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  1. Bub

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Hey no3Ljm, how’d your ebay case turn out?
  2. Bub

    Macross VR

    Yeah, we haven’t heard anything about this. Maybe it is gonna be one of those VR Parks or VR Zones limited time “rides”.
  3. Bub

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    @Vi-RS Who’s Hayes? Anyway, this toy design and most of its features were made possible because of Yamato/Arcadia. Thanks to them, Bandai is reaping the benefits. Look at the swing bar, the heat shield, the speed brakes and flaps. The shoulder flap covers. Even the gunpod idea. Yamarcadia paved the way and Bandai is merely improving their designs.
  4. Bub

    Toynami 1/100 line

    Congratulations jvmacross! Number 1!
  5. Bub

    Arcadia SDF-1 Movie version 1/3000 reissue

    1) For those who bought both the regular and the premium release, are the boxes’ the same size and dimension? 2) Can someone post a picture of the premium finish release? Thanks!
  6. Bub

    Macross Delta Scramble

    I read somewhere before that it’s not easy changing the account just by swapping memory card. You’ll always need to ”reformat” your PS Vita / PSTV every time you change your memory card. Is this true?
  7. Bub

    Macross Delta Scramble

    Thanks. That means the only way I can play the update and downloads is with the Japanese account.
  8. Bub

    Macross Delta Scramble

    I know, this is an "old game" already but I was just wondering... I have the PS Vita game cartridge , used it on my PSTV with Japanese account, updated and downloaded all the stuff I can... The question is: Are all the updates and downloaded files inside the game cartridge? Let me rephrase that question: If I use that same PS Vita game cartridge using my regular English PS account, will it play with all the updates and DLCs?
  9. Bub

    Macross in the weirdest places

    AGAIN: Quick! Somebody call those HG bast@rd$. I'd like to see what they'd do with "THEIR IP"... @$shol&s.
  10. Bub

    Macross figures

    ... Taken from more than a week ago.
  11. Bub

    Macross/Animation Cel Collection Thread

    I’ll see if I can send you pm in an hour.
  12. Bub

    Macross/Animation Cel Collection Thread

    Hey, it’s already 2018! Where are the new cels?
  13. Bub

    Macross Cosplay

    You could be right.