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  1. How many buildings does it take to store all the boxes?
  2. Just a thought...I love weathering, but why would single-use ordinance (i.e., missiles) be weathered. I would think they would appear new, and then cease to exist after they are fired.
  3. Can anyone sum up all of the issues and improvements with this release?
  4. "It has been XX days since I purchased my last valk..."
  5. Can someone post a complete list of all the improvements for this release compared to the Yamato?
  6. As much as I love this design, I'm not double-dipping ($400+!!) until it is released and the colors are confirmed. Fool me once, shame on Arcadia; fool me twice...
  7. Any update to price and release date?
  8. ...and five days after placing my order with Amazon.jp my toy arrives. For just 1,200 yen shipping that was ridiculously fast. Btw, what was the best pre-order price (w/shipping) for this toy?
  9. My Amazon Japan order (23,885 yen shipped)(which I placed a couple of days ago) has shipped. I love the cheap shipping.
  10. Amazon Japan charged me ($217.20 with shipping). Now, if they would just send a remittance form confirming they took my money and are working on delivering my item.
  11. So, who has the best price at this point (w/shipping)?
  12. How is that NY is still taking preorders for the 31E when every other business stopped weeks ago?
  13. So...NY still has their preorder window open, but the other retailers do not. How will they be able to fill all of those orders? This situation looks very similar to the 31A fiasco. Except, the Chuck is not an exclusive, yet NY is taking our cash up front.
  14. Just add a Kairos to finish out the squad.
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