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  1. I'll be on the lookout for US links. These days even the US retailers pre-orders go fast for popular MBs so keep your eyes peeled on this thread and retail sites. Bandai has been limiting stock even to US retailers lately to prevent overstock. Unit 02 is still available for slightly marked up prices, mostly from Bandai responding to the overwhelming amount of scalping for the EVA units. Lets get FREEDOMs for everyone who wants one.
  2. https://www.hlj.com/metal-build-freedom-gundam-concept-2-bans58058?utm_campaign=My+Figure&utm_medium=JAN&utm_source=My+Figure HLJ up go.
  3. Strike Freedom is still pretty good and doesn't need to be redone. I still wish the designer made the waists a little thicker and the feet a little bigger.
  4. Terms for sale: Shipping is included with all orders within the lower 48 states of the USA. I ship either by USPS priority mail or retail ground. All orders need to include an extra 4% to cover the Paypal fees, unless you send the payment under the friends / family category in Paypal. PM me if you have any offers. Bandai DX Chogokin VF-1S - SOLD, Complete with Box and instructions. Description: The valk has been transformed once. All the joints are tight, but the right lateral swing joint on the hip could be tighter, but holds most poses. Paint is pretty clean for the most part, with a few minor imperfections that you won't notice unless you stare at it too long. Nothing is broken or missing. This valkyrie did have to be repaired on the left hip / thigh because Bandai did not screw it together all the way, therefore there is a little bit of damage along the left thigh's screw-hole cover that was necessary to get to affected internal mechanisms of the thigh. On the bright side, the left hip and thigh are now fully functional and no longer jiggles when manipulating it. Hence, I will be letting this guy go for a bit under what I had to pay for it.
  5. No surprises here, Mr.K announced over twitter the 0D will be delayed again.
  6. Ohhhh, but will it be transformable? Their quality is decent, but I think they need to work on their metal placement, joint tightness and some parts fitment a bit more to knock it out of the park.
  7. Thank you very much to Vifam7 for a great deal and smooth transaction!
  8. Thanks to @goggle for the smooth transaction.
  9. I'd totally buy sinanju if it wasn't for fear of breakage in transit from how's packed by the producer.
  10. I was able to take the screwcover off via a super thin hobby tool. Only a tiny corner was glued in. Now, to fix the rest of the thigh....
  11. This looks a lot better than those Machinima episodes. I like how detailed each model looks too. I would like a good transformers cartoon again please. Also, woo no humans. Nice.
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