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  1. Looks great, wish I could have made it there too. Hopefully I will make it to the next macross con.
  2. I will try my best to make it to the con. I will tell the wife i will not be able to have the wedding coz i have to headover to join my macross fans. It will be awesome, makes me want to pack my bags now and my Macross models too.
  3. Hey Sonic man! Damn straight, your awesome! thank you heaps for helping out with the con i hope Warpaint22 has told you how proud and happy i am you being involved, excellent your a Macross fan! It would be great to meet up with ya at the con mate if you can make it! Cheers, Matt

  4. If anyone does find out please let me know also. I have been asking around for that compound that he squeezed out from the that bottle and used it on cleaning the excess paint. But all the hobby stores don't know what the hell I am going on about.
  5. heheheh Might need to take up smoking now, just might help my modeling. Is it wise to be smoke while you have all those chemicals around. who cares as long as the results look good right?
  6. Thanks. I am hoping to try to do a cleaner build with my next kit.
  7. Thanks. I did a full paint strip of that VF-19. Hope it will be ok once i do a revamp.
  8. Thanks. I'll keep you posted on the steps I take. Pre-shade.
  9. Thanks for the nice comments, hopefully my next model will look better. I am Currently working on a YF-19 at the moment.
  10. That's nice work. Here is my one which has been through a big battle, hence bullet holes on the chest.
  11. Hi all, I posted awhile back on my nasty first attempt at weathering my first VF-0S Battleroid Kit. First attempt at weathering. Here are some pics of my second attempt at this. This is the same model as first attempt. I just did a full paint strip. I had alot of tips from my good friend warpaint. thanks dude.
  12. Thanks, I'll need to put on a better gloss coat this time around and not use a flat white this time.
  13. I ran into major problems when I did the panel lines. First I used a weathering set Tamiya Weathering Master B Set, using water and a thin brush to apply the chalky thing. i let the thing dry and it just won't come off with water. So i used some thinner and omg it came right off with paint job too. Second I tried to use some acrylic paint thin down with some water, it applied ok. When it was time to remove the excess... again it too off all the paint on the model. what products should I be using to remove the excess paint or weathering, without taking the whole paint job off. I did coat my whole paint job in some clear gloss coat to protect the paint, but it still just took off.
  14. Here is a photo of my new workstation setup.
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