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  1. Mine arrived this morning in L.A. from CDJapan via FedEx. Haven't watched it yet, but expect to over the weekend!!!
  2. And let's not forget the AUDIO advantage bluray has over standard def DVD. Uncompressed audio FTW!
  3. Those caps are so great. So glad to see the original series got such fantastic treatment. Placing my order this weekend.
  4. THIS IS IT!!! This is the post I've been waiting for!!! Thank you so much for the caps TMBounty_Hunter! Off to Amazon I go...
  5. Me too!!! Can I take that to mean they didn't smear the grain away with digital noise reduction?
  6. I'm ready to give them my money for this release, I just want to see some screencaps first to make sure the remastering is up to snuff. Screencaps anyone???
  7. I would look at it the same way I look at the JJ Abrahms STAR TREK remake: I can enjoy both, but always have a special place for the original.
  8. There's only so much you can judge about picture quality from an interlaced Youtube clip... but having said that, it looks like this BD transfer is going to be very good. Certainly not a GALAXY EXPRESS style disaster. Can't wait for this!!! Now, when can we get some HD clips from the MACROSS TV series???
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