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  1. A stand would have been nice, but the struts to hold it up would probably have to be made out of metal since the SL is pretty damn heavy. The weapon set is neat, but for the most part those weapons did not appear in the OVA so I'm happy with the stock SL.
  2. I think both options are good for Kshatriya. The SL version has better proportions in my eyes. I wasn't too fond of the overdetailed sculpt of the MC and I believed it would not fit in with my other metal build/ GFFMC collection. The extra weapons and stand of the MC version definitely was a great cherry on top. Having 2 options for a high-end kshatriya back in 2010 would have blew my mind.
  3. This could potentially be another dream toy for me, but I have never heard of this company before and so I will be on the sidelines waiting. I urge everyone who was on the fence, to pick it up at that price. Great piece with a hell of a presence.
  4. I know what you mean. I really wanted this Zeta gundam to be good since Bandai seems to not want to touch a high end Zeta gundam release.
  5. Oh man that blows. I wouldn't let one bad experience with a 3rd party piece deter you away. I would just wait for reviews to come out to see if the toy is up to snuff especially from an unknown 3P company like this one making the Zeta gundam.
  6. Let us know how the quality on this release turned out?
  7. Hopefully, will see more pics of the legioss over the weekend during wonderfest.
  8. The shade of blue looks better this time, but will the hands crack at the wrist and knuckle joints down the road? Will they seal the paint to withstand multiple transformation cycles?
  9. Pretty good first episode. I hope they can keep up that level of quality. MHA does nothing for me, but this show along with Demon Slayer full-fills my shounen anime viewing.
  10. Hmmm a Justice and a new freedom does sound mighty tempting. I hope they do a Justice, that suit doesn't get enough love.
  11. They're showing a booster for the laevatein and the arbalest. Whether they actually make it or not we shall see.
  12. I've been wanting a GN arms for my metal build Exia since it came out all those years ago. Come to me! Do it Bandai.
  13. Hmmm I still need to get that Minmay one of these days.
  14. I'm calling it now, $200 for just the fin funnels. Maybe this thing will tank and it will go on a modest discount for $600. Kidding aside, I really think this is an amazing display piece and I applaud Bandai for having the balls to release this.
  15. Is there an HLJ link for GX-88?
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