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  1. They do look fantastic in every mode. I guess secretly, I was waiting for the ultimate, friendly to transform chunky monkey 2.0./ Hi-Metal R evolution. Or something that would closely resemble Kawamori's line art. Like the "proper" leg transfer mechanism. Anyway, i don't mean to What we got is what we got, and other than scalpers adding hundreds to the price, I guess these releases are somewhat within our reach.
  2. Ha, so there is a line of trailered race cars. Cool!
  3. Yes it is super minor, as it is the bar thing. Still annoys me, I must admit.
  4. I treat this thing as if it was House of cards. I guess @Slave IV is right, and there is some variance in its run. It's wings are slightly out of level when you fold them back too. I am really bummed out i didn't get the Hikkie 1S. I do have him twice in Yammie 1/48 form though. In any case, i am just wating for Max, and hoping they do Kakie and Roy.
  5. Maybe You all have superhero powers.
  6. Or just look at it wrong.
  7. Looking at it from the bright side, i have only transformed my DX 1J once. Everything else i transform regularly, which is a few times a year. At least it will increase its durability since we transform them so little. BTW when is the 1A max coming out? NY made me pay immediately, and I know its been a while.
  8. Honestly, i would have preferred a solid non splitting spine bar [swing bar]. It kind of keeps me away. It does look super nice, though.
  9. As tempting as that sounds, I still haven't made my mind up. Luke was my greatest hero growing up, other than Superman, I guess. I really want to find a good example, at some point. See that's the trick, Mark Hamill's face is hard to capture. So i am waiting for the one that best resembles him.
  10. A whiny no-one who becomes a powerful jedi, and saves his dad while also saving the galaxy. Shall I count the number of seconds Boba appears in the OT? Totally kidding, I love both characters!
  11. i want a single Hot Toys in the Future. It is either... Luke... or Boba... Luke... or boba...
  12. @Slave IV I keep thinking that Boba Fett is about to fly through the glass. I've always wanted one of those.
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