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  1. PetarB

    Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    Reno that had come up very nicely. That undercoat panel lining looks nice and restrained.
  2. Why not just go whole hog while we are at it....
  3. PetarB

    Custom VF-24A

    That's very nicely done! Like the colours as well.
  4. PetarB

    The LATEST Paint Experiment - VF-0S 1/72 Hasegawa

    Beautiful work. For me there's little more satisfying in modelling as when you finally - finally - pull the masking tape off a complex masking job. I once had a model in masking for a couple of weeks. Every two days I would be adding more panels, removing part, then masking again just to spray another tint... and finally, finally be able to remove everything was a blessed relief.
  5. PetarB

    VF-1 Atmospheric-Escape Booster

    Take a look at my signature to see the Moscato one in action. Having said that, your engine nozzles look good, but the detail on main body looks quite a lot thicker. Would love to see some more pics of this in profile, etc.
  6. PetarB

    New from Hasegawa 1/48 Weapons and 1/72Gerwalk

    Im thinking a hi-res image of that box art would make a great desktop image!
  7. Please look at a list of Kershner's and Abrams credits in comparison. JJ is a powerhouse, even if many of his works could be classified as 'misses'. Let's not forget that Kershner was also responsible for Never Say Never Again, and Robocop 2.
  8. PetarB


    This was in the news a couple of years ago. As I am interested in the tech, I remember this well: http://www.cnet.com/news/google-style-glasses-led-to-attack-in-mcdonalds-professor-says/
  9. PetarB

    The MW Automotive Thread 5.0 GT

    *Fast Five* is an amazing movie for many reasons. It's my favourite of the franchise and I was one of those in the seats for the first one with my eyes bugging out of my head. I cannot wait to see this. My only problem with this awesome trailer is that Lucas Black is not in it and I was hoping he'd be a bit more involved. I really enjoyed Tokyo Drift! Perhaps he gets 'revealed' later on....
  10. I must be the only person who really enjoyed Terminator: Salvation. Yes, the end was a bit messy but I really enjoyed the ride until we go there, and the first sequence where the humans infiltrate the machine's base, with Connor only just escaping from that chopper was very cool.
  11. PetarB

    Tak3n. Coming January 2015!

    '...Good Luck' I almost spilled my coffee at that! I cannot believe they went 'there'. Awesome, I can't wait!
  12. PetarB

    Latest completed build- VF-11B Thunderbolt

    Loving this valkyrie. Great work! The top of the booster paintwork looks slightly out of line, but I'm guessing that's due to the old resin moulds. Anyway, as usual, thanks for posting your pics. Always good to see.
  13. PetarB

    Macross World Convention 2014 Exclusive!

    Super-Cute! and nicely done.
  14. PetarB

    New from Hasegawa 1/48 Weapons and 1/72Gerwalk

    Oh wow, that box art looks like the early eighties illustration style - in a good way. Box Get!