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  1. I picked up my 3 from the post office yesterday. I opened one of them to handle, but checked on the other two to make sure nothing seemed broken. The KO's come in a unlabeled brown box, no logo or anything (unlike the KO Super/Strike Armor which comes with a "Valkyrie Factory" brand brown box). No instructions, and no decal sheet included. All you get is the toy with the accessories. Like other's mentioned, fitment issues in various spots. My hands were reversed, the nose cone plugs rattle, and separating the chest plate to transform from fighter to battroid was quite the pain in the butt. My tail fins transformed fine, and no sign of plastic stress or cracks/breaks. One of the feet did just pop off, and one of the gray cover piece that locks the wrist swivel during transformation came off (can be fixed with glue). The right arm ball joint seems to be a bit tighter to rotate the arm. It's definitely not that bad for a KO. But, if you managed to pre-order at $50 or so, I think it is worth it (flaws and all) IMHO. But at $100+? Not worth it...
  2. I ordered mine a year and a 1/2 ago, at the time the seller's shop name was "Valkyrie Factory". He has since changed the name to Pigeon Pawn Shop. He even contacted me a few times via TaoBao chat and talked about Macross. The pre-order price was 390 CNY with a 50 CNY down payment. I went ahead and ordered 3.
  3. To those who ordered via TaoBao or ShowZStore or any other shop, did you guys receive your order yet? My 3 just hit the overseas shipping warehouse and I just paid the freight which was about $52-ish, for all 3 valkyries. So a little more than $200 for 3, shipped, given that locked in the preorder price of around $50/piece, not too bad. I am hoping these will come in by next week.
  4. These are customer comment pics I found on Taobao, these are not mine.
  5. Yeah, I pre-ordered these when they were being mentioned (a while back). The seller I bought from said they'd be shipping this Month (Oct).
  6. Nice! I'm still waiting for mine to be processed and shipped. I ordered 3 of them, at about $50/piece.
  7. Just noticed that Ray was charged and was placed in my HLJ private warehouse. Sweet!
  8. vfxraven19

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I only ordered (1), paid on 10/6/2017.
  9. vfxraven19

    Bandai DX VF-31

    NY just marked my order shipped now. They're slowly trickling, have hope guys.
  10. vfxraven19

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Finally... Just saw this right now, they sent it at 2:00am this morning. Looks like some shipment came in.
  11. vfxraven19

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Still waiting on NY. They gave me the same reasoning everyone has been getting... :\
  12. KitzConceptz is taking direct PO's. I might bight as well... I've already caved in and got one of their SD VF-1S Roy's. As long as it's not the Toynami crap.
  13. 1 SSP costs me about $50, including shipping. I pre-ordered a KO VF-1S when it was announced, going for 390 CNY (roughly $50 USD) + any shipping. You're almost going to see a set (KO VF1 + KO SSP) for about $100 + shipping. Shipping can vary. If the seller doesn't ship directly to the customer, they ship it to a warehouse within China. Once it reaches the warehouse, you are contacted by TaoBao when your order is ready to be shipped overseas. They also use Chinapost/EMS, but I've had JCEX/UPS make most of my overseas deliveries.
  14. I don't see the SSP on aliexpress, only on TaoBao. I bought some KO SSP and got them yesterday. Mine seem be fine, and the packs line up straight. The seller I messaged about the 1S says it's *supposed* to be released this month. There was production issues/delays, hence why they never made it out July 2017. We'll see though if it actually gets released.
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