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  1. I am looking at the logitech pro pedals, as I reside in Singapore, virpils and vkb stuff are hard for me to acquire due to shipping cost. Btw if you have not tried strike suit zero, do try it, it is the closest game I have flown that is kind of like flying in a cockypit of a valkyrie. Even the multiple missle lock. Sadly they removed the occulus support for it as I would have loved that, vr even though having the screen door effect is stupid immersive. I kinda stop playing star citizen but waiting for them to make my polaris corvette then maybe I will return to it.
  2. Haha, them slippers are to keep my feet warm, anyway been looking to get rudder pedals soon.
  3. Thats a great set up, are those virpil? I couldnt afford them so I only got a cheap X56 setup
  4. Oh ok, I didnt realized its 29500yen shipped, i thought that was the price before shipping, in that case, yeah the amazon one is a good deal.
  5. Isnt there cheaper options for this, I see plenty on FJ for around 25k
  6. Tried but got cart jacked, so waiting for release day to see ifI can score one at msrp
  7. Yes that is correct, but yet they kept the shape of fighter mode most true compared to the rest of the offerings by so many various companies
  8. They even have Roy opened for pre order too at 25k yen. Its my 1st time seeing this site, so, buy at your own risk
  9. I found this sketch of the pilot coming out of the legioss head is interesting Also there is line art depicting the central missle pod
  10. If you are refering to the parts next to the cockpit, I think the correct term is called lerx
  11. I also found this interesting website with lots of line art and information about mospeada/robotech http://mechajournal.com/2017/02/
  12. Though its the most compact and best looking legioss in fighter mode, the down side is that gapping hole between the legs in that same mode. I guess its a concession that I will have to accept On another note, Hikaru/Rick hunter, looks like he is too small for the legioss cockpit too
  13. Also, if you pay high scalper prices now, you are only encouraging scalpers to keep doing it, then the true fans like us will suffer from ridiculous high scalper prices in future releases. Just like internet trolls, same rule applies to scalpers, don’t feed them.
  14. I bought my SSP without securing a hikaru VF-1S, I still manage to get one close to msrp on release day. So I am sure there will be plenty on release day
  15. I wonder where all these screens hide in other modes. I guess it is all anime magic at this point
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