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  1. @kajnrig: Bandai's version was not a full saber version. Iirc there were two third party makers that made full saber versions. One was Mo Show and the other I couldnt find.
  2. Wow 150 for the qant is a great price! Yea i think the main reason why i didnt do the mod was even if I picked up a 2nd qant and reverse/flip the arm for the shield (and used both left shoulders for symmetry), the metal semi-circular base under the backpack was asymmetrical. Now if i had one of those fancy metal 3d printers then I would've probably attempted it... XD Edit: I guess when I get home I'll see if i can dig it up.
  3. @Jaustin89 I would but mine is already buried... lol. I did look at it extensively (I have access to a 3d printer, cad software, etc.). Iirc it would take an entire rework of the blue plastic housing that the metal arm is connected to and i think it was reinforced by quarter semi metal ring that the base of the metal arm was casted/molded into. It might've been nailed/rivited in as well... lol. So to combine the two would require cutting the blue painted plastic backpack bracket, finding enough room to accommodate the 2nd metal arm. If both metal arms have a semi-circular shape to contour to the qant's backpack (the qant has that gn particle container through its chest and sticks out the back). Or just better off redesigning one from scratch and have it 3d printed. Unless you plan to use the qant's left shoulder for the exia r4. Then this would/might be the opposite.
  4. Received notification from amazonjp that the release of the MB Astray RF Alt Ver is delayed and expect early May. I'm guessing due to delays with manufacturing/distribution from China.
  5. Bluefin stated on their ig/twitter that they will have a 'big' announcement to make this year 2020 (it was on a response on one of the mb snow white wing posts). Which made everyone believe/assume it was regarding pbandai stuff.
  6. Really? I'm in NYC and wasn't aware it was this week... XD. *ends joking sarcasm* So far it's been getting earlier and earlier every year in Oct. Usually the first or 2nd weekend (thurs-sun).
  7. Yea I thought about that too sometime ago with buying a second mb qant, modifying it heavily and its a no go. Exactly. To modify one backpack to fit two shields would require some major cutting, restructuring and support for the 2nd shield/armament. EDIT: I'll just hope and wait for bandai to eventually release the extra armament version... lol
  8. Bandai has already shown the mb dynames at another event. Iirc it was a repair ver.
  9. It looks nice, but going to pass since mb astray red alt ver is out in another month. Wouldn't be surprised if this mb exia will be available in the US via bluefin sometime down the line.
  10. Now he needs to get around to photoshopping another 11 more like how his MB strike has 13 Catlevwches LOL
  11. That was the other site I was thinking of but it wasn't coming to me. XD Could also try these at a later time (they might not have it listed yet) gundamplanet, usagundam, newtypehq
  12. you're welcome... XD My MN White Dragon was shipped Priority Mail International Parcels out from ShowZStore on the 20th before flights from china were being closed off (I think it was the 22nd), and I still got my item. I think the MN WD was just sitting at port stateside because the US was backed up and their union workers had the hibbie jibbees (aside from them being soooo slow already). Maybe your item is at a holding at some port just awaiting for clearance? EDIT: Even looking at it now, my shipment started on the 20th but didn't processed out of china until the 21st. USPS gave me a bunch of crap about it being out for delivery the 6th (after it was cleared through ISC the 5th), but failed with no updates, later on the 11th stating it was undeliverable due to an incomplete address and then undeliverable yesterday which caused me to go down there in person to pick it up. https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction?tLabels=CP395895163CN#
  13. You can try sidesevenexport.com, but it's a one manned show and requires payment upfront. Im sure the other sites as well. Sorry just too lazy to look them up atm. XD
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