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  1. You don’t keep cats, cats keep you I have 2 masters
  2. Haha oh well, I was watching those pages and for me it went from coming soon to the new price in one refresh, I guess you 3 (or more) have very fast refresh. On a side note, I just went to a local shop in Singapore and lo and behold, they have 2 sets of SSP movie versions for sgd$220 and 3 new sets of hmr vf-4G, don’t know if they do overseas shipping though, shame that I do not need them as I already have my own set of either
  3. I don’t think anyone got those below msrp, it was at that price with coming soon tag, the moment it opened, it was above msrp, unless it all happened very quickly.
  4. I really doubt any one retailer has enough units to sell to every member here, thus the 1 per unit rule is fair, not everyone wants multiple, and if some one wants multiple don’t you think its fair they find the other copies the hard way instead of denying some one else at least 1 copy? If a said retailer has more stock on release day, then I think they can release it to anyone whom already bought one, so much so that they can even sell their excess stock to one guy and I don’t think anyone will cry foul. I have been thur enough pre order disappointments to know that the demons are real.
  5. Guyffon

    Hi-Metal R

    When animators don’t give a f*** on secondary mechas
  6. You will be lucky to get a few seconds, some go from coming soon to sold out in one refresh
  7. I know the way they word it and all the information is no cannon, but the drawings look like proper line art and wonder who made them, it does not look like fan art, but then again you never know
  8. I wonder if this is cannon though http://mechajournal.com/2015/11/maxwell-dynamics-va-5-condor-veritech-attack-fighter/
  9. Store credit that have many caveats on them no less (exipry dates, convoluted reasons on why you can’t use it for certain products, can’t use it to pay for shipping......etc)
  10. I think I figured how to get the parts, because he did swap some parts out, thus there are parts that i actually did not need if I just want the armor upgrade. Also you have to add sets you own, and then click on the build this moc button, then a more precised list of parts is generated that you will need, and you will be able to export those parts to buy in various shops. I guess I need to really try to understand this website to use it better
  11. Just watched tenet as it opened in my country this week, all I can say is, it You really need to think through all the events in the show to get a clearer picture of the events that unfold, esp towards the last act
  12. I bought a lego AT-AT 75288 because of this thread. Just finished building it and found this gorgeous mod, https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-49545/EDGE OF BRICKS/modification-of-75288-at-at/#comments now I want to get the pieces to mod mine too If anyone uses that website, is there a tutorial on how do I extract the parts list of what I am missing from the original set to get this mod done, currently when I try to use just the compare function, the list of parts seem more than just the add on armor and not sure if the list is correct.
  13. Anyone else caught how the landing gear folds after launch, looks like Yamato and Bandai all got it wrong in the end
  14. While we are at it, we need a pilot named “Maj. Damage”
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