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  1. SuperHobo

    The Transformers Thread (licensed) Next

    MP Autobot collection so far. This makes my inner child scream with joy.
  2. SuperHobo

    Arcadia 1/60 Perfect Transformation VF-0D for 2015

    It was a nice day outside to swoosh this bird around.
  3. SuperHobo


    Agreed on the handlebars, not much flex in the plastic and way too thin. Softer flexible plastic or rigid diecast could work.
  4. SuperHobo


    My arbalest had a weak knee and ankle out of the box. I carefully snuck in some super glue into the joints and worked it in. They're pretty tight now.
  5. SuperHobo


    Oh god no......NY has them back in stock.....uh oh. Crap the perfect time when I have depleted the toy budget funds for this month.....and next month.
  6. SuperHobo

    Arcadia 1/60 Perfect Transformation VF-0D for 2015

    In the future everything is asymmetrical. Thanks man! 12,000 years later languages will all combine into one super language.
  7. SuperHobo

    Arcadia 1/60 Perfect Transformation VF-0D for 2015

    Thanks man! Your 0D is in a good home.
  8. SuperHobo

    Arcadia 1/60 Perfect Transformation VF-0D for 2015

    Old Thread Revival! I got my hands on the VF-0D again from a fellow board member and it feels so good to have it in my hands again!
  9. SuperHobo


    Full painting a non-transforming figure is fine, but the legioss design in particular has a lot of collapsing and folding sections to achieve the transformation. I would not trust any toy company to paint every surface of it and expect to get the right amount of clearance between parts.
  10. SuperHobo


    I really hope Sentinel does not go and paint every damn surface on their legioss. I want to be able to transform it multiple times without it shedding paint left and right.
  11. SuperHobo


    I opened up my Stick Reissue and I would say it's better than my first run. No stress marks on the handlebars, ankle guards stay on and the paint on his stomach hasn't easily chipped off while posing him. I'll transform it later to see if other tolerances have been improved.
  12. SuperHobo


    I got my Stick payment request too. Hopefully, the build quality is better on this Stick than the previous one I had.
  13. SuperHobo


    25k for the pair is a pretty sick price. Nice buy.
  14. SuperHobo

    Hi-Metal R

    Just like Silvie's 2SS boxart it's beautiful. Masami Obari is in California this weekend for a con and I would love for him to sign my Silvie 2SS box, but work calls......
  15. SuperHobo


    Tempting, but I'll just wait for Sentinel's attempt.