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  1. Ahh thank you for being brave and opening up the shoulder! Alright now we are talking!
  2. Unfortunately, I think any disassembly of the shoulder joint would result in some significant damage done to the toy. It follows Arcadia / T-Rex's current methodology of layering parts over each other making any disassembly for maintenance a pain in the ass. I really need to stop buying Arcadia's first run of something.
  3. UPDATE 2: After putting floor polish into the left shoulder,it did not work to tighten the joint. On top of that, the right shoulder is also getting pretty loose. I'm going to try to angle the arms a little differently to let the floor polish target the looser part. Hopefully this works......my last option is some super glue
  4. SuperHobo

    Soul of Chogokin - part II

    I hope Bandai goes full madman and makes an SOC Titanus and brings it out next year. For me, that would be the beginning of the end of collecting for me.
  5. UPDATE: So after posing this guy around this morning, the left shoulder on my copy has also gotten loose. I stuck a healthy amount of floor polish in the joint and I'll let it cure for 2-3 days. Hopefully, that will remedy the issue for a while.
  6. Get in the zone. Megazone 23. My thoughts on the Arcadia Garland. Bike mode: It's very solid with some excellent heft. Initially out of the box the swing bars were disconnected from the arms and connecting it to the half moon shaped peg was odd, but I eventually got them in. It didn't help these pegs are all painted so expect some paint to come off here and there. With that being said every surface is painted in a gloss or matte paint. One of the half moon pegs I think I sheared off a small chunk of paint to get the socket pegged on. With everything pegged in it's a lovely hefty brick. Shogo's figure goes right on and fits over the handlebars like a dream. Transformation and robot mode: Transformation was pretty smooth and wotafa's video review made things clearer. Everything locks is in very solidly with the exception of the crotch armor which basically rests on the wheel. A major improvement over the old 1/15 Yamato Garland is the wheels lock into the chest VERY SOLIDLY this time around. No more weird jiggling for robot mode. My favorite part of the transformation is how when you rotate the chest forward the head pops out in unison. It's a pretty cool transformation moment. Robot mode and Articulation: All of the joints are friction joints and no ratchets. All of them are perfectly tight with the exception of the shoulders. The shoulders are not loose, but they could be a bit stiffer. The hand proportions and articulation are excellent, but there's no peg to hold the gun. The fingers can hold the gun no problem, but a guiding peg and slot would have been more ideal. Elbows and knees are double jointed. Ankles are on an interesting 4 hinge mechanism that gives a pretty good range of motion either way you want. Verdict so far: This a very fine Garland toy and assuming Arcadia used good materials this time around it shouldn't crumble. Diecast was used in a lot of much more fragile areas as well as parts of the biceps and the red parts of the lower legs. Transformation is complex, but fun. If you're looking for an animation accurate Garland from Part 1 this could be what you're looking for.
  7. That's a bit concerning with joint B there becoming loose after some moderate handling. Is there any screw to access to tighten it or some floor polish to stick in the seams?
  8. SuperHobo

    Soul of Chogokin - part II

    I got Dragonzord in over the weekend. He's much heavier than expected. A solid amount of diecast in his feet, lower legs, chest, joints and head. I'm glad they worked in a thigh swivel, but I wish his lateral hip movement was better. The paint job on my copy is near perfect except the left side of his face which has like 3 or four small chips...... So far he's pretty fun to handle. Battle mode is beautiful, but limited in poseability, more so than the megazord, which I knew was going to happen going into this. If Bandai ever makes a full action battle mode dragonzord I would pick it up very quickly. Mega Dragonzord ended up being a much better combination in person that I thought it would. Locking mechanisms for the legs and collar section really make this mode more solid than I expected. This mode does weigh a ton so it's not the most fun to play with, but it looks amazing on display.
  9. Nice! Arcadia should have mentioned that in their item description. A little under 8 inches is a good size for a toy.
  10. I'm glad it sounds like the delays to improve quality are really shining through on the final product. I'm still not a fan of them opting out of using an pegs or slots for the hand, but at least the Garland can hold it well for now. Websites mention the size in maneuver craft mode is 18cm long, is it still about 18cm tall in maneuver slave mode?
  11. Fantastic to here man! The Garland really needed a well built sturdy option after all of crumbling efforts from Yamato and Freeing. Are all of the joints friction joints? How well does the hand hold the gun? I don't see any tabs in the palm.
  12. So far from Japanese Twitter reports the Arcadia Garland seems good on the build quality front.
  13. SuperHobo

    Yamato 2202

    Nice! I didn't know it was out already.
  14. SuperHobo


    I hope Sentinel will tampo print all of the lovely markings on this legioss.
  15. From Fewture's twitter, the mold needed to be adjusted and has been completed ( about damn time). Production is going to start, but it's being delayed another 4-5 months.