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  1. @Bobby Out of the box the Garland is a kind if unstable at the hip joints? The figure also couldn't hold the gun up due to weak shoulder joints? If so that is a shame at this price. The Arcadia Garland also had oddly toleranced shoulders that after a handful of poses got very loose.....and needed a thin layer of super glue to be brought back to life.
  2. @Bobby Thanks for the action poses! I'm glad to see the waist is adjustable. If I do pick one up I'll leave the torso more collapsed to eliminate the elongated torso look. Urge to buy rising.....
  3. Thank you for your first impressions! How well does it pose in slave mode? All I've seen is of pictures of it just kind of standing there. How are the joints? Any ratchet joints?
  4. Enough brown box pictures. Let's see how this 3.5 year delayed figure stacks up with some hot in-hand photos
  5. I'm happy Sentinel added a bit more tampo printing to Yellow himself and his ride. Good stuff. Hopefully we see a painted Hoquet by the next major hobby show.
  6. Lets see if all of the delays have done this release any favors or if it's a hot mess.
  7. Items for sale: Shipping is included with all orders within the lower 48 states of the USA. I ship either by USPS priority mail or retail ground. All orders need to include an extra 4% to cover the Paypal fees, unless you send the payment under the friends / family category in Paypal. 1. Riobot Shin Getter Robo MIB $225 shipped : Joints are tight, paint is crisp and all of the accessories are included. Box and instructions also included. No problems with the torso joint. 2. Fans Toys Sovereign (Galvatron) MIB $160.00 shipped: Joints are tight, paint is crisp and all of the accessories are included. There are two tiny paint chips on the left silver thigh. Box and instructions also included.
  8. Nice boxart! It would be cool if Sentinel tampoed or painted something on the control panel like the boxart.
  9. Seconded on USAGUNDAMSTORE. Bought from them a few times and both times were a good experience. They also have a good amount of coupons each week 15% - 25% depending on the week.
  10. This illustration needs to be come a real life thing. Make it happen Sentinel.
  11. Well hot damn, judging by the angle of the torso they worked in an ab-crunch in there. Sweet mama.
  12. Whelp, they confirmed the markings all tampoed on. I'm quite pleased here.
  13. Maybe you can just fold the white doors back up to be less of an eye sore?
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