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  1. The MN Gold Dragon had its head and shoulders reworked last minute like the WD. I have the WD and also the GD on po.
  2. I think the two he was referring to weren't the Motor Nuclear White and Gold Dragons, but the already released Red Musha and Date Masamune, followed by the funky looking King Tiger: https://showzstore.com/devil-hunter-dh-dh-02-dh02-1-100-red-musha-sanada-yukimura-gundam-metal-build-complete-model_p1542.html https://showzstore.com/devil-hunter-dh-01-1-100-date-masamune-gundam-metal-build_p1430.html https://showzstore.com/devil-hunter-dh-05-king-tiger_p1802.html
  3. The feet look different than showz's initial pics. The heels in particular... they're not as high. Showz hasn't post the colored ones to their site yet. It looks really nice overall!
  4. Wooo nice! I thought i had notifications turned on for this thread and completely forgot about it lol.
  5. I got the MB astray in yesterday and opened the shipping box today (sprayed it down and let it sit for a day). I got the creality 3d cr10v2 in last week and been playing/tinkering around with it since then.
  6. Ahhh wtf there was a standalone?! Okay now im just feeling a bit dumb but at least not so dumb because got the jump on a hair pulling preorder window by going with the bundle days ago lol. EDIT: damn bluefinbrands trying to catch everyone with the bundle by only providing the bundle link on their media pages (fb, ig, twitter, etc.). EDIT2: okay not 'so' bummed out about the extra $40.
  7. ahahahaha you're right on that one. here's the scale just for reference:
  8. At least the two mini figs appear to be poseable. *Yoda* Hrrrrmmmmmmmm really on the fence now about cancelling my order. At least for the $30 difference (NY state tax) I'm getting two poseable mini figs? XD EDIT: wait... what's the scale on those mini figs?! EDIT2: wtf!? $50?! Something weird is going on here... >.> https://www.entertainmentearth.com/product/evangelion-20-you-can-not-advance-eva-unit-9th-angel-evangelion-production-model03-nxedge-style-action-figure/blfbas55695 EDIT3: $35 for the Eva06 from bbts, the going price for eva03 at multiple sites is $50 preorder: https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/93423 EDIT4: Sooooooo with it being a bundle... I'm guessing they'll ship it all together in another box and not the brown shipper box with the two nxedge style figures on the outside taped to it? XD EDIT5: Okay as long as the two NXedge figs arent just packing taped to the outside of the brown shipper box of the pbandai MB eva01 movie ed... I'm content with the $30 difference... atm >.>. XD
  9. Me too... I couldn't sleep T_T. and my potato of a 3d printer decided to give me a hard time this morning >.>.
  10. I think he might be referring to proxy services maybe? I could be entirely wrong. With a proxy service shipping (jpn domestic and international), service fees) would probably average about 60$ ontop of the jpn pbandai msrp of 28600 jpnyen (lets say about $265 US). In total that would come out to about what bluefinbrands starting price is $325 (before state tax if this applies to you, for most it does like me $30+ NYstate tax). Along with their horrible shipping (even with the requested service of padding out and someone like me who doesn't mind paying the extra shipping cost, they still deny) this makes bluefinbrands the less desirable choice. Oh and my example of padding out a shipment was for my $1020 MS Nu which they refused to. The brown shipper box was scuffed up, dented and smushed... thanks to the horrible NY shipping handlers and luckily nothing was damaged. But overall I wouldn't mind giving my money to a service overseas that wouldn't mind padding out my items for a few extra dollars rather than lining their own pockets. edit: I wouldn't have mind if the shipping cost came up to an additional $50 for my MS Nu... fkn hell I already dished out 1020 >.>. Same logic would apply for this eva 01 mb movie ed. I'm sure if I submit a request they'll bs me and politely say no and my stuff will still arrived fkd. I would probably do a cc chargeback if they denied my request to cancel.
  11. I'm still wondering if the pbandai US site will even put up a listing (seeing as they don't list/never listed any metal builds prior iirc), but hey there's always a first right?
  12. Just out of curiosity has anyone ever cancelled a pre-order with Bluefinbrands before or had any issues?
  13. Where'd you see a 2nd batch announcement? I checked their page and there's no indication of a 2nd run on the item page (even with the translation). https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000144534/
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