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  1. Nah, that's not weird at all. I have similar OCD about collection displays. I wish all of my Valkyries were weathered but that would be a nearly impossible task. Thats one of the great things about this hobby - there's no right or wrong way to do it!
  2. Very cool! The yellow looks great and I love the properly centered skull and crossbones. You didn't want any weathering?
  3. I also asked in a separate ticket if they would cancel my order for store credit if they don't have stock for this, but they haven't responded to that one yet.
  4. Here's the NY response I got this week when asking about when this might ship. I ordered 5 SSP. They let me downgrade shipping to Ferry a few weeks ago since EMS is a no go. I thought maybe that would get it rolling. "Dear Customer, After talked to the delivery center I have a bad news. Delivery center said we will receive our stock little by little. Unfortunately due to this fact, they decided to ship first orders by UPS (faster shipping method ) , come after orders with only 1 products from fastest to slowest sending method, and afters other orders with quantity 2 and 3 .... For this moment i cannot tell you when your order will be ship. Probably during this month, but when exactly, I do not know yet. Please don't hesitate to send another message if you need anything else. Kind Regards Nippon-yasan.com Customer Service "
  5. Some overdue feedback from me: Two smooth transactions with @rick.vale, as well as ones with @Dragonprime, @Vertex, @Benson13, and @sjoebarry. All great members to deal with, thanks to everyone.
  6. Corrinald

    Don't Want Anymore

    I'm in the same boat. I really wanted to get one of these until I read about how bad the leg issue was. Shin's VF-0A is my favorite from the series. Hoping it gets some kind of Premium Format release
  7. That's what I was doing - when I got to payment method it said they didn't have enough stock to cover the amount I ordered, which was one lol. So close
  8. And gone. That was quick
  9. 35000 yen? No thanks... I'm not that desperate, NY. Especially not with the very real possibility they will never send the product.
  10. I downgraded my NY SSP order to Ferry a couple weeks ago, hoping that would nudge them along. They obliged and gave me a store credit for the shipping cost adjustments, but I haven't got a notice about any further prep. Might just wait on the TV Super Parts to appear in the wild at the end of the year.
  11. My FJ order for Fast Packs is cancelled already. Buying Bandai products is fun
  12. Here as well.
  13. Looks good - nice to see the correct red tips on the missiles. Will look sharp on the VF-1S I can't buy
  14. They're late....
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