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  1. Just getting caught up on this thread and I've gotta say, I utterly hate the redesigns for the movies. The Evas are too lanky with stretched torsos, the plugsuits are unnecessarily sexualized, the new characters and Evas are crap. If not for the redone Rameil fight, I'd call the movies complete garbage from start to finish.
  2. I have zero artistic ability, but I've found paying other people to do it is just as good
  3. Despite all the naysayers, I found I enjoyed the first three episodes despite their pacing issues. But this one just didn't interest me; it's yet more set up and yet another character introduction; not very good in that we're now halfway through the 10-episode season and we're STILL getting the crew together and not actually boldly going yet. Tick tock, producers, time's a-wasting. On the plus side, I really like how they acknowledge the fact that Picard is old now. His fencing isn't there, he can't run up a building of stairs despite being the only freshman to win the Academy marathon, and in this episode he outright says it. "I'm an old man, and you're a young one." In a series were Kirk was running with Photon torpedoes and climbing mountains until his toupee fell off, this is a beloved character who has been allowed to grow old. Lets see what he can do with that*. * epically inspiring Shakespearean speech pls.
  4. I hated First Duty when it aired, and it took me years to appreciate all the subtle things that went into that episode. I now absolutely love how Picard has to steel himself before that meeting with Westley because he knew it was going to be hard for them both. What's that about executive meddling? I'd like to read about that.
  5. Also Ronald Moore: And while I'm at it, Imma promise everyone that there is a giant plan that we're all following, so much so that we're going to put in the opening credits and then I'm going to forget all about it and just pull things out of my exhaust port!
  6. It wasn't until much, much later in life that I realized just what Q was doing in that episode. At first I hated watching Picard grovel, but now I absolutely love it. And that character growth is one of the few things that remained constant in an episodic series without much continuity.
  7. Agreed. This really needed to be a three-episode premier night, since it took so long just to get the actual story started. And it doesn't matter how much hate it gets on here, I'm enjoying it so far. Flaws, warts, and all. So go ahead and decry it all you want, Imma still gonna enjoy it. Do your worst!
  8. He said it! He said the line! That makes everything better, he said the line!
  9. Okay, I'd long since resisted watching this show. My coworker wouldn't shut up about it and that just turned me right off. Finally I loaded up episode 1 and... it didn't grab me. Silly things kept pulling me out of the immersion (how deep was the water in the opening? Thigh deep, then knee-deep, then so deep the camera doesn't poke over the top. And how long can he hold his breath for? Okay, fine, whatever. Then names, names, and more names that I can't quite follow. This plot line, then that plot line. The fight choreography is... okay, I guess? IT seems like they almost tried too hard. And don't get me started on the so-called "siege" on that castle. That place folder faster than Superman on laundry day! I will admit that I was taken aback by the inhabitants killing themselves; that was unexpectedly brutal. More fights, and Geralt gets stabbed in the gut and shrugs it off, stabbed in the thigh and shrugs it off, stabbed in the arm... Geez, this guy really IS made of iron. Alright, I'll give an episode a shot, if only so I can shut my coworker up. Episode 2 didn't grab me, either. I kinda zoned out there for a sec and then the Princess is with some people? Who are they? What does that lady mean by, 'He's one of the clean ones'??? And now there's more kinda okay fighting, and a bard with the worst taste in music ever? What did I miss? Okay, that song at the end was catchy, I'll admit. It's not so late, I can start another episode. Okay, this one is better and I'm starting to get an idea of what's going on. Things are picking up from its glacial pace, so maybe one more after this one and then I'll call it. Ohmigod it's how late the sun is rising and now I'm humming that damned Toss a Coin song on my way to bed and someone save meeeeeee… I'll admit it, it's really grown on me and now I kinda want to tell my brother not to come over since I don't really want to watch the Superbowl anymore! I'm only on episode 4 and there's only so much weekend left!
  10. Yup. My first minis game, and I was pleasantly surprised by the final outcome. I had a blast setting them up on my Metroplex and recreating episodes of space combat
  11. Hot damn, I wish I had that kind of dedication and follow-thru! As it is, I've only built about half of my RT minis so far...
  12. Pulaski, Maddox, Admiral Haftel… I think it's safe to say that the attitude was more widespread than originally thought.
  13. You shut your mouth! Leave me my dreams! … what's the scoop? I'm very out of the loop.
  14. I liked it. But it really needed to be a two-parter series premier, after the first episode was just too short. The naked racism on display towards the Android workforce didn't come out of nowhere; remember how the crew of the Sutherland treated Data during Redemption pt 2. Though I will agree that the world of the late 24th Century is a tad bleaker than I'd prefer. But on the flip side that drives home the point that this isn't TNG Season 8. I still want Dr. Crusher-Picard to show up, though.
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