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  1. While Hasegawa makes some wonderfull and more screen accurate and well proportioned kits, I do love transforming my valks but can´t afford a DX. So I´m totally in for this Bandai kits!
  2. maxi

    Bandai 1/35 DX VF-1

    Try living in Argentina were the currency exchange rise to over 1/12 .....
  3. Hi there, nice find!! This is from the model section on the old macrossworld site http://www.macrossworld.com/macross/models/arii/76523i.jpg This one is also from the models section but from a bootleg...I believe they are the same as far as the instructions... http://www.macrossworld.com/macross/models/bootleg/olympus_3_i.jpg not the best quality but may help you. Good luck.
  4. maxi

    Macross 3D models.

    Hi and welcome. You should try with the macross mod for YSFlight. There is an entire section of Frontier models. Not hi poly but pretty nice models, The thing is that you need a specific program to open the files...let me look at my drive and I`ll PM you.
  5. DIto to that.....I would also like to see a YF-19. Or a VF-11 with the APS -11 Protect Armor Pack!!! It`s free to dream..
  6. Hello guys. I was wondering if there is a chance that bandai release a YF-30 in plamo version. I really love it but can`t afford a DX, specially here in Argentina where import taxes are prohibitive and you end up paying almost twice the price...Thanks.
  7. Oh my.....that is very cool!!!hope to more of this....
  8. WOW!!!Where did you get that!!! That is awesome!!! I guess you could copy the missing parts on the third from the others and have all the modes in display....I´ll be following this.... P/S: What else was in that magic box??
  9. Are you guys talking about the nose in the cad image??It looks odd really, but I thinks it`s just the perspective....it`s called parallel projection....that it`s why it look short and wide...
  10. Could any of the guys who have assembled this tell if it would be possible put some little springs inside the leg delivery actuator??so it could be forced to the closed position.... some pics of this part and how it attaches to the back plate would be apreciated...
  11. Just to put my to cents.... I`ve just ordered mine and I`m very exited!! There are two reasons why I bought this kit: 1º- Like some people said the more interpretation of macross valkyries the better!!!! 2º- For a guy like me living in Argentina, the price for a yammie is way beyond what I can pay for, I only have the hikaru 1/60 vf-1s and had to save for over a year to buy it...real life issues..... my country has extremely high import taxes, plus the shipping I end up paying 3 times the price of the valk. This is a much more cheap option and besides all those facts that you guys talk about, I really like it.....
  12. maxi


    I think this may be helpfull It´s a scan I`ve found from the VF-1 Master File book...
  13. Hi Benjo. Are you talking about the model kit or the toy?? Could you post some pictures??
  14. I see.... so you do have to "interchange" pieces between the model and the super pack.... that really turn me down on buying the super parts.... thanks for the info VF5SS
  15. Hello guys. I´ve recently bought a vf-25f 1 / 72 Bandai. I would like to buy the Super Parts for this model but I have a doubt. are they removable?? I have seen some manuals that the armor must be assembled to the rest of the model and apparently can not be removed once the model is finished. can clarify this doubt? thank you very much.
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