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  1. Bump. D acquired. Looking for an A
  2. Super/Strike parts sold
  3. Pics of Super/Strike parts added
  4. Interested in the Bandai DX VF-1S, how are its thighs looking in Battroid mode? I hear some of them are loose/defective even brand new and need to be taken apart and re-screwed, just wanna make sure that isn't the case here. Thanks!

  5. Selling my extra 1/48s. All prices include shipping in the US. PAYPAL only. Buyer pays the PayPal transaction fee. 1) Bandai DX VF-1S. Transformed to battroid and back to fighter. Bought it new from Rakuten. Then displayed in fighter with landing gear down, gunpod attached and pilot in cockpit. Box has minor wear. Includes all parts and accessories. - ON HOLD
  6. I found this. Seems to have the correct measurements to be 1:60. It's not diecast but made from resin. May try a best offer to see and hopefully ser how it looks.
  7. Found a D now on the lookout for a used or broken A for a custom Thanks
  8. I cancelled mine at HLJ, seems like others did as well. It's too much to pay for something that *might* be good. Besides, I'll wait until Bandai makes the Zero valks in the DX line. You it will happen eventually
  9. Count me in. Just tell me where to send the cash.
  10. Don't forget Rambo
  11. What'll be interesting to see is if Bandai does make a VF-11B DX would they make it closer to 1/60 scale or do the "robots of similar size". If it's the latter, the 11B should be closer to scale with the new 1/48 VF-1 line
  12. I hope so. And please let them get the color right this time!!
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