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  1. From which Magazine(s) is/are this/these?
  2. Bub

    Hi-Metal R

    Wow, cute baby Hikaru couldn’t reach the pedals with his cute baby legs and feet.
  3. Bub

    Strike A Pose! revisted...

    Nice find! They were probably thinking that the fans would like to reenact that pose.
  4. Bub

    Hi-Metal R

    Oh my, I didn’t see it right away. Anyway nice work on that Yammie.
  5. Just a few hours left. Vote wisely!
  6. Bub

    Macross Books

    Postponed again, eh? Just like the Arcadia VE-1. But the VE-1 was just postponed for a week.
  7. Bub

    Hi-Metal R

    Did the 1/60 Yamato VF1-D do it right?
  8. I believe they were NEVER released with rainbow canopies; both the TV VF-1S Roy and the TV VF-1S Hikaru that came with the Super Parts. And yes, I’m an old timer.
  9. Any other shops saying the same thing?
  10. Bub

    Hi-Metal R

    Those zentraedi crew men plus small human figures are what we need.
  11. The VT-1 had the exploding shoulder’s that’s why nobody wanted it. It should’ve been one of the best sellers considering it having the greatest “air time” in the movie.
  12. Aside from the shoulders, there were plenty of backpack breakage reported. (Never had the backpack problem though) I was actually worried if you meant TV, because the Super VF-1S is my 2nd favorite 1/60 Valk. Phew.
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