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  1. @Anasazi37 and @HardlyNever that's how I am feeling in response to all this too. I settled for the NY markup price and a semi reasonable scalper on Yahoo Japan (wanted one for Battroid display and one for Fighter display). Checking all the selling sites multiple times per hour for two days following the impossible pre-order to see if an opening popped up netted me zilch. It's good that it worked for a couple of people on here but that's luck of the draw.
  2. If by some miracle I snag a few along the way, I will try to help members out here.
  3. Ahh okay I will try that next time. Thanks!
  4. I ended up empty handed and am seriously reconsidering doing this any more.
  5. I gave up a night's sleep and still managed to miss the late additions at NY and Bandaionline. Collecting Bandai DX is fun. Also I can't figure out how to keep this from auto filling my last message I typed. (My last post quoted somebody)
  6. No thanks!
  7. This was stupidly brutal. Guess I will go back to bed disappointed
  8. No success anywhere yet. Wow
  9. The DX YF-19 was the late one. I remember getting up just before 5am for work and it going online. It was nice
  10. Definitely going to try to get one of these. Still on the fence about multiples though...running out of space for 1/48 stuff quickly.
  11. I am hoping they will ship the VF-0S I ordered from that February sale one of these weeks. Got delayed a bit
  12. Max VF-1A?! That's awesome and totally unexpected. I figured Roy was a sure shot for the next release with maybe a 1A Mass Production and 1D to follow to represent each of the models. Glad to see they are sticking with SDFM.
  13. Corrinald

    Hi-Metal R

    I am going to have an extra Hmr VF-4 I will sell if there's somebody that still needs one.
  14. You held off for as long as you could. To be fair, they are awesome VF-1 toys. I never owned the original Yamato versions or regular Arcadia releases so I jumped on the PFs when they came out. The struggle to resist buying too much Macross is real.
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