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  1. To DND & Kensei, Guys, thanks for the effort. Much appreciated. Cheers, Just In
  2. Hi DND & kensei, Thanks for the info guys. (To DND) I think i get what you mean overall although i don't have the FP yet (have to try the rest later when back home). But can you please elaborate on 2. What i understand from a friend is that i have to unlock the legs hinges first so that both the arm plates can then slide out easily. (assuming TR'ing from fighter to gerwalk). From the guide pics, we suppose to be able to swing the arms plate without removing the legs hinges. So, which is correct or got better way? Don't really think the leg hinges will hold-up for so many transformation. (To Kensei) So, is it not good to lock the back pack as shown in guide pic when in batteroid, as this will stress the joint? Thanks again. Cheers, Just In
  3. Hi MWF, I just got the hikaru vf-1j, love it but got heart attack just trying to transforming it. Can anyone please help with the following question:- 1) I remember reading somewhere in the forum that one had to be extra careful with the backpack while transforming it or something will break, is this true and if yes, what is it again? 2) From plane to gerwalk mode, according to the pic in guidebook, we swing the arm after bending the legs, but still the both the left and right arm plate will not easily swing pass. I guessing by force they will get thru, but is this dangerous, will the joint hold up? 3) To batteroid mode, the heatshield is also very tight, do we also pull it down by force? 4) To batteroid mode, i can't turn the head 180 degree pass safely, do we force it? Will the neck joint hold? 5) Anything else that i need to watch out for? My apologizes if any of these questions has been asked & answered before. And thanks. Cheers, Just In
  4. Thanks ppl for the info. Cheers, Just In
  5. Hi MWF, Anyone who own the wave sdf-1 happen to have a "coloured" transformation guide leaflet? Or is it all black & white? Mines black & white but remember seeing a pic of the guide leaflet in colour for the sdf-1 item sometime in ebay. Thanks! Cheers, Just In
  6. Hi Kensei, Thanks for the info. Can you tell me does the sticker of the 7 nos you ordered from Japan differ in colour than the one you'd brought from Hong Kong? If so, what colour are they? Thanks. Cheers, Just In
  7. Hi MWF, I'm planning to get a VF-1J Hikaru soon. Can anyone tell me whether the QC is better or worst than the VF-0S? Apart from the loose airbrakes, any other things that i need to watch out? Also, read from internet searches that there's Japanese & Hong Kong variant. How do you differentiate them? Someone told me is it via the different colour of sticker with wording "big west", is this true? If so, what colour sticker is Japanese Version? And do i need to watch out for a reissue problem or which reissue is the best, if there's a reissue for VF-1J so far? Thanks!! Cheers, Just In
  8. Hi Twoducks & Hurin, Thanks very much for the helpful explanation. Finally summoned up my courage just now and managed to pull the leg down. NICE!!! This is what i'd done (sorry if it is confusin ) (Say for pulling down the SDF-1 right leg):- I did it by using both my hands, with my right hand thumb & index finger support firmly holding the "side torso which's protuding a bit out & is initially one with the leg-the black coloured plastic with horizontal lines", then with my left hand thumb & index finger support firmly holding the upper leg part initially adjointed to that side torso and pull horizontally out with a bit of swing clockwise motion. Then it will click unlocking the leg. And like Hurin describled in the pic, pull the leg down with left hand while push the side torso up with your right hand thumb in one motion. Thanks you guys!!!!! Cheers, Just In
  9. Hello MWF, I just got my SDF-1 today. I LOVE IT. It is very detailed, excellent finishing, tight tight joints and got nice weight. I'd read twoduck's step, but the leg joints are extremely tight and i'm still afraid to use excessive force to unlock the legs down. Can anyone pls show/describe/explain safe steps of way of unlocking them? For instance, say i'm facing the front of SDF-1. Is it to support the toy like "twoduck" decsribed at the plastic on the central body using my right hand & then using my left hand, grab whole of the SDF-1 left leg with my thumb & index finger placed at the upper leg part ajointed to the hip and then yank/swing the leg up clockwise to a few degree(assuming like there's a pivot point at the hip?) and will the whole leg will unlock itself after yank/swing up to before 90 degree? Is this the right way? Or not to yank/swing but to pull horizontally out? Pls Help anyone. Sorry for the long description of my question. Thank you. Cheers, Just In (a newbie to MWF)
  10. Cheers bro mpchi for the info. Happy CNY 2007 to all chinese MWF members. Just In
  11. Thanks mpchi, Is it made in China? Stated anyway on the box? Or there is different variant like hongkong version, Japan version? or am i just thinking too much Cheers, Just In
  12. Greeting MWF, Newbie here. Can anyone confirm where the SDF-1 is made from? Made in China? Any other major QC/flaw issue apart having fragile elbow & shoulder? Cheers, Just In
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