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  1. vlenhoff

    Hi-Metal R

    Great display @sh9000!
  2. Absolutely. I wish I could too, maybe later. Cars can also disintegrate wallets... China dress looks ok, but yes, a bit off. Roy is drool worthy imho. One day i'll have them too!
  3. Honestly, I wish Hikaru looked more like Roy. I think Roy is perhaps the best sculpt out of the bunch. I wish they can produce the formal uniform versions. I also hope they better the clothing sculpt, as I think HIkaru looks just a bit too slim. Sorry to
  4. vlenhoff

    Hi-Metal R

    I wish i had one of those.
  5. I hate you
  6. vlenhoff

    Hi-Metal R

    I really mean it, It is badass!
  7. Gah, I was hoping to get that from him, but my car's clutch happened... GAH!
  8. vlenhoff

    Hi-Metal R

    You have done it!!! I accept defeat! I shall now take my display down and burn it! [in imaginary Zentraedy fire!] Now THAT's what i call awesome! [Even the shadows projected on the wall look fantastic!]
  9. vlenhoff

    Hi-Metal R

    Wow, I had to look twice! You're almost there! Gah you beat me by one! I like how @sqidd has nearly all fast/strike-packed fighters, and you @sh9000 have all clean fighters, including those VF-19! I also noticed your VE-1 has a gunpod!
  10. i am so sorry! I sold it last month via Ebay, and i forgot to update this. So sorry Sqidd I do have new 1/48 Yamato brownies with new fast/strike packs, and new GPB armors, if you are interested in the future. I hope you can find a Blue alpha for your Beta.
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