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  1. Thank you to @jennety_ for selling me his Regult. The custom work is well done, and it was packaged carefully and shipped quickly!
  2. I am looking for a TV style head from a 1/48 Yamato VF-1A. These were only available on the Max and Kakizaki specials as far as I know. If anybody has one of those Valks in bad shape I could buy the whole thing. Did anyone ever do a recast of the TV style head?
  3. Hi, are you still looking for these?
  4. Surprised? No. I am happy to see them doing well. Their 1/60 Macross (and the Yamatos before them) figures are my favorite toys to collect. The Premium Finish versions especially. They are a little pricey, no doubt, but they are the high end collectible I want in my display cases. The price point means they aren't sold out the second they get released, which I appreciate. I am a little bummed that there's no mention of the VT-1. Maybe it will be released without warning like the VE-1 was. The Nora is a sharp paint scheme and the Premium VF-4A looks fantastic.
  5. Yeah the colors look good. Arcadia seems to be going strong. They have a lot of toys presented, which is a good thing. Looks like maybe the VF-4 is next to the SV-51s?
  6. Another SV-51, eh? I wonder if it will have correctly assembled legs.
  7. Lol. Let me know if you give in to making irrational purchase decisions.
  8. I didn't know you were looking for a second (3rd? 5th?) Stealth VF-1J I have one i would have sold
  9. I agree that would be great. Shin's gray VF-0A is my favorite from Macross Zero. 1/60 PF Arcadia Valkyries are still my favorite Macross figures.
  10. Here's the pic I snapped this morning.
  11. My hope is they release a TV Kakizaki VF-1A so we can complete Vermillion. I would be content with that, especially if it's a TWE release. But Bandai seems to go out of their way to avoid completing any part of a line. 1/48 VF-1D for the first time would be fantastic, but preorder will probably be another bloodbath. The impossible preorders are becoming more and more of a turn off for me on the line.
  12. If they adjust some of the fitment and tolerance issues too, this should be a great figure. I wonder if they will re-release Roy's VF-1S with these improvements later on. Maybe they will release it as a Rick Hunter version.
  13. I am looking to buy some 1/60 Yamato Weathering Editions. Mostly interested in a VF-1J Hikaru or a VF-1S DYRL Roy but am interested in any VF-1 versions. They tend to go for insane prices on eBay and even Yahoo auctions. I know they are rare, but if anyone has one they would sell for a reasonable price please let me know. Thanks!
  14. Bought a GBP set from @Arthurius. It was packaged very securely and shipped quickly. Very pleased and many thanks!
  15. Very cool, thank you. I think they came with a couple of spare missiles in case some got lost. PM sent
  16. Does the GBP include all of its missiles? (Shoulders and legs)
  17. Corrinald

    Macross figures

    Breetai has arrived
  18. There's a set of these on eBay now. A bit pricey but they appear to be NIB
  19. Corrinald

    Macross figures

    Same here and I agree completely.
  20. I just got the NY notification that my Super/Strike order got bumped to April too. I ordered a full set of 5 of them almost immediately. Pretty shady of NY, but not unexpected. This may make me pause before ordering anything from them again. Luckily I got a spare set on the way from a different source so my Hikaru 1S can be decked out. Not like I need the rest of them until they release all the rest of the DYRL figures but I am still irked. Might as well wait it out at this point. Bandai's stuff is neat, but I much prefer collecting Arcadia's stuff to be honest. All of this nonsense is unnecessary.
  21. Yes FromJapan will store your items for up to 45 days. You can put as few or as many items into a shipment as you want and get an estimate with various shipping methods. You do have to pay them for shipping costs to them from the seller if there was any. I am not familiar with Tenso fees or shipping so I don't know how they compare.
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