaster Tekkaman Blade.
  10. And now to get the thread back on topic! I've gotten to mess around with my copy of the PF VF-0D. It's a beauty and the most I have ever paid for one valkyrie. I will most likely not ever pay this much for one valk again, but this is a great one to go out on. No major QC issues to report. Some minor problems like the ankles just won't budge going backwards for gerwalk poses and there's a few small paint blemishes in a few areas. Everything else, works as intended and it's damn nice to finally have the 0D in the right colors. The color of the fingers and wrists are also a different color and I
  11. Yeah it's kind of bummer. It makes sense though because the company wants to make officially licensed products so they can't be stepping on anyone's toes.
  12. Its a shame Nicee doesn't come with the Arcee head anymore. Maybe it will come out as an add-on kit by another company one of these days.
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