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  1. Got super excited for this until I realized it wasn't PF. More likely just trying to generate some easy income for them, but maybe the PF is to follow like they did with Max and Miriya?
  2. Man, that's a bummer. It's good that EMS is still accepted but I wonder if that will eventually stop too.
  3. I gave in and got one through Kurama Toys (Bandaionline) which I had forgotten all about. $218 usd...not a terrible price I guess.
  4. Oh yeah if Arcadia is going to release these I would much rather support them. I can see them releasing the CF, but the Angel Birds seems like a stretch. The price point on the KOs is kinda high for the subpar quality. Still an interesting development.
  5. I gave Zenmarket a try but they weren't able to secure one either. Meh
  6. Oooh these would be cool in PF format. Would definitely have to check out a cannon fodder VF-1A
  7. Imagine if a VF-1D comes out or when Focker inevitably releases. If I didn't like them so much in Battroid mode I would seriously reconsider collecting these. Bandai really takes the fun out of it.
  8. Looks like FJ dropped my order. I didn't get a message but it disappeared from my shopping list. Hopefully they won't be too hard to get when it releases in August.
  9. Ahh okay. Mine is still pending but I can't imagine it will go through. Will see if I get a response from them tonight. That's nuts they reached their limit on something in a few hours that's open to preorders for a month .So much for TWE items being easier to secure in the early stages. Bandai is special.
  10. Did you get a response from FJ saying that?
  11. Same situation for me. Waiting for confirmation from FJ. If not, they will eventually turn up for sale on the internet somewhere. Max VF-1As became quite plentiful with time. I will wait to see if and when NY ships me my Super/Strike parts before I give them any money again.
  12. Is anyone else having trouble opening the Kakizaki page on the Bandai website? It was working for me earlier.
  13. Stealth is sold and I added an Angel Birds
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