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  1. Awesome, my favorite kind of upgrade, "Moar GUNZ!!!Shift+1=!"
  2. So, we still have no idea what this new series story line is about?
  3. Either way, they can't end it like in the movie or they won't have another season, so that's obviously not gonna happen.
  4. Yeah, I don't exactly remember it being that way either.
  5. I've always said that those unlucky enough to be assigned there should get triple rate combat pay if not more.
  6. Delta movie is an easy pass for me, I've had enough Delta to last me several lifetimes.
  7. Actually, it seemed as she was going to age even faster, since she was already showing signs of it at age what...15? I think mid 20's for her wasn't even possible. I agree with you 100% The ending to Frontier's triangle really pissed me off. The only time we've seen it done decently compared to the last several Macross series was in the original. It's been over 30 years, it's high time they got it right.
  8. Seizures? I think looking at that crap gave me cancer. Me and my damned morbid curiosity.....
  9. A "Love triangle" is supposed to keep you guessing as long as possible, preferably till either the very end or close to it. A one sided triangle isn't a triangle, it's a constant obvious couple paring + third wheel tag-a-long, which isn't fun or suspenseful at all, just incredibly PAINFUL to watch from start to finish. In the name of the "Hoary Froating Head", PLEASE MAKE A frakkING REAL TRIANGLE THIS TIME OR DON'T BOTHER AT ALL, KTHNX.
  10. I'm the one that pointed it out, and I wouldn't have noticed it if I hadn't gone back and compared it directly to the 2199 1/1000 model. It's not that much wider at all, really. They widened the bow and engine nozzle equally to maintain the ratio. On screen from what I've seen, it looks well balanced so I really don't get where others are getting this " it looks pregnant" thing from.
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