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    Bandai DX VF-31

    This one looks like the Bird Human from Macross Zero.
  2. I have a few myself, one even signed by the man himself. But I still want a reissue of this bird.
  3. A lot of us here wants a reissue of this... Bandai!
  4. You can see it through the box window for display.
  5. You can probably clean it off, though he used permanent ink marker.
  6. I love this thread. Thanks everyone!
  7. I think, the best comparison would be comparing the Arcadia grey goggles VF-1J with the Arcadia white goggles VF-1J. Anyone has them both?
  8. Nice display @DYRL VF-1S ! Can you post some more of this Hikaru Strike in different modes and different poses? ... If it’s not to much to ask.
  9. So, is the white true white or pinkish white? Anyone one who has both the arcadia grey googles and this latest release, can you please take a picture of them side by side? Thanks.
  10. Yeah, fun, i used to play in an orchestra. In the string section to be exact, as 2nd violin. I get goose bumps on awsome parts of certain parts of the music we play. I just wish we had anime in our repertoire.
  11. How about listening from the performer's perspective...
  12. And yet another day, skipping directly to to Frontier music.
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