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  1. Master Made SD-style SDF-1 "Makuros"

    Been distracted the last couple of days to get over here and reply, but I think Gakken's covered everything pretty well. I can't think of any points I disagree with, nor anything else I can add to it. It's a really nice neat little figure. If you're interested in it, you'll likely quite enjoy the final figure.
  2. Master Made SD-style SDF-1 "Makuros"

    Oh, no, not at all, they're solid plastic.
  3. Master Made SD-style SDF-1 "Makuros"

    They seem to be.
  4. Master Made SD-style SDF-1 "Makuros"

    Yeah, I was using online photos to figure out the transformation, I only saw the shoulder canons slid out in your pictures AFTER I had made the video live. LOL. I totally agree. Very polished for even a near final test shot. If they fix the things that evilcat mentioned they're already aware of, like the arm tightness and such, it'll pretty much be perfect. It's a great little addition to your Macross shelf.
  5. Master Made SD-style SDF-1 "Makuros"

    Part of it was me knocking into them, part of it is hand-assembled test shot. The final product should all hold together much tighter I am told. Thanks! Much appreciated!
  6. Master Made SD-style SDF-1 "Makuros"

    Yeah, the side parts just pull out of the head.
  7. Master Made SD-style SDF-1 "Makuros"

    You can leave the shoulder guns on, but looking at earlier photos they definitely attach to completely different posts in cruiser mode vs robot form.
  8. Hey guys! I was loaned a test shot of the upcoming Master Made SDF-1 MAKUROS Super Deformed figure and got a review up, along with some photos. Thought you'd enjoy it over here.
  9. Thought you guys might want to check it out. The arm issue solved itself, I just wasn't snapping it back on properly.
  10. What're the chances of a New Macross class figure?

    Shame. The Quarter is an outstanding figure. I'd LOVE to get a Battle Frontier in the DX line.
  11. 1/60 Macross Frontier Reviews!

    Got my review of the 1/60 VF-27 up as well as some revoltechs: VF-27: Revoltech VF-1S and VF-1J: Revoltech Transforming VF-1S: Revotlech Transforming VF-1J: Yamato 1/60 VF-1S: Bandai 1/55 VF-1S:
  12. Post pics of VF-1 broken shoulders here!

    That's what I needed to know. Thanks!
  13. Post pics of VF-1 broken shoulders here!

    Shame. My DYRL Roy with Super/Strike parts has teh smooth pins and no issues during several transformations thus far. I really want to pick up the 1/60 VF-1J with Armored parts that was released a couple months back, but not unless I can confirm it's the smooth pins. Anyone know?
  14. 1/60 Macross Frontier Reviews!

    Here's a question. Would anyone be interested in buying the full Armor set and Super parts set for 1/60 Ozma custom? I've got two set of the super parts, and I'm considering nabbing a second Ozma to display with the super parts since I already have my other in the full armor. The only catch is the super parts set is missing just the crotch plate. I lost my first one somehow. (hence the second set.) your super parts would be untouched, I only pulled the crotch plate out to use with my original set, and the full armor would coem to you untouched. I figure if I'm doing to get a second for display, why not nab the armored version for a few bucks more with all of it's improvements. Selling these armor sets would definitely help. I'll include the stand as well, since most likely anyone buying these will be doing do for their original 1/60 VF-25S. I'm going to try and post this in any "for sale" section that might be available here as well. I'd expect payment up front, since selling the armor is what would finance the figure purchase. If you aren't bothered about getting untouched armor, I could go ahead and sent you all the parts immediately and just keep the new ones. Not sure what to charge for them. I see the sets going for over $100 each online, is $200 shipped too much to ask?
  15. 1/60 Macross Frontier Reviews!

    Well, I now have the old Bandai 1/55 scale VF-1S with Super parts on the way, along with the Yamato 1/60 VF-1S with Super & Strike parts. I'm looking into that VF-1J from Angolz as well.