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  1. Imo big assumption that their flying at the same altitude. Impossible to determine from that picture.
  2. I’m burned out on nothing and hope that the Joker transforms into a giant robot tiger and attacks Gotham City only to be beaten back by Krypto
  3. Maybe they were a little wary of another 70 year old action star
  4. And they would be now as well. If marvel hadn't sold the movie rights to all things mutant to Fox.
  5. Picked up two of the Lego Rogue One sets at the Lego store this AM and got my Darth Revan minifig bonus! :-)
  6. Aren't all the old, well known timeframes pretty much shot now, by Rebels and the like? Rebels had A-wings and B-wings (albeit prototypes) prior to ANH by some number of years...I'm sure they could throw the Executor out there if they wanted to and just say "yeah, it was off camera in ANH and ESB"...
  7. I watched it. Was very well done and a very interesting and different way to delve into the subject matter. I agree that paramount would be smart to just take this over as is, pay everybody, up the quality ever so slightly, and release it on their new tv service.
  8. I know for a fact that the answer to the first question is an unequivocal and emphatic "no".
  9. Not anymore unfortunately. There's one tiny little section where they're finishing a few up but that's it. The line is dry. They're putting out F-35s. Numerous are at first flight stage on the deck now
  10. I know a lot of folks are anti-F-35, and with some good reasons, but I got to tour the Ft. Worth factory today. Unbelievable place. Just an absolutely amazing manufacturing line.
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