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  1. Variable Electronic Forward Recon?
  2. Must be a side-effect of the AFOS blood trans.
  3. I have a question. I got into a little argument with a friend about how the VF-1 transforms. He says the legs use the same sort of bars as the VF-0, while I say they detach completely from the fuselage and connect to the nose? Which one is most accurate for the anime VF-1? Proof is, as usual, required.
  4. Actually they remind me of balloons.
  5. Once upon a time, I asked them why their subs sucked so bad. They said it *was* a straight rip. So, yeah, that's what it was. Ripped straight from them that bootlegs, yarrrrr.
  6. I still think it's a VF-0S with a shadow running down the middle, to make it look scary.
  7. She wants to eat me! *waves a gunpod in general direction* Stay back!
  8. I was torn between the Nightmare and the Sturmvogel. Hard to make a choice, but I bit the bullet and chose the -22.
  9. Of course, the really cool thing about the Platypus Flanker is that it's got a toilet, galley, and massager ejection seats!
  10. 17 here too. For some odd reason they showed unedited(as in, not Robotech) Mospeada here (though it was dubbed in Malay, still Mospeada). Very strange.
  11. BF1942 is good, but I wouldn't call it the best. It is fun though, I'll give you that. I used to play AA, right until 1.9, where it would kill my modem every time (stupid Samsung). It was alright I guess.
  12. If you're thinking of that second picture, with the two SV-51s, I think those are launch assist rockets to help them, well, launch from the submarine carrier. It makes some sense, no?
  13. Guess he actually was doing something big. o_O
  14. Ranger_Karl

    VFX-2 VFs

    I got a savegame file that let me play with the bonus stuff. The Grenade Crusher is kinda just like an extra strong, unguided rocket. That doesn't seem to have much ammo. Thank god for the Full Armor MultiMissile Storms. (And the nukes on the FA Thunderbolt, they're damn powerful. Only affects one target. Strange.)
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