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  1. Man, as funny as Doomcock is, it seems there's no pleasing these guys. I dunno, i'm going to give them a chance.
  2. I put it in my cart as soon as it went live, then immediately sold out. oh welp
  3. yeah same here, for some reason think this one pops. In for some madness tonight
  4. Yeah man, it's making it harder to love this hobby. which I still do but man preorder night is painful haha
  5. HLJ https://hlj.com/metal-structure-kaitaishoki-rx-93-nu-gundam-bans57540
  6. Got one at NY for inflated prices, going to bed. good luck all!
  7. unbelievable, same thing with the payment error
  8. So close, good luck guys!
  9. was concerned about that, my japanese is rusty but I think it says that it works on both the A and S with possible marking changes
  10. I'm out fellas, good luck to those who keep up the fight
  11. I got to pay later and ticket reloaded. man.
  12. it's up at NY
  13. Hilarious!
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