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  1. From which Magazine(s) is/are this/these?
  2. Bub

    Hi-Metal R

    Wow, cute baby Hikaru couldn’t reach the pedals with his cute baby legs and feet.
  3. Bub

    Strike A Pose! revisted...

    Nice find! They were probably thinking that the fans would like to reenact that pose.
  4. Bub

    Hi-Metal R

    Oh my, I didn’t see it right away. Anyway nice work on that Yammie.
  5. Just a few hours left. Vote wisely!
  6. Bub

    Macross Books

    Postponed again, eh? Just like the Arcadia VE-1. But the VE-1 was just postponed for a week.
  7. Bub

    Hi-Metal R

    Did the 1/60 Yamato VF1-D do it right?
  8. I believe they were NEVER released with rainbow canopies; both the TV VF-1S Roy and the TV VF-1S Hikaru that came with the Super Parts. And yes, I’m an old timer.
  9. Any other shops saying the same thing?
  10. Bub

    Hi-Metal R

    Those zentraedi crew men plus small human figures are what we need.
  11. The VT-1 had the exploding shoulder’s that’s why nobody wanted it. It should’ve been one of the best sellers considering it having the greatest “air time” in the movie.
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