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  1. The best lie has a kernel of truth in the middle. Qui-Gon understood the faults in the Order, but never would've joined the Separatists. Violence of that sort didn't seem to be in his nature, even when it might've been a shortcut to solving his problems.
  2. The part I liked the best about Qui-Gon is that he was the only Jedi of that era to actually live the qualities the Order professed to obey. The rest were all mired in their Ivory Tower, blind to anything that suggested their religious devotion was wrong. Even Yoda was blinded by his belief that the Jedi had beaten the Sith a millennium before until it was too late. I really like that about the Prequels. The Jedi were phenomenally powerful but still limited by hubris and belief in their own perfection.
  3. Hey you! Yah, you! C'mere! *smack!* Thanks to that post of yours I've spent the last week daydreaming all the movie scenes in my mind, even at work. I've had the soundtrack on a YouTube loop for my drive to and from. Now I've just spent the morning finding and rewatching the movie. Damn you for putting TMNT 90s in my brain! It's effen' GLORIOUS! The suits and effects still hold up today, the music is wonderfully evocative, and the action scenes are still fun to watch and a reminder of a time before The Matrix popularized Hong Kong action scenes. I really appreciate the long takes so we can get a better look at what's going on, instead of quick cuts and busy camera work for added "energy". Plus I still love Raph's jump kick/punch and the Turtleball into a 3-Foot Face kick I also still love how the heroic second wind wasn't enough for our heroes in the end, Shredder was still too good for them and could only be beaten by his own hubris. "Ah ha! I made a funny! HAHAHAHAHA" T-U-R-T-L-E P-O-W-E-R
  4. "Fuh! Fwoop! Favap! … a Jose Canseco bat? Tell me you didn't pay money for this!" "Oooh! *bash* Two for one sale, pal." I haven't seen that movie in YEARS and I still remember every single line, every beat, every inflection on every word of dialog!
  5. Well, yes, but.... uh... hmm... Earlier in the movie Vader was able to block a blaster bolt with his hand, so I'm choosing to believe that he was able to barely absorb some of the energy from Luke's glancing blow. Yeah, that's it!
  6. My personal favourite is "Within a Minute" from Episode III. How they went IN ORDER from the writer to the producers to the office staff to the construction crew to the makeup to the actors to the costume to the stunties to the editors to the music to the... And they NAMED EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO CONTRIBUTED.
  7. I love that! I really love the size differences between the various generations of mecha Just needs a teeny tiny Cyclone at the VHTs feet to complete it!
  8. My favourite sequence in ROTS (wait, which acronym is used for which movie? I'm talking about Ep III here) was the corridor part where Darth Vader and Obi-Wan battle down a hallway and their blades that cut through everything not another lightsaber slashes and gouges through the metal walls like they're not there. Sparks flying, chorus blaring, and finally someone remembered how powerful lightsabers are and why only Force Users can wield them properly. Except for in the sequels, where even regular Stormtroopers have lightsaber-proof weapons
  9. How about Hovertanks AND Bioroids???
  10. Duel of the Fates was and is and will forevermore be the epitome of a Star Wars fight scene. It had good vmm vmm stuff, good Force use stuff, good timing and choreography, excellent music, and the benefit of a well-trained stuntman doing the flips and twists. Everything since then has been awful, with the sole exception of a few sequences in Battle of the Heroes.
  11. A testament to the quality design of the base kit! … now make some Hovertanks already!!
  12. I'm a little behind, but I have to say that this episode was of middling quality. The character bits between the TNG crew was outstanding, and I found myself impatient with the new crew bits because they took screentime away from the Old Crew bits. The acting was top-notch, which is something I've come to appreciate about this show, and even Frakes didn't have stumble despite this being his first film role in how long? One thing I really do like is Narek didn't fall for Soji and swear to protect her, like the Trope says he should've. He's slimy and refreshingly focused on his job. And I love Narissa She's enjoyably evil and it looks like the actress is having a blast playing her! The only part that annoys is that my recording cut off the last 10 minutes of the show, so last I saw the New Crew bangers were deciding whom was betraying whom. And I think Agnes' adorkable moments are equal parts cute and horrifying
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