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  1. Weapons Banter Thread

    My finished lower for my new AR-15. All I have left to do is wait for the upper. I'm going to go with a Stag Arms upper in .300 Blackout. What I used to assemble it is below. Spike's Tactical "SNOWFLAKE" stripped lower receiver VLTOR A5 stock kit Magpul MIAD Gen 1.1 pistol grip Stag Arms lower receiver parts kit KNS non-rotational pins
  2. Weapons Banter Thread

    Spike's Tactical "Snowflake" stripped lower. Just got it today. Looking at building a .300 Blackout rifle with flat dark earth furniture.
  3. Riding Bean Kickstarter BD now live!

    Well, it's getting closer to being released and Mr. Woodhead has issued certificates to those of us who contributed enough. Not going to show the front, but the back of the certificate is cool. And here is a pic of the screen which loads with my name. Look for the red box, that's me!
  4. Just recently bought this from CultTVman's Hobbyshop as it was the cheapest I could find anywhere. I loved this spacecraft as a kid and it is still a favorite today. So when I heard that MPC was doing a larger scale version I was stoked. After looking at the parts inside the box I can tell this is going to build up into a pretty sweet model. I also got the machined aluminum parts for the main motor engine bells as well as the RCS thrusters on the landing gear pods. Mind you, this is going to be the first model I have attempted to build in over 20 years. Hope I've still got what it takes. Are there any others out there who are fans of this ship?
  5. Riding Bean Kickstarter BD now live!

    Just purchased the "patron" selection. I love this anime and I want to taunt my friends when I load the disc and my name pops up.
  6. WORST Sci-Fi TV series of all time.....

    While technically a movie, this stinker went on to spawn an equally crappy TV series. And before you get your panties in a bunch, I actually love this film, even if it is stupid and the acting is horrible.
  7. Weapons Banter Thread

    I've posted these before, but I figured I'd do so again for the crowd who missed out the first time. I'm currently looking for a short barrel for the P90, but it is proving VERY DIFFICULT to find one. CMMG used to offer one, but they don't sell them any longer and FNH will not sell them direct unless you have a military or government purchase order.
  8. Weapons Banter Thread

    This is my SIG556 all tacticool now.
  9. Weapons Banter Thread

    Nah, no armor. I'm a big guy with a lot of padding built in. Shotguns have never bothered me anyways. I just took her to the range this past weekend and popped off 50 rounds of cheap birdshot. Was sore for a bit but no problems. Just tuck that butt in tight to your shoulder and you'll be fine.
  10. Weapons Banter Thread

    Removed the original buttstock from my Mossberg 590 and added a Mesa Tactical adapter with Magpul collapsible stock and pistol grip. Also added a Magpul front sling adapter so I could still use my bayonet lug.
  11. I'm going to say it as I know it is being thought. Who is going to lower that zipper and see if those sweater puppies have nips?
  12. RIP Peter O'Toole

    Yeah, well I was being facetious. I did love him in Lawrence of Arabia. You gotta take the bad with the good.