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About Me

Born under a blazing sun and destined to die beneath that same scorching fire ball. Yes I am a native phonecian. No, no and I hate you! Not really, but I will shank you the first time you turn your back on me. Just kidding. Really, dont turn your back on me...

I love kittens, my wife, camping, whisky, God, quading, guns, 4x4ing, my daughters and politics and not always in that order.

I have been a member here for a long time. I didnt figure out that macross world had a forum till like 1999 or so then I joined and I think this is like the 4 or 5th version of the board now. Kinda like the matrix and the slate being wiped clean and us all starting over again, this time I want to be rich and famous so I can have all the macross toys.

I am on the SSL, if you have any questions dont hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for looking,

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