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  1. Whoever was transforming that copy of the Zeta might have forgot to pull down the red panel that locks in the waist in place and then tried to force the waist to move resulting in the breakage. Not too worried here, Stiq's release had some folks breaking the landing gear because they tried to pull them straight out when you should pull them out at the angle of where the hinge is.
  2. Amazon JP gives you 6 days to revise your payment before they cancel your order.
  3. I added MP-44 KO version 2.0 to the first post.
  4. Both of the metal robot spirits figures should be on the first post above.
  5. New items added to the first post! Metal robot damashii figures for sale.
  6. Thanks to @sqidd for an excellent transaction. The item was well -packed and shipped in a timely manner.
  7. Ohhh Ballzy. A 1/72 upscale of the MB Destiny is neat. With a company name like McShow that's hilarious. I wonder if this is Mo Show under a different name or someone has a sense of humor and trying to copy of the Mo Show name.
  8. Hmmm by 2023 I wonder if I will still collect toys by then. I hope after Hoquet's legioss gets released they show a nice tease of a painted ride armor for her and an imminent pre-order date to complete the team.
  9. I see some hints of transforming elements in that Zeta. I imagine they are using the engineering from the metal robot damashii Zeta plus? Why can't Bandai have the balls to make a new 1/100 transforming Zeta gundam?
  10. The 3P 1/100 released not too long ago had pretty decent articulation and or enough not to call it a semi-qusai statue. Maybe Bandai heard the complaints with the Nu? If so great, but I'm not spending $700 - $900 on one figure.
  11. A large 1/60 scale Sazabi is cool, but if it is still a semi-qusai statue with basic articulation like the Nu, it's a easy pass for me.
  12. Yikes. I imagine it was either molded improperly or harshly assembled at the factory. Cracking elbows were not a problem on the old copies of the 29.
  13. Detents were added to the chest joint, I assume for greater stability for battroid mode. And here are some pictures of the slightly redesigned hip joint. Source: https://twitter.com/simsim5479
  14. Here are some in-hand photos from a Japanese twitter user I follow. https://twitter.com/MACROSS00000072
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