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  1. Heh, I was happy to get it at $275, actually, I'm happy to have gotten a pre-order at all. :P
  2. I got mine there (Everywhere else was sold out) for $275.10 shipped, I'm just hoping they actually come through with it, I guess I'll find out in another couple of months... *Edit* I see I finally made it to Alaska Base Survivor rank after all these years, lol.
  3. I'll be trying out that Flory Models weathering wash on my Hikaru 1S when it gets here. If it looks good, then I'll use it on my Arcadia VF-0S next.
  4. How did NY become garbage? Years ago when I ordered from them, there were never any issues. When did all this start happening?
  5. True, but it wouldn't be the T.V. version of Roy's VF-1S, and for me, it's the only version of Roy's 1S that matters. (Pilot and all)
  6. We're getting closer to the Roy 1S release, I can't wait.
  7. I'm so glad I will soon be done with this line once I get TV Roy in. I might get the missile set, just to complete it. Unless they make a Low Vis of course, which I doubt. Or. they make a two seater, which I think is even less likely. I have to admit though, I am curious as to what Bandai's road map is.
  8. I got my Mac-Z, it's awesome! Absolutely flawless paint apps, I'm glad I got one. I have a feeling this is NEVER going to be reissued again for some reason, LOL!
  9. I would really like to see two seat versions, namely the VF-1D. If they don't make that, then I'm done after Roy's 1S. Unless they make some kind of low vis, that I wouldn't be able to resist, lol.
  10. ^ That's exactly my plan as well.
  11. I passed on the Eta, I'm just waiting on the shadow version, if they don't make that, I'll just get Eta when they reissue it. If they don't, then I'll just get one on the secondary market. But I'm pretty damned sure that they're going to have a shadow fighter if they're going to be making the red and the green version too.
  12. As did I, I'm really glad I got in on this.
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