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  1. Bought a GBP set from @Arthurius. It was packaged very securely and shipped quickly. Very pleased and many thanks!
  2. Very cool, thank you. I think they came with a couple of spare missiles in case some got lost. PM sent
  3. Does the GBP include all of its missiles? (Shoulders and legs)
  4. Corrinald

    Macross figures

    Breetai has arrived
  5. There's a set of these on eBay now. A bit pricey but they appear to be NIB
  6. Corrinald

    Macross figures

    Same here and I agree completely.
  7. I just got the NY notification that my Super/Strike order got bumped to April too. I ordered a full set of 5 of them almost immediately. Pretty shady of NY, but not unexpected. This may make me pause before ordering anything from them again. Luckily I got a spare set on the way from a different source so my Hikaru 1S can be decked out. Not like I need the rest of them until they release all the rest of the DYRL figures but I am still irked. Might as well wait it out at this point. Bandai's stuff is neat, but I much prefer collecting Arcadia's stuff to be honest. All of this nonsense is unnecessary.
  8. Yes FromJapan will store your items for up to 45 days. You can put as few or as many items into a shipment as you want and get an estimate with various shipping methods. You do have to pay them for shipping costs to them from the seller if there was any. I am not familiar with Tenso fees or shipping so I don't know how they compare.
  9. Premium Format VT-1 would be an awesome follow-up to the VE-1. Would also love to see an Alaska Base VF-1A.
  10. Agree with these points. I have used From Japan quite a bit and have never had any issues. They are very professional in their services and have been thoroughly helpful the few times an issue came up. I used them to preorder a couple of items from Arcadia that took longer than expected (such as this VF-0D) and it went fine. I asked them politely if they could touch base with Arcadia and they were happy to do so. I also won a Yahoo auction for one of my DX VF-1 figure preorders. By the time FromJapan received the item, the auction was taken down. They sent me pictures of the item and asked if it was correct since they couldn't view the original auction anymore.
  11. That's a bummer but not entirely unexpected. Hopefully the extra time will mean better QC.
  12. That's sharp. Only $750?
  13. I think the DX and 1/60 nosecones both look good in battroid. The neck area is the significant visual improvement on the DX. The DX cockpit/nose area looks a bit stumpy to me in fighter mode, to be honest. I think it's somewhat of an illusion because of the huge Macross kite that's back a little ways, as well as the longer horizontal surface that protrudes forward above the intakes. The nose of the 1/48 Yamato is very long and looks great. The 1/60 isnt as long but looks great too. I still prefer these over the DX in fighter mode due to their proportions. The DX has better tampo obviously.
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