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  1. Bought two Valkyries from @Skull One. He was great talking to and kept me informed every step of the way, including pictures of the items being packaged and shipped at the post office. They both arrived safe and sound in great condition today. Thank you!
  2. Corrinald

    Hi-Metal R

    My sentiments exactly. This should absolutely be a proper white TV Version Roy VF-1S. Other than that - very cool Scout Regult.
  3. Selling a 1/48 Yamato GBP Low Visibility Urban Camoflage color. The box is intact but the corners and edges of it are in overall rough shape. The armor is itself in good condition. There are a couple of small scuff/paint transfers on it and I had to glue the backplate of one side of the chest missile doors back on. The chest closes tight but it's a little finicky. All parts are present, including all four hands and all of the missiles. There are two spare of the large size missiles but no extra small ones (shoulder launchers). All parts attach to each other and VF-1 with a solid connection. Sticker sheets are unused and included with instruction manuals. Ask if you want any other specific pictures. VF-1A Max is not included. $175 PENDING Macross CM's Set 1 variants - Hikaru without removable helmet, clear hair Minmay, Mao, Ishtar, Mylene, red Minmay doll. Sealed in baggies but no boxes $75 Macross CM's Set 3 - Isamu, Zentran Max, Roy cockpit, Flower girl, Minmay first concert, Sammie (I think?). No boxes $75 Macross CM's - Lynn Minmay DYRL Wonderfest special clear hair. No box $35 Macross CM's - Lynn Minmay DYRL final battle dress. Dark blue hair, no box $30
  4. LOL ugh that's accurate for both Bandai and moreso for Arcadia
  5. Yeah don't I feel stupid paying 27000+ yen for mine. Wish I would have been patient. Maybe there's some hope for Bandai making the next figure more readily available though.
  6. I finally tried installing the replacement VF-1 shoulder hinges I got from Shapeways earlier in the year. https://www.shapeways.com/product/DV3KRQCTN/kanzen-henkei-1-60-scale-fighter-variable-hinge?optionId=3675956 Unfortunately these things suck. Drilling out the holes so the pin could go in wasn't bad, but the hinges don't actually close all the way. Maybe I should have picked a different plastic type instead of the white versatile? They work fine for battroid or Gerwalk mode, but this VF-1 won't be able to fully transform into fighter mode. Has anyone had any better luck with these?
  7. I really enjoy the Yamato 1/48 VF-1s. I have been debating selling my DYRL set, but not because I don't like them - it's for space purposes. Assuming Bandai does the whole lineup in 1/48 DX, I won't have room to display one of each . Even with that in mind it isn't an easy decision to let them go.
  8. HLJ got back to me and confirmed replacement parts are coming in mid October with instructions on how to replace the foot.
  9. Wow that's interesting. I haven't received an update from HLJ yet. If returning it for a refund is the only option, I can't confidently say I would buy another SV51.
  10. I thoroughly enjoy the Kitzconcept figures and these non canon paint schemes. Looks like they rushed the box for the red version - only two sides of mine are labeled correctly. The figure is great though.
  11. I will have an extra VF-1A Max that likely won't be needed due to space limitations. Couldn't snag one at less than NY prices but I'd be willing to work with a member here if somebody needs one
  12. Curious to see what the next one is. Back to SDF, or another DYRL? Maybe something off the wall like a VF-1D? With Bandai you never know
  13. I got a black and gold one from ebay. It was a little cheaper than their website, but I ordered it before I knew it would be on their site for sale. Mine is number 615 out of 660 per the box. The red and black one says only 200 pieces worldwide yet it appears to still be for sale. They didn't sell 200 in over a week's time?? Regardless, I am enjoying these unexpected LE non canon schemes. Nice to see something a little different.
  14. HLJ has requested pictures of my figure so they can file a claim with Arcadia. We'll see what they say.
  15. Isn't Bandai going to at least do the YF-21? Hopefully the VF-11B too. Those are really the only three aircraft in the show.
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