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  1. Shin Densetsu Kai 7.0

    How do the Bandai 1/65 scale valkyries compare?

    Definitely true. From the top the Fire/Blazer Valkyries look shortened with the LERX's pushed up. The toys are easy to transform and very sturdy. They are just very toyetic, especially compared to the last transformable Valkyrie toys Bandai had released prior(1/55 DYRL, 1/72 HCM, 1990 VF-1S Super reissue). Overall they can be fun but might look like the most toyetic Macross toys in your collection. The VF-17 is very fun if modded to enable the knees to bend back.
  2. Shin Densetsu Kai 7.0

    DX VF-171EX from Macross Frontier

    Strictly on toy terms(as in handling, transformation, intuitiveness), the Yamato VF-17 is a far better toy. It's more of a challenge to adhere to the lineart. Whereas the DX VF171 is far more accurate to its animation model but is much more fiddly to handle compared to the Yamato VF-17. If the DX VF171 was as solid as the Yamato VF17, not fiddly and with a transformation just as smooth, the DX VF171 would be the better toy in my eyes. The way the toys turned out, the Yamato VF-17 has similar transformation mechanisms to the DX VF171, it just does those things better and much smoother/simpler.
  3. Shin Densetsu Kai 7.0

    Calibre Wings 1/72 diecast VF-1

    I doubt you'll see any internally moving parts aside from the wings and possibly the canopy at most. Most diecast manufacturers opt for parts swapping over functional gimmicks. For example, Century Wings made a cat launch F-14 model but it had wings fixed forward and forward landing gear in the lower elevation used for catapult launches(rather than using a nose gear that could lower onto its mount by itself). Hopefully Calibre Wings doesn't put the engine fans too close up.
  4. Shin Densetsu Kai 7.0

    Macross Collection Display Thread

    Beautiful lemon(cracked nose hinge and crotch hinge)
  5. Shin Densetsu Kai 7.0

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I would take a VF-31C in Hikaru TV colors and VF-31A in VF-1A brown cannon fodder colors over the made up 35th anniversary scheme for the VF-31. I'd love to see simpler SDF deco on the DX VF-31's over the airshow Delta decos(I like the 31A deco since it looks like a combat bird and Messer's since it's the most subdued from Delta Platoon).
  6. Shin Densetsu Kai 7.0

    Macross maintenance.

    This is probably my favorite thread here within the last 10 years. I have a question, @Xigfrid, can your DX VF171 replacement triangles stand up to repeated transformation? Also I think I got a new one for you guys. I don't recall seeing this crack before. It's the hinge for the radome/nose on the DX VF-25G Renewal. This part might be ABS(I didn't look close). Crazy thing is the crotch hinges look like POM to me yet they're cracked on mine! I saw those cracks a while back. For the radome cracks I think I could fix it by seeping some Krazy glue or epoxy and moving the nose gear back and forth while drying. I was able to save some cracked V2 1/60 VF-1 shoulder hinges doing that back in the day. Hopefully Bandai makes a DX VF-25 3.0 for the 10th anniversary of Macross F with diecast for main hinges instead of POM and solid pins instead of spring pins.
  7. Shin Densetsu Kai 7.0

    Arcadia 1/60 VF-0S Premium Finish

    Hopefully a regular rerelease is on the way, I'll even take an unpainted kit version. Not sure why Arcadia hasn't brought those back.
  8. Shin Densetsu Kai 7.0

    Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    Found the control art for the 1/72 VF-1. The swing bar appears to be in the nose instead of parallel to the back in Fighter mode: https://kitzconcept.hk/index.php/blog/KC918/ Also shows retooling planned for the VT-1D
  9. Shin Densetsu Kai 7.0

    Arcadia 1/60 Super VF-1J Max & Millia Release

    Did Arcadia ever specified a tentative release date for Max this month?
  10. Shin Densetsu Kai 7.0

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    I heard that the F-15SA has FBW, but is there a hard G-limiter built in? I was reading forum posts elsewhere about the F15C VS F16 in DACM and the Eagle guys said they sometimes had the edge because their system wouldn't limit them whereas the 16 was limited to 9G's from its FBW FCS. Also read that the F15E bled speed pretty fast when in DACM compared to the F16.
  11. Shin Densetsu Kai 7.0

    Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    They can't use Macross designs/likeness in future media(movie, cartoons) but are able to produce toys/models based on SDF Macross designs. It does look like a reverse engineered Yamato with different articulation for the hands and it's hard to tell if the knee/lower leg is able to extend to bend the knee forward more for guardian mode. It isn't clear if the ankle can extend either. Ultimately I'm hoping for something sturdy as I like the size and the guy who designed this used to work for Mattel. However I worry since Yamato's V2 1/60 mold was already tricky to get right by Yamato themselves(anyone remember the cracked shoulder hinges!?), what more for a company reverse engineering it, at a smaller scale too? As is it looks good. Maybe this will be George Sohn's dream come true; a modernized HCM. For Robotech toys, this is a huge leap from the MPC and 1/100 VF-1. For Macross fans this is the only other 1/72 VF-1 toy aside from the HCM from 30 years ago, but scale aside, Macross fans have had better options prior. I think it won't stand toe to toe with the HI METAL R and Yamato 1/60 - 1/48 VF-1 toys. If the qc is good I think it'll be looked at as an affordable VF-1 option but not the best overall. I am willing to give Kitzconcept a shot but proceeding with caution. Might wait for reviews from first adopters. I am pleasantly surprised that this comes with a stand. Also surprised at the price. It's been a while since we've seen a perfect transformation VF-1 toy for under $100. If this had the heat shield transformation, knee/ankle articulation and details of the Yamato VF-1 with the arm/lower body transformation and bigger vertical stabilizers of the HI METAL R VF-1 I would be very pleased. I want to see shots with the gear down and from the underside in Fighter. I wonder if the head will be able to tuck in flush without the visor showing(something I love about the VF HI METAL/HI METAL R VF-1). I doubt the side covers are integral but would be very surprised if they actually are incorporated into the transformation. I hope the gun can be held tightly(MPC had issues with that). I don't care for the lights. I would be all for it if removing them would slash cost. I'm not sure why Toynami seemingly insists on LED's so much. Hopefully this toy turns out decently. I bet for Robotech fans that never imported the Japanese Macross toys, this toy must seem like a god send.
  12. Shin Densetsu Kai 7.0

    What's next for Bandai? (Wish List)

    I'm not sure. I never knew who the designer actually was. All I knew was that it was the same designer from the Yamato VF-17 and I read that from your old posts. The 171 doesn't strike me as one of TREX's designs though. I could be wrong. I'd love to see the 171 retooled with a much sturdier crotch lock mechanism, a redesigned mechanism to transform the lower legs and less parts overall. That toy was a victim of having too many moving parts got transformation coupled with the usual loose Bandai Macross diecast ball joints. The forearm and lower leg transformations came off to me as needlessly more complex than they should be. Not that they were actually complex but to get to step A to B required more steps than it should have on those parts.
  13. Shin Densetsu Kai 7.0

    What's next for Bandai? (Wish List)

    I get the feeling it's either their Bandai's internal design team or the freelancer that designed the 171. Hope TREX designs a Renewal 262. There's reason enough for one to be made moreso than there was for a 27 Renewal.
  14. Shin Densetsu Kai 7.0

    Arcadia Offices.

    It did happen but ended with the Rekka no Ryu rerelease from Armor Plus
  15. Shin Densetsu Kai 7.0

    Arcadia/Bandai VF-1J 35th Anniversary?

    Not a fan of those graphic design poster/race car decos on anniversary valks. Would prefer to see an SDF homage like the DX VF-31C in Hikaru's VF-1J Vermillion colors. Hell I am surprised Bandai repainted the YF-29 with a Focker deco when they could've made a more fitting homage using the VF-25S.