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  1. "Really, bro? You're gonna put that in your body? I thought you wanted to LOSE weight!" "Urp. Relax, it's just a light snack."
  2. I can only hope this leads us to the Cap'n getting a taste for Southern Cross mecha and gifting us Hovertanks and Ajacs copters
  3. I'll hafta to cut back to only one package of raman per day, but count me in for one!
  4. Scrapper was hilarious! He's a giant, 3-storey tall mech.... and he barely comes up to November Ajax's shin! Ajax's finger is about the length of Scrappers torso!
  5. I'm one of the few people who was genuinely entertained by Uprising, so I'm glad this new anime doesn't just chuck it all away.
  6. You mean... just like that? Just slap those numbers down without a care in the world? It's so very tempting, but I really need to count my pesos for the moment. Stupid pandemic.
  7. Good, 'cuz as of Episode 4 she's reminding me of my brother's abusive ex-wife, and that's not a good thing
  8. I'm late to the party, I have some YouTube clips under my belt and now I'm up to Episode 3 and I just can't stand Mariner. In small doses her irreverence is hilarious, but I just hate how she gets away with everything.
  9. Hey, I like the Masters Saga! Do we have to skip through it so quickly??? pls don't hurt me, it sounded funnier in my head
  10. That Superion looks amazing, but after that all-in-one Bruiticus, I'll expect all combiners to work like that. No more partsforming gestalts, pls!
  11. As always, Cap'n, I'm in awe of your skill. Templates on blocks to blocky shapes to BAM decent looking blank! Having binge-watched a bunch of This Old Tony videos on YouTube, I can now appreciate how much effort it takes to get things set up in the machines before you do the actual cutting! Moar! Always moar!
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