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  1. It looks too short. I'm sure someone will eventually chop a 26 grip to make it work.
  2. In my last car (15 Subaru Legacy), I bought a console safe from console vault. I always carry the gun on me but sometimes if I go into a federal building I lock it in the safe. My current car (18 BMW 430) has no room for safe. I just keep the guns on me and avoid federal buildings and military bases. --- Awesome collections! --- These just came in for our work handguns.
  3. It's a Glock 43X I bought recently. I bought a metal magazine release that was red for the upcoming 15rd Shield Arms magazine and went with the baseplate as well to denote FMJ ammo since the Aurora II suppressor can only use FMJ ammo. Fired ten shots while at my dealer. So the suppressor has about 30 more shots before the wipes need to be rebuilt. My dealer already makes wipes for it so it was an easy purchase to make.
  4. That looks great!! Gotta dig out my 1/48 Max 1A new stuff: built my son a .458 Socom rifle for his 13th birthday. He chose the caliber. got my omega 9k and aurora II suppressors in to my dealer and did paperwork today. Forgot to take a pic of the omega but here is the aurora ii
  5. My house is a 9mm/45/357sig house. I put blue baseplates on all my 9mm Glock mags. My 5.56 have 30rd mags, my 300blk has Lancer 20rd mags and my 6.5 Grendel has short metal mags. My g/f just ordered me an STI Staccato P for my upcoming 45th birthday
  6. I got a Tavor X95 in 5.56 when they first came out for my first bullpup. I stopped shooting it because it doesn’t suppress well. It’s a nice rifle and all but it just collects dust now. I primarily shoot my sbrs now.
  7. Nice! Glock makes guns in the US that they export due to some weird laws. Speaking of weird laws, is there some law in Canada which requires the barrel to be a certain length? Your 19X barrels are longer than mine.
  8. Ha. Eating is overrated!! more toys! To pass on to your kids when you starve to death. my birthday was Sunday so my 11yr old and I built him his upcoming 12th birthday rifle. Cannabilized a Ruger 10/22 and put it into a kit to make it look like the HK G36. Suppressed of course.
  9. As always, love your photos Peter! nothing much to report on my end. Finally picked up a police trade in Beretta 1201FP shotgun I ordered months ago. Also my Olight mini came in today. Nice light for $47. Here’s the Sandman-K on my 7.25” 300blk SBR. Picked up the suppressor yesterday and had some fun shooting it last night during work
  10. The “brace” is not “designed” to be shouldered so ATF does not classify it as an SBR. They can’t regulate how people use it.
  11. Sadly, after the year long wait for the CZ P10C, it’s been supplanted by my new fun gun. Bought it on a whim. Glock 19X. Tossed the junk factory night sights and replaced with suppressor height night sights. Also stuck my new TLR-7 on it. I liked the Ameriglo sights that came with the gen5 19. Wish they were standard. Expensive day.
  12. I love that stock! As always peter, beautiful pictures. On another note, the two CZ P10C SR guns I ordered in December 2016 finally arrived!
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