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  1. Nah, he is right. There is a center stick for the TV verion, and two side controls for the DYRL version.
  2. Well, maybe a slide in cockpit? At the end of the day, I know we'd all like to get one of each model. IMHO it would make it easier for people to buy their beloved valks if Bandai had more stock, with more options, rather than less options, and too little stock. I believe more options in any product most times a good thing (that goes with video ganes too). It was just a thought, and i know it will never happen. I did appreciate the helmet-less Isamu in the DX YF-19 though. That was a beautiful touch.
  3. Yeah but Misa has to have 3 arms, as shown in the series. Two arms around Kikkie's neck, and the third one holding Hikkie's hand over the throttle. What is a good price for TV Roy's FP? What was the original release price? Thanks in advance.
  4. Actually, every DX valk should come with an open and closed helmets, like the DX YF-19 did. Much better, every yellow/black VF-1S should include 4 figures: Roy TV, Roy DYRL, Hikkie TV space, Hikkie TV open helmet.
  5. Ha ha, no, I am only joking. Congrats on such an iconic ride, I really like it! Now if we were to fight mano a mano, I would definitely destroy you! After the Miura, Murcielago, and the Countach, this is one of my favorite Lambos.
  6. I love how Gramps is in the corner looking slightly annoyed. "Get off my lawn!" No, seriously, Sweet display @sqidd!
  7. Ha, but i am sure they would have to state it is used. I didn't know Amazon sold used products. I hope if they item was used, it would be in the items description. Thanks for the reply! How dare you! I also tell this to myself at night!
  8. Quick question: Are all items sold by Amzon Japan, new? I just saw a VF-1S Hikkie for ¥ 26,727. Maybe Roy's release caused the price to go down? Is the item new? I could not see anything in the description, but compared to current prices, that's a steal IMHO. 29,126 yen shipped to USA is pretty good IMHO. (yes, i did try to order it in PO day, but it was a disaster)
  9. I agree! On the other hand, my current display has more than enough armed and fast packed valks, so a nice clean DX squad will not hurt. I have more missiles, fast packs and armors than could've ever wished for. So I consider myself lucky.
  10. I am going to have to pass on DX missiles and fast packs for now. As long as I can complete the Vermillion squad, and a TV Roy, i am satisfied. As many others here, my Yammies still look fantastic, and I have all their Missiles, and fast packs, including multiple GBP armors. (some MIB new GBP armors may be on sale soon, as I believe i have too many of them) Maybe if i get lucky and they re-release the DX missiles and FP again, I may order a set.
  11. This thing is beautiful! Badass! is this one of Rickhor409's robes? Very cool! Prety good likeness on the Alien's figures! I see a unicorn! Seeker goodness! I miss mine! Nice FP! I mean, It is Isamu! Sweetness! Dude! Sweet!
  12. I just hope NIN NIN delivers my Roy.
  13. vlenhoff

    Hi-Metal R

    "Each GBP missile sold separately for 10 bucks each" -Bandai.
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