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  1. Hi-Metal R

    Did N-Y ever have the VF-1A super for sale on pre-order? Every time I check it says Not Available.
  2. Hi-Metal R

    I bought nine VE-1 Elintseekers.
  3. Hi-Metal R

    Where oh where is the VT-1 Ostrich? Don't we have enough supers I wonder if they'll issue another strike next.
  4. Hi-Metal R

    VF-22s looks pretty cool.
  5. Hi-Metal R

    Not trying to threadcrap but the Messer looks better kept in the box than taken out. At least we will see the VT-1 come out after the VE-1 so I can't complain too much
  6. Hi-Metal R

    Well I ordered all my 1/55's from Spidey Jerusalem, not sure if HLJ was around back then.
  7. Hi-Metal R

    I don't get the hype around ordering from HLJ. The valk costs a slight amount less elsewhere. Better shipping prices?
  8. Hi-Metal R

    They should've made the VF-1D be the 35th anniversary one with a minmei figurine
  9. Hi-Metal R

    I only like valks that were originally released in the anime, so there's my bias. A purple schemed VF, nahhhhh come on. I'd rather just get a CF.
  10. Hi-Metal R

    Yup. I agree. I don't see collectibility value in it either. The VE-1 on the other hand, beautiful valk. I'm amazed it isn't sold out everywhere.
  11. Hi-Metal R

    diorama looks really good
  12. Arcadia Premium Finish Max and Miria 1/60 Super VF-1J

    Pretty expensive for a 1/60 imho.
  13. Hi-Metal R

    I have the wing sitting out in the sun with "retrobright" coating it (actually 40 volume from Sally) Wish me luck on getting my parts back to white. Unfortunately this involves taking all the decals off and I don't have a spare decal sheet for a 1/60 VF-1A. I might make a thread about it (even though you guys are trying to weakly troll whilst avoiding breaking rules )
  14. Hi-Metal R

    I bought from there too. These guys package very sharp and nice.
  15. Hi-Metal R