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  1. Yes, very impressed. Got back to me in less than an hour as well. Just asked for proof of payment and immediately sent out a replacement. Already have shipping info.
  2. Peg sheered off the socket. It's in Rick's arm.
  3. Took a whole 25 secs to fall off. yes, it's broken.
  4. Up at BBTS https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/106981
  5. I'll preorder at BBTS, they will have up for preorder in a few days.
  6. It's perfect IMHO. I Never loved any of the modern offerings, they where always to lean and tall looking. Alphas to me have always been "stubby" and a bit 'Squat" looking. Sentinel appears to have really nailed that look and made the fighter mode amazing. Looks like the pilot figures are even articulated! I'm in for all three + the eventual Beta's.
  7. Atomski


    These are beautiful pieces but I've decided to refocus which lines I collect for Macross so both of the lovely Max and Milia types are up for grabs. Prices include shipping in the US via UPS with tracking and (due to the higher price on these) signature required for delivery for both of our peace of mind Can use all the usual apps (Cash, Venmo, PayPal - if PayPal +4% for fees or send as friend or family). Arcadia VF-1J (Premium Finish) Max Jenius Types - $250 Arcadia VF-1J (Premium Finish) Milia Fallyna Jenius Types - $250 I would think these two would go to a new home together, if that is the case I will get them out of the cool, dark closet and into your hands for $400. Both are in like new, pristine condition. Transformed each, once, both ways through all three modes. Max sat displayed for a short while in the display case. (each also includes bonus parts, side covers, neck cover extended/neck pilot seat). Both samples are excellent, paint and tampo printing is all super clean and tight. The boxes do have some shelf ware, scuffs and dings, it's almost unavoidable with this cheap, black and thin boxes they have been using for these "premium finish" releases. More pics available upon request. I would also be happy to work out a trade if you have any of the following: Arcadia Premium Finish VF-0S Yamato VF-11B Bandai (RENEWAL type) VF-25G (also need Super Parts) Arcadia Premium Finish VF-1S Hikaru Type
  8. If it say Toynami on the package, stay far away.
  9. No, no it doesn't I only have a soft spot for the VF-1S in the DYRL style so I may just seek out a Arcadia premium finish and be fine with that instead. Think it pair a bit better with their SDF-1 as well. Also going to continue with picking up 1/60 scales across the various manufacturers to get one of each style of VF so I can display the evolution of the design together. Just going to stick to TV style only on the DX's to have their own display. I only got back into collecting again a couple of years ago so I am kind of starting fresh on valks so I do have options
  10. For sure, given enough time I am sure my extra will find a home. I am not to worried about it.
  11. Sadly it looks like I am going to have to pass on this one. Just can't do this AND Vehicle Voltron in the same month and having to choose.... and it was hard. I'm keeping my preorder for Voltron. Gambling they re-release or someone will want to trade for the extra vf-1A Max. I do have the Strike Set preordered ironically.
  12. So everyone all full up on Max huh? OK
  13. Got my 2nd one in today, up for grabs in the For Sale thread if anyone wants.
  14. Got an extra one in my rush to make sure I got 1 for myself. Brand- new and factory sealed. ready to ship ASAP! $300 + shipping OK, accepting I will take a loss here, so in an effort to recoup SOME of the cash I have reduced as low as I will go. Leeson learned, never buy 2 again. I WILL trade for DX VF-1S Hikaru. Will also consider an Arcadia premium finish VF-1S Hikaru.
  15. Just got my ship notice from NY for my Max. (Preordered in August)
  16. Yep, got my "preparing shipment for NY" "preordered" a montha go so that is a win! Now I have 2 copies of this coming... anyone need one?
  17. Yeah, that's why I went with them, they seem to always come through even if they do take a bit to fill those late orders.
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