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  1. Still waiting on the Dark version...I have long wait ahead, lol.
  2. I'd like to know as well.
  3. Watching scalpers getting burned:
  4. That person is getting ready to make some serious money on Ebay in a few years.
  5. Indeed, I'm glad they decided to make it right for the TV Roy 1S. I'm probably going to sell my Hikaru 1S, the Roy 1S simply looks better to me for one thing, and for another it doesn't have that Goddamned backwards modex number for the sake of "Symmetry" in battroid or whatever nonsense reason they had to make it that way.
  6. OK, I feel the need to add to this post, so I will. To be clear, I am still NOT a fan of the following: 1. Those Goddamned leg fins...Why OH WHY could they not come up with a similar design choice like Yamato did?! You can't tell me they couldn't have done those in such a way that they can be locked into place, a very piss poor design choice and for me easily the most aggravating thing about this design. 2. The arms still using friction fit pegs in fighter mode. These will only loosen up over time (Assuming you were fortunate enough to have them come tight in fighter mode in the fir
  7. My TV Roy 1S got here a little while ago, no QC issues, the arms stay up better in fighter mode than my Hikaru 1S, and the wing flaps stay in place a bit more snugly as well. Very happy with it, and I'm glad that Nin-Nin came through for me and everyone else as well. I was in the $225.29 group price wise, cost me $275.10 with shipping. If there's any future pre-order madness and the other places are sold out, I'll go with Nin-Nin again.
  8. Nice. Mine is supposed to be here by noon today.
  9. Indeed, I'd be furious. I'm sorry that happened to you.
  10. Oh, thank GOD. I will definitely be preordering that. I got mine when it was $225.29 and got my shipping notice on the 27th of November. Mine will be arriving on the 3rd as well. I am SO glad they stopped making the "001" backwards on the right tailfin. It irks me everytime I see it on my Hikaru DRYL 1-S.
  11. Same here! Woo-hoo!! Can't wait til it gets here. I hope they come through for everyone else as well.
  12. Still nothing from Nin-Nin yet, order is still listed as "Pre-Order Confirmed", I went with FedEx/DHL for shipping.
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