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  1. Im just taking a guess here but the MB Astrea is not included and this is just an accessory pack?
  2. Hahaha, then you're like Star Wars with how I am with Gundam and other mecha, LOL. I love star wars but I had to stop at 1/6th, regular figurine collectibles years ago. I was just lucky I spared myself from star wars model kits. XD
  3. When was the VF-1J released again? End of Dec 2018? I was enrolled in a full-time certification course 9-5 and it required additional evening hours after work on projects and homework/study. IIRC When the first of the VF-1Js arrived mid January (from HLJ) I was in full swing for preparing for my cert. I opened that box to check that they sent me the correct item, but I didn't open the VF-1J itself and put it on the side. I got the second shipment from Amiami at the end of that week fri/sat (iirc they limited the VF-1Js that time 3per customer, I pre-ordered 2). My cert exam was first thing that coming Monday. Good news was that I got my cert, was on the hunt for work, other R/L stuff and completely forgot about the VF-1Js from Amiami. It wasn't until almost two months later (maybe mid-end February?), I saw a box in the pile of my living room and was like what's this? Opened it and I was like oh damn! But yes I left them unopened at that point because I saw that value had sky rocketed and I don't have my display cases up yet. XD @Slave IV So do I. But I've come to realize that with the more recent purchases I haven't gotten around to opening lately. Oh and model kits! I've been working on lots of model kits and tinkering around with my 3d printer! XD
  4. Received only VF-1A Max earlier in the week, but I was a little slow and hesitant (and busy with NYCC) to check for the shoulder issue and glad to say mine did not have the issue. I own three VF-1J Hikarus but never opened them and wow, Max's VF-1A was a dream to handle! I may have to crack open one of my VF-1Js to swoosh around. XD
  5. Ahh yea sorry I forgot to list the scale 1/100 and yes its a model kit. It's the event exclusive (clear) one. It looks really nice. I didn't get to take a pic of their display booth because I already had my hands full with the MB Strike Freedom. Plus for some reason their display was inside the partitioned booth (it wasn't visible from the outside and seems a little backwards if you wanted more sales from passing foot traffic).
  6. Went to NYCC today and this was what I ended up bringing back. I wuz a bad boi. The shfiguarts gogeta ($55) wasnt an exclusive but the blue flame effects were and bluefin was giving them away for free as a bundle if you bought a certain shfiguarts figs. I wasn't feeling any of the con color exlcusives this year (kid goku, goku black rose, gold freeza or super gohan). Maybe when i go back tmw. Got the MG clr psycho zaku for $100 better than $200 via proxy or w.e. And the $270 strike freedom gundam soul blue version. A nice mobile suit but one I'm not entirely crazy about. Some guy was buying 5 of these at the con and saying "oooo theyre for my friends!" XD Oh and an odd simpsons fish for my cousin via kidrobot.
  7. I usually don't post what I buy much. I'm horrible at keeping track (or I often forget). I'll try to going forward. XD Via HLJ Via Amiami
  8. Looks real nice. Makes me want to reassemble mine. It's in pieces somewhere. But where's the head antenna/lazer?
  9. The postal worker just dropped off my 4th armored set (from NY) was shipped via EMS. Iirc i think the shipping difference b/w EMS and registered SAL was like 900yen for me on the original qoute and I told myself "ehhh rather pay the extra 9$ get it two weeks faster through the postal system and less likely to get smushed".
  10. Bit the bullet and did the same with NY. Pay later. Edit... thanks for the heads up @D' only
  11. My armor set from NY shipped as well. Had to check the status on their page because they did not send an email notification. Edit... nvm this one somehow ended up in my spam folder... lol.
  12. I got a prep in progress from NY. I'm assuming its the armored packs because its the only open order i have left with them. *yup just checked... its the armored pack and for some reason I selected ems for it when i preordered lol insert sad face*
  13. Yea one for each mode. I got a 4th from NY just in case and was going to do a custom, but on the fence about the 4th now. My gunpla backlog is ridiculous atm, lol.
  14. Mine (31S Armor sets) just came in via EMS (12k+ jpy) and I'm on the east coast (US). Total weight was about 6100g with the shipping box and padding.
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