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  1. I ordered my pile of Super/Strike Parts from NY in the first 24 hours NY had them posted so I am hoping that wasn't a mistake. I don't think they were even up on the Tamashii site for sale yet. Worst case I suppose they will get them to me by the time the rest of the DYRL Valks are released :P
  2. That's a bummer it will be so hard to get...that's a sharp looking special edition.
  3. Did they actually go on sale from the Bandai website? I can't believe they would stop within a couple hours. Maybe it's some kind of website error. I bit the bullet and bought a handful from NY yesterday. Figured it was best to stock up since it looks like there will be a full or mostly full DYRL lineup. Now my credit card is a smoldering pile of ash from paying up front for the VF-1A, VF-1S and Super/Strike. Sigh...Bandai
  4. Will pay NY markup later for one, as I did with the Max 1A and move on. Better than paying scalpers I suppose. I won't do this again for a Bandai toy, as I was right about this one and should have stayed in bed.
  5. HLJ's website is hot garbage without considering preorder volume like this. ALMOST got through checkout there.
  6. No luck here again as I figured.
  7. Looks like Loopaza has shipped the missile sets or is in the process of doing so. My account shows shipping tracking info with Hong Kong post.
  8. @nathans82I ordered some from Loopaza too...it was a gamble, as I don't know anything about the store. Are you having any trouble logging in? I did once yesterday and it said the order is processing, but haven't been able to log in since.
  9. I am just hoping to get one and it may be easier to just wait for NY's inevitable second round preorder markup. Good question about the Super/Strike parts....does one just go ahead and get enough now to outfit all the DYRL characters?
  10. Looks great. Was hoping they would stick to the TV line, but I do love the DYRL scheme. Maybe this one will be a website exclusive as I imagine otherwise it will be outright impossible to pre-order. I definitely need one (or three)
  11. The pre-order is up for Rick's VF-1J https://kitzconcept.hk/1-72-scale-vf-1-fighters-207.html
  12. Yes I agree....I would be okay with all of them being exclusives.
  13. Mine showed up too and I agree with you. The fast packs look great and the lights are a fun feature, but they should have made the switches a button on the outside. The covers for the main boosters are a very tight fit and not pleasant to get on and off. If the lights were easy to turn on and off, I would switch it on whenever I am in the room. As they are, I will likely never use the feature. Overall though Kitzconcept has a nice thing going with these 1/72 Veritechs. They just need a few manufacturing/tolerance tweaks and they'll be a great toy. When/if Roy's 1S gets a reissue I will get another one to see what's changed and to display in a different mode.
  14. @Anasazi37 and @HardlyNever that's how I am feeling in response to all this too. I settled for the NY markup price and a semi reasonable scalper on Yahoo Japan (wanted one for Battroid display and one for Fighter display). Checking all the selling sites multiple times per hour for two days following the impossible pre-order to see if an opening popped up netted me zilch. It's good that it worked for a couple of people on here but that's luck of the draw.
  15. If by some miracle I snag a few along the way, I will try to help members out here.
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