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  1. Yea one for each mode. I got a 4th from NY just in case and was going to do a custom, but on the fence about the 4th now. My gunpla backlog is ridiculous atm, lol.
  2. Mine (31S Armor sets) just came in via EMS (12k+ jpy) and I'm on the east coast (US). Total weight was about 6100g with the shipping box and padding.
  3. I can confirm for my J (non Kai) but the others are still in their boxes... XD.
  4. The one on the right is the 7 sword, the one on the left is the re-release/recolor of the 00 'Raiser'. Different armaments. The 00 Raiser re-release will not come with the 7 swords.
  5. Damn my orders got cancelled via fromjapan. I put them in almost day early too (6/20 23:00).
  6. Looks like an astray with a beam attachment aside from the booster pack? You think this is the mb seed release that bandai was speaking of?
  7. I was wondering if the v-fin was deliberately over exaggerated or accidentally. The turn red astray has a bit of a different design (more detail?) to the oversized v-fin while the red dragon is just oversized with no extra detail (yet the drawing is missing the particles/beam effect). The v-fin depicted in the drawing seems a bit more upright and resembles more of the red dragon/turn red v-fin than a regular astray v-fin which isn't so upright.
  8. I really wonder if this is some kind of indication for another MB Astray sometime down the line...
  9. They didn't even go up for sale yet on pbandai. Maybe NY is out of stock until they get their orders in? I don't know... the weapons are limited at 13 per person and backpieces 2 per. I just checked NY and both items are listed as 'Not available'. Didn't mean they're out of stock, but I get what you're referring to because NY uses 'not available' when items are out of stock. XD
  10. I just saw this on ig... i know its prob photoshopped but lol: 20 caletvwlches...
  11. Does anyone know if the link for the Caletvwlch is up on bandai's site yet?
  12. Time to start camping the pbandai exclusive listing for the funnel sets and flip those! Would make a killing! I'm jking. XD
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