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  1. re: Pic 95 I'm deliriously happy that Fibre is spelled properly for us Canucks 4.7 kilos for the mould alone! How does that stack up with some other larger moulds you've made before?
  2. I look at those figures and all I can think is, "Spartan IIs?" I can't shake that out of my mind. Visionaries was a fabulous premise and an excellent first few episodes. Too bad the quality dropped off after the second one (the one with the dragon's eye).
  3. "Big, Dumb, Fun" accurately describes my feelings about this movie. Had fun, won't be watching it again anytime soon. Leaves me wanting more, so that's a good thing.
  4. That was the trailer shot that sold me on the movie, and the movie itself didn't disappoint Love that haymaker, right to the snout!
  5. Watched it. The fights were okay-ish, but the best ones were in the trailers already. The rest was just filler, which I DID expect. At least there wasn't a pointless romance tacked on for the humans. I'm a bit disappointed with how Kong fought. I was hoping more of his agility and ability to outmanouver Godzilla would come into play more than it did. Big G has some decent judo skills for having such stubby little limbs, too. It's better than KotM, but that wasn't hard. Godzilla 2014 still is at the top of my G-movie list.
  6. https://i.redd.it/qzm7q1sdgsq61.jpg Hotlinking not working, 'cuz I'm a dummy, but this here is the real Godzilla vs Kong
  7. Ah, so what you're saying is that you want parts that DON'T look like I made them Large and wonky I can make. Precise and meticulous? Beyond my skill set, which is why I love watching master craftsmen at work.
  8. Without spoilers, how much is this movie on HBO Max? We don't get that service up here in Canuckistan, but it IS on Amazon Prime for a $24.99 rental fee I'd really rather not pay that to rent a digital movie, but if it's comparable to HBO Max then I guess it makes sense...
  9. Don't hype, don't hype, don't hype, don't blow it a-hole, don't hype don't hype just breathe it's your imagination don't hype... More seriously, this is the first kit of yours that I've bought and I'm already smitten with what you've made. I am in awe of your skills, good sir. With Renshape being carvable with a sharp knife, do you use a mill just for the precision of the cuts? Or do you have another use for the mill?
  10. I know you don't want to hear this, but I showed those last pics to my brother. First thing he said? "It's too good to stay alone, it needs a Hovertank."
  11. Ah. Blech, FaceBook Pity, but I hope it'll work out. If the basic rules don't need rehashing in the new books, maybe it'll be enough. Maybe.
  12. To why by who??? I haven't heard anything about a Southern Cross RPG from Strange Machine Games.
  13. When it comes to those little fiddly bits, were you able to carve out one master and then modify the individuals as needed, or did you need to sculpt each one by themselves?
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