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  1. Hey, does anyone know if the radome and sensor fin on the Luca version will be able to come off? I want to get either the Michael or Luca version, and that would be the deciding factor.
  2. Yeah, I've noticed a lot of people are trying to get the canopy color just right. I wanted something much darker than what other people are looking for, though, so this probably won't work if you're trying to just lightly tint it. But anyway what I did was painted it with the Citadel Paint's Leviathan Purple wash. While it was drying it was pretty much the exact shade I was looking for, but when it dried it gave it a slightly of milky, opaque color to it. I was fine with that, since I wanted it dark anyway. After that I coated it with the Citadel gloss varnish. When I did that, though, the varnish did something to smooth out the appearance of the wash, and it dried into that glossy, transparent color, which was back to exactly what I wanted. I suppose you could give thinning the wash down even further, but the wash was a bit tricky to get an even coat on it to begin with, so on the smooth canopy plastic something even thinner might not coat well enough to work.
  3. Hey all: Long time lurker, although I never really post here. But since I just finished putting together my VF-25, I thought I'd share. Now, unlike a lot of custom painjobs I've seen around here, I wanted to do one of my personal paint schemes (inspired heavily by my AC from Armored Core, hence the GIANT FREAKING GATTLING GUNS), so ignoring my general lack of painting skill and the general complexity of this kit, I just dove right in. I must say, painting and putting together this model was quite a challenge. I can definitely agree with the statements that this really doesn't seem like it's intended to be painted. There's tons of little internal parts that are still visible enough that doing a solid paint scheme like this was tough. Also, the paint is enough to interfere with transformation a bit. I have a hard time getting fighter mode locked down because even a relatively thin layer of spraypaint is enough to cause some extra gaps. Also, even with a layer of clearcoat on it, transformation makes a lot of the parts rub together, which is causing some paint wear along the edges of various parts. But all in all, a great kit. I've got another one on the way, which I think I'm going to leave bare aside from detail paint, which should make things a whole lot easier.
  4. It's been a while since I've seen the original BGC, but IIRC it was only an exo suit in 2040, and a separate autonomous robot in the original. Either way, cool looking.
  5. Hmm. I don't like the way the intake area looks, or the fact that the tailfins don't fold all the way in, but otherwise they both look great. Are these toy, models, or resin kits?
  6. I met Jim Lovell at some conference about a year or two after the Apollo 13 movie came out. I don't remember exactly what the conference was for, but it was really cool to speak with him in person, particularly with the movie still fairly recent. It was also interesting hearing his comments about the movie. Aside from the obvious Hollywood dialog, the only things in the movie that weren't factual were the fact that the three of them never argued while they were up there, and never blamed Jack Swigert for anything that happened. He also had some funny stories about working with Tom Hanks before the filming, since Lovell hadn't seen anything Hanks had done in the last couple years before the filming started (Forrest Gump). So as the two of them were talking about the last movie Hanks had done, Lovell was getting this picture in his head of Forrest Gump floating up there in space instead of him.
  7. As of yesterday, my local Target (in Phoenix, AZ) had 8 Wiis on the shelf, so I'm guessing Nintendo's done a new shipment recently. As for Wii Play, it's mainly for the new controller, but as a roughly $10 game it's not too bad. Although I was playing Find the Mii and one of the conditions was "Find the two odd Miis out!" However, the game uses your Miis in addition to a few basic ones, so I had absolutely no idea what criteria the game was using to determine "odd" There was only one female Mii on the field, so I guessed that was one, but with the other choices beind Dr. Venture, Steven Colbert, Satan, Captain Picard, and Hitler, I didn't know who to pick and ran out of time.
  8. ...What if Toynami made one?
  9. Well I checked, and on RT.com they're $59.99 right now, so if that's your price point, go for it. I personally think they're still a bit high at that price, but $39.99 was just right.
  10. Actually, I bought a Lancer Alpha for Christmas when it was discounted for $40 at RT.com, and maybe I just got a good one but I love the thing and haven't had any major issues with it. I suppose that's part of the thing, though, it's definitely not an $80 toy but I think it was an excellent buy at $40.
  11. Yeah, the big issue with a cyclone is going to be the posability of the figure underneath all that armor, with particular attention to the riding stance. The leg armor interfering with the ability to actually sit on it properly is going to be the main point to look at, since every other cyclone figure I've seen has the legs stick out at a horrible angle because the leg armor is just too big to wrap around a motorcycle properly. However, the leg armor on Toynami's looks a lot slimmer than the other figures/models, and if there's one thing that Toynami seems to do well in it's figures is add a good amount of posability, so this could turn out pretty decently.
  12. Yes, you need to play a bit to unlock multiplayer and you need to purchase valks once you unlock those. But be careful though, once you've gone through the game you may just find some other mechs you end up liking better.
  13. I always liked Lancer's cyclone, so I'll wait until that comes out and see what QC issues get addressed for it.
  14. I should look into Gamefly, as there are quite a few games that I'd never want to buy but still want to try out anyway. Speaking of Red Steel, I got that with Zelda on launch day, and I definitely have to say that the best way to sum it up in two words is "launch title." It's a mildly interesting concept that, while better than the "total crap" I've heard elsewhere, has quite a number of apparent flaws that make it obvious that the controller's design was still new to the developers and they had to rush to get it out by launch. I've encountered a few bugs, as well as clipping issues that have enabled me to escape into the inky void outside the game's levels.
  15. You know, I think it would be cool if in the movie when Prime first meets a human, he first says "Ba weep granna weep nini bong" before speaking in english.
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