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  1. I checked and neither one is my customer ID. I also got two emails from HLJ now. The first is an "order acknowledgement" and the second email is an "order confirmation" (after it appeared on my recent orders on their site).
  2. Right now I'm completely unsure of how HLJ handles their order numbers. On the confirmation screen following submitting my order I was given 000149388, but on the order number under my account shows 15095377. ????
  3. Okay this is insane... the order number after i submitted on hlj was 000149388 and now after it appears under my account its 15095377 ??? How the hell did it jump so many numbers? If I get a cancellation email from HLJ I'm going to tell that guys Mark his site's servers are on some crap! XD EDIT* Oh and it took 20+ minutes to show up under my account after my email confirmation.
  4. I got an email order acknowledgement from HLJ, but we'll wait an see...
  5. Yea I have a feeling the hlj email cancellation will ensue the following days.
  6. CDJ out too
  7. 16 LOL... still give NY the bird. IIRC their ticketing system kicks in everytime you move from product to product or homepage to product. GL with searching on their site... hits waiting list. LOL
  8. LOL I give NY the bird.
  9. Yes you're right it was for the YF-19 DX Full set. I just checked my emails and found one email from HLJ that was received about 5am Eastern US April 27th 2018 (which would have been about 6pm Japan time).
  10. That one time I think you're recalling wasn't for 2pm Japan time but it was actually to order an item at a later time. For whatever reason all the sites pushed back the order time from 4pm japan to 6 or 7pm japan that one time. I can't exactly recall which item it was for but I recall staying up till 5am/6am EST US (instead of the usual 3am) to place an order that one time.
  11. The armor set has specific shoulder colors.
  12. LOL at both. XD
  13. Geez @no3Ljm... the subtle references, lol.
  14. I was going to say... "wait a sec... a kitchen? that looks like an elevator bank". Denial is the first step you know! I'm jking.. XD
  15. Yea... I've usually been pretty good about opening even for inspection, but I've realized I've fallen off pretty heavily with doing so for the last year. I guess I've been a bit preoccupied with other things and I know the fanboy on me is like "openitopenitopenit". I guess it also has to do with living in NYC and the lack of space. I'm afraid just to leave things out on my desk just for the night (in the event of me being too lazy or tired to put then back in the box after said swooshing) and it gets damaged by some uneventful force. To be fair I made sure to inspect the four yf-19s I got earlier last year... for broken head lasers and all, lol.
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