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  1. I don`t really have the funds, or the general interest of super expensive toys in general. But HAWT DAMN! this thing is sooooo tempting me
  2. I gotta admit it, but I like this trailer. It looks absurdly cute, especially with Bumblebee cringing in the corner.
  3. That's not a big endorsement since she obviously already said "yes" to you at one point in her life, so she's already predisposed to do it again
  4. So I picked up the Gipsy Avenger HG kit from Bandai. The last model kit I built was an Eva kit, also from Bandai (about 18 years ago ). I'm really blown away by the skill and engineering that went into this kit. The parts are teeny, tiny, and the tolerances are just so amazing. Most of the parts pop off the sprue with little or no clean-up required. Everything is snapping together tightly, and it just looks neat. I'll probably finish it up tomorrow and have Obsidian Fury on deck for after
  5. After the steaming pile of turd that was The Last Jedi, I'd sworn off of film Star Wars for good. I'll not see Episode IX, and I said I wasn't doing to see Solo. This trailer reversed that last one for me. It looks really, really good. Fun, in-jokes, and a great background story. I'm sold, and I'll try to get an opening night ticket.
  6. I like the fact that Jaeger tech didn't just disappear, or get shoved into a box somewhere. There are consequences to these robots, in that everyone keeps trying to make them. They're like the new nukes, and once that genie was out of the bottle there is no putting it back. I also liked how the tech kept advancing, and that the new ones are far more capable than the ones from PR1 were.
  7. I'm just the opposite, I think 1 had the better action sequences while 2 had the better characters. Agreed with Amara, though. I didn't hate her nearly as much as I thought I would upon introduction.
  8. Against my better judgement, I went to see this last night. As expected it was: Dumb, stupid, moronic... SO MUCH FUN!!! I can't believe how much fun I had watching this movie! John Boyega really stole the show, since every single scene he's in he looks like he's having fun and enjoying himself. That was a great contrast to Reily- Rallaeighheha- uh, whatshisname from the first movie. The kids were annoying, but they're kids and that's to be expected. The Jaeger fights were fun, the Kaiju were also fun. The editing was brisk, the movie just flew by with no spots that dragged. The dialog can be cringeworthy at times, but what anime isn't? I think my favourite part is at the start of the film when the kid's running around and BOOM! an ankle appears out of nowhere and dwarfs her. Just shows the sense of scale that the Jaegers are. Overall, I enjoyed this far more than The Last Jedi.
  9. Lies. I have no doubts you'd crush that challenge like a grape!
  10. I think I'm in the minority here, but I really didn't like that trailer. It didn't do anything for me at all. If I wasn't so hyped from the first movie, that trailer would've turned me off completely. I know, I know. I'm not exactly a paragon of good media taste
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