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  1. Thanks! i am trying to spend more time on artwork I haven't finished yet.
  2. Yes Sir, and i don't take them for granted. I had gifted him several One piece Medicom figures, and I even made an illustration of him being Luffy, and printed it in a big canvas. He has one of the biggest Medicom collections I have ever seen! I am actually in the process of repriinting it, as i am not happy with some of the proportions.
  3. This was a gift, and I like it more than I thought I would. A friend saw pictures of my Swordfish II, and he gave me Spike for my birthday
  4. Awesome, lets do it when all this covid-19 dies down, if you agree. It might be some considerable time later, but safety is always first.
  5. Yes please! I can send you the blue one if you like. It can wait though. I don't want you to go to the post office in this period of social distancing. I do want one though. In the mean time, i'll just keep him in battloid mode. @Chronocidal I am pretty sure that's @sh9000 did too. I really want more brownies in my future.
  6. This is incredible, i would've never thought about this, unless i was illustrating the VF-1 (and i have illustrated it more than once). Your attention to detail is mindblowingly sick.
  7. ^ ^ ^ Very cool picture! ^ ^ ^ The latest addition to my display. Good ol' Hikkie's VF-1J. I wonder whyis this the only HMR with a blue canopy... I wish it was clear, like the others. Thanks @no3Ljm
  8. vlenhoff

    Hi-Metal R

    Very nice display indeed @sqidd Thanks to @no3Ljm for making my HMR collection a bit more complete.
  9. Shout out to @no3Ljm as well, for another lovely transaction, and for another fantastic packaging job. Thank you sir!
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