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    Macross Chronicle

    Many of you won't even know, but I formerly worked with the Macross Generation site. My username is Bauhaus, although many know also as Bauhaus45. Following the events that led us to part ways with this site; myself and Iker have been working on a new site, on which we will bringing not just only news, but also helpful information for all the Spanish speaking fans about Macross. We entitled the site as "Macross Chronicle", obviously on behalf of the newest Macross publication. It's our interest to follow our work we started back in MG but also to grow and for some to rebuilt the trust on those fans who somehow were disappointed or started disbelieving on that site. We have started with a lot of info that Iker and myself wrote for MG (We deal upon our "dismissal": since it was our work, we keep our right to use it), but we have update most of it, but also included some brand new information (All of the info is verifiable ). Also, we have gathered a great team of fans that are as enthusiastic as both of us, that will be helping us with the site. In other words, we're not alone, and this kind of support will always be appreciated. For now, our Forum is offline due technical difficulties. But Iker assures me that it will be up and running this monday (Sept 28). Hope Iker will soon post here. So here it is: Macross Chronicle