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  1. Nope they can’t detach unless I didnt try hard enough
  2. I only have fmp metal builds but among them, i think the gernsback is the best
  3. Guyffon

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I have the full squad except for movie messer, but only one of each
  4. Guyffon

    Bandai DX VF-31

    The Yf-29 under the legs pose is ....unique
  5. Masks does nothing to stop you getting infected by a disease, even if they are N95 mask, we get infect thru our eyes easier, mask are good for when you are sick and you don’t want to spread your sickness. Health workers in china are wearing both mask with googles, thats the best way to not get infected, or full face mask.
  6. Guyffon

    Hi-Metal R

    Well we are still waiting on that tomohawk that was tease many moons ago....
  7. Are trolls common in macross forums? In all the years I have been here, I don’t remember seeing many trolls
  8. I guess with all the factories mainly in china, a lot of toys will be delayed due to corvid-19, hope we can overcome it soon and everything will go back to normal
  9. I found beyond the aquila rift quite memorable
  10. Guyffon

    Hi-Metal R

    I just realized that the number on this vf-4S is 101, does that mean it belongs to hikaru?
  11. I have 2 sets of MSIB SSP set for DX VF-1 (movie version), as I got them thru a proxy I am looking for usd$140 per set (this is my cost price)before shipping. Shipping is from Singapore. PM me to find out more about shipping cost if interested. Thank you I bought these 2 sets when I was told by my original vendor that my order will only come in April but somehow it was shipped in december instead. Both units have been sold
  12. Played with it a bit and the shoulders are pretty stiff so far, as I do not have earlier version to compare with, am not sure if there is improvement. But so far I do have a bit of paint chipping due to the one transformation I did.
  13. Just received my proto garland from amiami (dhl is fast) its my 1st megazone toy and it looks great, though I only could take it out of the box and look at it in craft mode due to the newborn in the house.
  14. Yeah super glue tend to do that to transparent parts due to the glue vapours, when I need to glue transparent parts in my tamiya models, I use tamiya cement, not sure if that will work with these toys.
  15. One way around that is to decant the spray can, then use the paints for airbrushing, that what i do when they only have that colour in spray can
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