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  1. Wow, i was completely off! I got confused there. Thanks so much Jenius! Thanks for all the video reviews. I often look at them for reference.
  2. Wow @sqidd that's some great run you had there! I have never seen the world at 200mph in a land vehicle, it must be crazy fun... and scary, lol. Specially in a motorcycle. I love riding bikes too, but sadly you can't predict everything on the road. I am personally done with motorcycles, TBH. Not only everyone around you is too distracted or not paying attention, it is also the elements that take the fun out of it. It was always too hot, or too cold, or too rainy. Or the rocks and hitting your skin and making you bleed. Or the feeling of rain needling your skin at 60 or 70 MPH. Or the time a Styrofoam cooler flew off a truck's bed, and it went up in the air spinning, only to suddenly land on my front tire, exploding instantly in a million tiny bitty pieces. Chances are if i tried to avoid it, I would have killed myself in dense rush traffic. Or the time this car cut right in front of me, and it almost made me crash. I caught up immediately to give the driver a piece of my mind, only to discover it was a actually a Nun. I said nothing, I just looked at her angrily, and went on my way. She definitely didn't see me, or it was a motorcycle hating nun, who knows. Or the time there was oil in front of the gas station i was arriving at. It was night time and it was rainy, so no chance see it was there. A truck had just left that gas station and it was leaking massive amounts of oil. Or at least that's what the gas station attendant said as a defense, while i was nearly yelling at him, for having such a nasty spill all over the station. I loss control of the bike, only to regain it as i nearly crashed. Cars are my thing now, i am not going back to bikes. Honestly i felt like i was paying for the darn thing, and i was using it too little. It is an unforgettable feeling of freedom and near immediate speed, while you are holding for dear life, and i'll never forget that. Honestly I don't feel my life is worth someone else's addiction to texting.
  3. Wow @sh9000, you have a massive car collection. I think @tekering, @Slave IV, and @spanner does too. Fantastic! Oh man the metallic blue is so nice! I only have an Old Merc, a few Subarus, and a Batmobile, lol.
  4. LOL, Definitely a group of "monsters" as in ugly! OMG these things are hideous!
  5. Look at that poor droopy nose cone. The waist line is way lower, long and forward. This is a disaster.
  6. I've always wondered if this was a joke.
  7. This, lol.
  8. Don't you have to be super careful for the swing bar to remain in one piece during transformation?
  9. Yup, I don't want to sound like a party pooper, but this is my main issue with the DX. LOL, i love the "bandaid" comment, as it is accurate. We were so close to the near perfect Valkyrie. I know this has been discussed before, but i wish Bandai would have gone the line art way. Where the legs swing down, and they detach from the chest, and reattach to the nose cone. Or simply do it the HMR/Yammie way, as a solid bar and call it a day. I wonder if someone[shapeways] could make a solid swing bar that could replace that flimsy break away swing bar.
  10. Agreed, I don't like the swing bar as it is in the DX. It is like transforming something made out of glass. It sort of takes the fun out of it, doing a balancing act so the darn thing wont come apart. I can transform any of my 1/48 Yammies with my eyes closed. You try doing that with a DX, it is impossible. That is the testament of the Yammies, fun, well engineered Valkyries. [except for the shoulder thing on the early 1/60]
  11. I agree for being a 10 year old design, it is mighty solid in all modes.
  12. HA< i haven't noticed the arm thing in mine. Funny, I actually dislike thet little hook thing in the Yammie, 1/60, and I never use it.
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