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  1. Thanks for the kind words M'Kyuun, but our relationship was not in great standing when everything happened. It was a period of 6 years where I lost friends and direct family, including my ex-wife. We were still good friends, and then she was gone. The only person left is y brother, and we can't even speak. We have had this eternal fight, and there is no end to it. Those years were very tough, and i guess i am still healing, by the state of my earlier note/post. I would not wish this to my worst enemy, if i had any enemies. All i can say is thanks for reading my note, and thanks for the kind words. My original intention was to make a joke about my Grimlock situation(hence the music), and i ended up in a very dark tunnel. I don't know what happened. I triggered other memories and I spun out of control. I am sorry to everyone for the dark tone, as this was not my original intention. I have no problems making fun of myself regularly but memories got the best of me today. I guess i can say i kicked my own ass. Back on subject, i am not really trying to replace my MPP-10, but the MS optimus does look like a good alternative to MP-44. I saw a guy on youtube, cut little reflective tape rectangles and fitted them behind the MS Optimus windows. Here is the video of the transform element Optimus, but half way, you can see the comparison with the MS Optimus. I think that "window fix" makes it look great, since you can't see the matrix inside.
  2. Sorry everyone, i didn't mean to kill the mood. It was a difficult day, and i overflowed. Thanks for reading, lets carry on with the conversation. I guess the only Third party/ improved KO i own is the MPP-10. I know i may eventually get a third party something, but I am not there yet. The jimbao oversized devastator is atractive, but massive. The other i like is the Zeta toys Aerialbots, or whatever they are called. The Magic square optimus looks like a proper MP-44 replacement.
  3. vlenhoff

    Hi-Metal R

    LOL, Oh man that made my day! I SURE WILL! edit in: Thanks so much for the providing me with the link. That was the best price i have seen so far. This is my first purchase from Mandrake, btw.
  4. Yeap, that's how things were back then. Wow, amazing craftsmanship from your dad! That is very sweet, and very touching from your Dad and your Grandma. We need to recognize we are very lucky to have the things we have. Yeah, this is my mental handicap, I was never ever able to enjoy the dinobots ever since. Plus it didn't help I always preferred Cars and planes vs animal transforming bots. It is too late now, it is like that scar you get from a bad fight. It will always be there, and sometimes it reminds you of the pain. Thanks for the nice words, but it was just a memory, triggered again by Mr Grimlock, lol. All is well! I really enjoy the pics you guys post, and i am really thankful! Nope, not any of the dinobots. Oh, i did try a while back Mikeszekely, and I bought a CHUGS Grimlock, but after a few weeks I gave it away to a co-worker's son. She visited us, and her son liked it so much, I immediately gave it away. I figured it would build good memories for him. It is funny how your mind can build these colossal traps. Yup, I still can't forget the debilitating feeling of saying the truth, and being looked at as if you were lying. My dad was perhaps the most noble man i will ever meet, and i will never be the son he wanted me to be. All things considered, he is no longer with us, and we are only human. Nothing we can do but to look forward and enjoy the rest of our lives. Sorry for the sad story, but I felt I had to share this with you all, for some reason. Please disregard Oh, and if you have someone you love, please tell them you love them. It may sound cheesy, but life changes quickly, and sometimes we wish we could manifest our love before it is too late.
  5. Please play this while you read my post. I remember when i got my first transformer ever. It was Grimlock, and it was Christmas morning. I carefully opened the box and got it out of the package. I followed the instructions, and as I was transforming him, the chest hinge broke. My Dad was not very happy and said he would never get me another figure, if i was just going to break them that quickly. I tried to tell him that it broke very easily, but he dismissed me on the spot. My Dad grew up in a very poor household, and never really got any toys. It was the first time ever i had broken a toy so quickly in my life, and i was saddened, thinking i wasn't careful enough. I tried to fix Grimlock the best i could, but it was never perfect, and it always broke at that hinge. I kept it's box as i always used to do with all my other toys. One day i found another Grimlock at a store, and it was then I realized the box was slightly different. My box was missing the Autobot symbol, and its place there was a tiny picture of Grimlock's face. It was then i realized my Dad had bought a KO instead of the original. My Grimlock didnt have the rub/heat autobot symbol either. I am pretty sure he didn't know it was a knock off when he bought it. It was a very loyal knock off, but i suspect the QC was poor, as many knock offs were back then. Ever since i developed this secret hate for Grimlock, and knock offs. I tried to tell my Dad, but he just dismissed me, as if i was making it up, or perhaps he wasn't interested in my realization. I did get many transformers after this bad experience, and i am very grateful to my parents for them. Sadly, lol, this is what i think about, every time i see any Grimlock figure. Burn after reading!
  6. vlenhoff

    Hi-Metal R

    Definitely the lighting. Beware SH-9000, soon I'll be getting my first Destroid Monster, and my collection WILL rival yours!!! (In the Monarch's voice)(dramatic music plays in background) MUAHA HA HA HA HAAAA!
  7. vlenhoff

    Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    So i almost regretted getting the Plamax 1/20, after learning it was actually a model kit. Nothing wrong with that, but i am not in the mood for a kit right now. I decided to try the cheapest-poo level shipping. The lowest of the lowset, at an staggering 6.15 USD from amiami. 3 months shipping time. No insurance, unregistered, added stickers that read "please steal this box" on the box, and it shipped Jan 21. So.. it arrived today. I thought i'd have to wait months for this thing. I am pleasantly surprised. Not sure I'd do this with more valuable offerings, but it helps my paranoia.
  8. vlenhoff

    Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    Extremely hard, that isn't Mr SH9000. I almost went with the Bounty Hunters, but my displays are already planned, and nearly complete. I just need like 4 detolfs more. I think one a month should do it.
  9. vlenhoff

    Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    Detolf quickie! First Detolf i buy in 18 years!
  10. vlenhoff

    Hi-Metal R

    Yes, please!
  11. vlenhoff

    Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    Not a fan of these, particularly, but it does stand out as it has more detail. Yeah, i think it is a bit too tick on the panel lines, but it does look more finished. If you had to choose between an HM-R and this Kitzconcept, what would it be?
  12. vlenhoff

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    I am starting to like the more spacious cockpit in this new DX. Maybe Bandai can make a Misa sitting on Hikaru figure for this cockpit.
  13. vlenhoff

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    Great Pictures all of you! Sadly, i finally opened my Dx VF-1J, and i got one of the bad ones. Floppy left leg at the intake, uneven wings at the back. I love how it looks, but i keep thinking how long until it becomes a floppy mess(i am looking at you heels!). I Love the heft, of this valk. The metal feet gave the brief impression the whole leg was metal, lol, but ofc it isn't. It feels like an advanced 1/48 Yammie, but I don't feel as confident handling it. I checked the screws on the left leg, and they are tight. It seems like the ratchet is loose on the thigh. Super loose.