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  1. I'm unsure if the all of the red surfaces are painted, at the very least it's probably top coated with a semi-matte top coat. There is a ton of detailed paint on this guy and the 1/2 of him that I have looks good in person.
  2. I got my first half of Sazabi in today. So far what joints I could mess with are tight. Tampo-printing is good, but could be a little sharper. Paint is crisp and well-applied. Plastic quality feels good, not too thin, not overly thick. LED works just fine. Hopefully, when I get part 2 and put him all together he'll be great.
  3. Kampfer is looking mighty fine there. Poison Toys going strong again.
  4. Man, the packaging for SInanju is looking pretty "garage kit" like and back alley level of quality. https://ggmara.blogspot.com/2020/01/1100_13.html
  5. I wouldn't take it too hard. The issues mentioned above don't sound too bad. No major breakages so that's good. I think as long as I can tighten the inner shoulder joint with some superglue/ floor polish, I should be satisfied.
  6. That used to be my general rule for third party toys, especially for new companies. But since it's Sazabi I jumped the gun. I checked another review and it looks like the inner shoulder joint will have some weight issues. Hopefully, that could be easily remedied.
  7. I can forgive the nubmarks and a few tiny paint blemishes here and there. However, the funnel encasing not closing all the way, or the gun barrel not being fully straight or the shoulders not being strong enough to hold the shield might bother me. Not sure what was wrong with the backpack clip? Please don't be a case of weak plastic cracking. What's with the LED, I thought they were going to change it from red to yellow on the final. Boo!!!!!
  8. LOL ShowZ is reading our posts and double checking their shipping lists. This is probably the smarter idea to do and if batch one comes out great you can jump in for batch 2. A dual finish will make us all winners.
  9. That's a reasonable amount of time. One of my boxes is one step ahead of the other. Box race!
  10. Interesting, while I would prefer both parts coming in one package, as long as they arrive at the same time it's all good. Maybe after slaginpit's order they were just like screw it, one box is too big and expensive.
  11. Did anyone else get 2 tracking numbers for their Sazabi from ShowZ? I'm wondering if it was just too big to ship in one box?
  12. Oh wow, Sinanju first wave is coming too? 3P gundam stuff is coming hard and fast for our wallets.
  13. It's amazing we got the gernsbacks so we can at least have the original team. Maybe a wish and a prayer for one last season of FMP with proper time and budget will happen, and maybe we get a few more MBs to round out the final hurrah.
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