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  1. I'm okay with more 00 metal builds but only if it's the rest of celestial being or enemy suits. Reborn Gundam would be a nice pair to the 00 raiser after all of these years.....and I've been clamoring for a dynames for years now. And this is why I support 3rd party options since Bandai may never make the dream happen.
  2. Those two characters are so bad IMO I couldn't even reach the apparently amazing episode 19 that got a lot of attention. Usually, I'm okay with slapstick characters, but these two are beyond obnoxious.
  3. Yup, those are mine. I had to take some pics and show Mr. K to let them know this is happening to some VF-0S over time. He acknowledged this problem and are trying to rectify future molds to not have this problem.
  4. Amazing paint job for sure, but I'll just admire the pretty pictures from folks who do pick it up. I'll be curious to see how durable the paint is on this new PF. I remember transforming the PF SDF-1 as carefully and and slowly as I could I still lost some of the glow in the dark paint apps here and there to which I had to touch up myself.
  5. I don't know if this was posted earlier, but here is a low-res transformation video of the fewture - ex gokin Garland https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhGpOXcpimc
  6. If that is indicative of the near to final product then I'd be satisfied with the color. I'd also like to note that they included the built-in chest covers the VF-0A and VF0S had on this PF version of the 0D which is a nice touch.
  7. Well damn.... I'm even more glad to own their Strike gundam. The quality blew me away for such a new company and it's pretty interesting they split into several different companies to still put out 3P high-end gundam products, bless them for it. I never liked the idea of one company solely owning a property and the being the only one to produce product for that franchise.
  8. Hmmm then it sounds like the IT one is for you. I hated how easy it was to scuff MP-36, I remember putting masking tape all over that guy while transforming. IT's ratchets make louder clicks and feel smoother. There's less of a lean with the IT. I think the only thing I don't like with the IT is the tolerances on the diecast feet are off a tad and my copy had a few chips on it, but at least there are in areas I can't see in either mode when completed.
  9. The IT Megs is only great if you like transforming MP megatron over and over without worrying about excessive transformation. The IT Megs made me appreciate the work TT put into their transformation engineering and it's wonderful......when you proper tolerances and paint that can withstand multiple transformations.
  10. Good they did away with those pesky magnets for some solid tabs. Covering up the gap near the head in fighter mode was a nice touch. The wing hinges and overall figure seems to be much tighter than the old one. The double joint elbows are a welcome addition. So.....a first release new mold from Arcadia and no major issues so far? No disengaging hips or breakages or comically loose shoulders?
  11. Awww dang. I really like the ratchets on the old Yamato's ankles. Hmm I forgot if the Yamato one had ankle tilts, does the Arcadia have ankle tilts for inversion movement?
  12. Did Arcadia keep the ratchets on the ankles or did they opt for some ball and hinge joints.
  13. Whew, I'm okay with this. My wallet will need a breather after the GFFMC Char's Zaku. In the mean time, where are those legioss preorders sentinel?
  14. A stand would have been nice, but the struts to hold it up would probably have to be made out of metal since the SL is pretty damn heavy. The weapon set is neat, but for the most part those weapons did not appear in the OVA so I'm happy with the stock SL.
  15. I think both options are good for Kshatriya. The SL version has better proportions in my eyes. I wasn't too fond of the overdetailed sculpt of the MC and I believed it would not fit in with my other metal build/ GFFMC collection. The extra weapons and stand of the MC version definitely was a great cherry on top. Having 2 options for a high-end kshatriya back in 2010 would have blew my mind.
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